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  1. Hi, can u advise me the name of the doctor at bch again? I could seems find the name of the doctor at the website given. We are exploring bch now. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  2. I have obtained a breakdown cost of complications from a hospital. Not sure if i can post it here to get advise? And i m also unsure if there’s any rule here stating i shouldn’t disclose the hospital name? Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  3. thanks for highlight this, we both are non-thai.
  4. Thanks Sheryl for your advise and prompt reply, appreciate this! For insurance, what we are after is an insurance that cover the cost of complications, not the cost of annual check up or giving birth, because this is already a pre-existing condition. we supposed the complications should not be considered as a pre-existing condition. but anyway, it really depend son the availability in the market, so just to ask if anybody have the insurance before. May i also Clarify our understand with you that the cost of complication at St. Louis/BCH can easily goes 4-5 Million?(as a range estimate, we know it really depends on case). For us to access the cost of complication, do you know if the hospital normally provide list of charges on complications upon our request? Also, would also interested to know if we are using Chula, does it take long queue before we can meet the doctor/get the service? As mentioned, we would prefer not spending too much time in the queue. so we are finding a good balance. You are right, we both are non-thai. Also, would happy if you (or anyone) could name us a few doctor that you would recommend(if any) as a reference for us, because based on what we found so far, nowhere telling their experience with the doctor they used. Again, thanks!
  5. Hi All, I am new to this forum, i am trying to find old thread but i couldn't seems find the right answer for my question. So i am posting here again. Background: wife's pregnancy test is showing positive results yesterday(*Happy*), one issue we need to sort out is to decide a hospital and doctor to give birth. Questions: 1. We learnt that choosing a doctor is more critical than choosing a hospital, in this case, we would appreciate if anyone here have experience and willing to recommend us a doctor. (refer to Q2, doctor in silom/sathorn area is preferable) Quality of doctor we prefer: - Patient, as we may have a lot of questions - we prefer natural birth, so we are looking a doctor not pushing us for cesarean - English speaking 2. We lived in Silom area, so for our convenience, we shortlisted BNH, St. Louis & BKK Christian as the hospital we would use, but more suggestion are welcome for our consideration. Quality of Hospital we prefer: - Close to our living area - Facilities, we come across some thread that explained about the importance of having NICU(in one day, this is all i learnt), thus, well equipped hospital/clinic still sounds important to us. - Price: we are fine with the cost we found on BNH(a more expensive one in my area) website, but we are unsure if there's any hidden cost and potential add-on charge to the fee, therefore, we thought it would be good to understand more on this. - both we and wife is working, so time is limited, prefer to have a less crowded hospital (with small premiums on price is fine for us) 3. we also learnt that the cost of complication on childbirth can be very high(e.g: NICU), so wonder if anybody have got recommendation on insurance that cover this? Besides recommending doctor/hospital/insurance, we would be happy to hear any advise/considerations that we should watch out in this matter. Thank you very much for your advise in advance!