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  1. Ya. The problem is that this guy really is a fat old man. If he was 20 years old and fit as a flea, he'd still be a fat old man. And stupid. Fat and old begins on the inside. He could be young and virile on the outside but he'd always be fat and old and ugly on the inside.
  2. I don't know the rationale behind the government forcing the closure, but I'm pretty sure it won't have been protecting the health of the neighbouring Thais. I think it's much more likely that a friend or sponsor of Prayuth was going to get a zero-cost or low-cost mining concession when all the fuss died down (generally only takes a few days in Thailand - Thais have a short little span of attention). Then the stupid farang were unsporting enough to invoke an international trade agreement, with zero chance for the Thai government to wriggle out - or do any more in fact than delay the final outcome in their normally dishonest way. The probability for a Thai PR disaster and face-loss on a par with the famous plane in Germany is quite high I think... Watch what happens to foreign investment if Thailand loses (which seems almost inevitavble if they don't fudge a deal). Oops.
  3. Sid Celery

    Thais not yet in the habit of driving safely

    Killing yourself on a motorcycle in Thailand. As effective as a Jim Jones cocktail or seppuku, but much more fun.
  4. Oh God, it's one of those face-palm moments. His own money? Yep, I believe that... bound to be true, a Thai wouldn't lie in his teeth would he? Jesus wept.
  5. Unbelievable, I don't believe a word of it. Asking a buddy to lend him a watch so he can go to the Palace feeling like (and so other people think) he's all wealthy and stuff. No loss of face there then... These people are corrupt and dishonest to their boots - it's a way of life for them. Any chance that anyone thinks this government and anyone in it is honest and has grounds to preach to other people has just gone up in smoke. What a disgrace this shower is. No credibility whatever, only guns.
  6. Sid Celery

    Toon reaches Chainat, donations reach Bt690m

    Usually simple. Bad gal dun me wrong. Good gal dun me right. Poor boy makes good and some masturbatory fantasies. If you've seen the Thai teen shows, then you already know everything useful about the Thai moosic seen. Tarts bumping and grinding, pop stars wearing dark glasses and/or silly hats, dressing up in Cuban designs from 70 years ago. Screaming teenyboppers-a-plenty. Easily scriptable with no-talent comperes whose dads know the production company owner. Usual thing.
  7. Sid Celery

    Toon reaches Chainat, donations reach Bt690m

    You might be right but I think you're wrong. People like this thrive on love and attention. Enough is never enough. That's what makes them good showbiz people. Of course fans say not so, but it is. I never heard of his 'famous' rock and roll band, did they ever have a hit outside of Thailand? I'm betting not, which puts it in some sort of sad perspective. Thai music, even the copied stuff, generally sucks pretty badly, something else they can't do right.
  8. Chuan Leekpai. As I recall, generally reckoned to be one of the very few non-corrupt PM's in Thailand's history. Also as I recall, his was the government from which the sanctimonious Suthep Taugsuban was forced to resign when he was judged to have been corrupt, and which subsequently brought down the Chuan government. Might be wrong, but that is my recollection.
  9. Sid Celery

    SURVEY: Unemployment a looming problem or not?

    Thankyou. It seems you have misunderstood my post, for which, not being Thai, I take responsibility. I tend to judge people post by post, nt by reputation. In this case, I found his post apologetic for the junta. Might be wrong of course, that's been known, but that's how I found it. Not that it's important or anything.
  10. Sid Celery

    PM urges Thais to help beat corruption

    OK, I'll bite. What's the 7cent solution?
  11. There's a bit of hang 'em high attitude going on here, the poor man has been tried, found guilty and sentenced in the court of public opinions Works for me. But then I know and understand Thais and Thainess. Most don't.
  12. Sid Celery

    SURVEY: Unemployment a looming problem or not?

    In other words, they do with the stats what they do with everything else. They lie and they cheat. Hardly news, but it's wonderful to see all the junta-huggers lining up with the stars in their eyes and drinking down the KoolAid. 1.3% unemployed my sweet bippy.
  13. Sid Celery

    SURVEY: Unemployment a looming problem or not?

    You'll need to explain that I think. You're probably right but more clarity as to whom you mean by 'these' and 'those' would help me avoid misunderstanding, though I know you know what you meant.
  14. Ye Gods, I hope not, his Friday night homilies are borderline incoherent now. If he licks toads and gets high, they'll be downright psychedelic.
  15. Sid Celery

    Toon reaches Chainat, donations reach Bt690m

    Well said. Thank you.