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  1. Moving to Bangkok

    Hi! Thank you for your kind answer. I am sure about moving to Bangkok, I know the city and appreciate it. What I need are information about moving services. I have many personal effects I would like to bring with me, do you know any company that could help me ? Have a nice day!
  2. Moving to Bangkok

    Hello, I am moving to bangkok in February and I am looking for a good moving services. If anyone has some experience, I will appreciate some advices and feedbacks, it is hard to find good information on google. I don't want to have bad surprises on the moving day, Thank you in advance!
  3. Phi Phi with a 10 year old

    I plan to go with my 10 years old child, have you appreciated ? thanks!
  4. Thailand Weather

    I heard it is very cold at the present time in Chiang Mai, what is very cold in thailand ? :)
  5. List Of 3000 Most Common Thai Words

    Thank for this work! so useful :-)
  6. Expat Health Insurance

    Hello, what are the better place to have healthcare, do you know good doctors in Bangkok ? thank you :)