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  1. NobbyClarke

    ‘Big Joke’ to continue with crackdown

    I wish people would stop the moaning and groaning regarding "BJ". The man is doing a job(very well) that he is paid to do. The solution is very simple for everyone: If you no longer enjoy living in Thailand leave. Thailand will survive with or without you. Thailand is an amazing country, will always have the spectacular lifestyle and the not so spectacular. I am sure the country that you have left behind has it's good and bad. It's your choice stay or leave. There will always be another you to take your place. I ask you please, appreciate the opportunity you have to live in the fantastic Kingdom or pack your bags and get out.
  2. They will soon become accustomed to hearing the bell, ignore it and continue with their sleep. It will not be long before another idea is thought of. I agree with the earlier post "who is responsible for waking up the person to ring the bell?" Unfortunately not the greatest idea.
  3. R.I.P. However why did his family eve allow him to venture outside of his country given his mental status? Why didn't his so called friends see the danger signs? I hope his "friends" have a few sleepless nights with the guilt. The wife can sell the story to the British newspaper, she doesn't need to resort to begging to get his body home. I hope she can console the kids. The message is simple: If you can't control your emotions, don't leave your home country. I hope the kids will be left with good memories of their father but I am sure they will be mocked and bullied in the playground because of his selfish and thoughtless actions.
  4. NobbyClarke

    Krabi crackdown nets 113 cases of illegal foreigners

    I would appear to be the only one noticing hat there is never a mention of Chinese overstayers, Chinese criminals, Chinese gangs, Chinese gambling or anything remotely bad regarding the Chinese!!! Maybe I am missing something??? I am 100% that not all Chinese arrive at the airport, go directly to the hotel, spend money and leave on time! Anyone have an opinion?
  5. I hope no one feels sorry for this idiot. He can afford a holiday, can afford to be steaming drunk? His parents have no money? He has illnesses and shouldn't drink with his pills? Yet another poorly, infirm grandmother tucked away in England? British newspaper paid the parents for their hard luck story? I could go on! Another Brit, another day, another disgrace to the British Queen, another blatant disrespect to The King of Thailand, the Kingdom and the good people of Thailand. A couple of years in a Thailand jail would teach him a lesson he would not forget.
  6. Funny how there is never a single mention of Chinese people on overstay!!? Maybe the Chinese all leave on time and they don't have a criminal fraternity?
  7. Well done IMM. Keep up the good work. White, Black, Pink, Yellow or Green, if illegal in this amazing Kingdom get out and do it quickly. For the negative people out there how can IMM in any country anywhere in the world carry out checks without checking? It's not discrimation against anyone. Wake up and smell the roses before you waste valuable space on this column with negative comments. I can be checked anywhere, anytime because I am legal and happy to be living here.
  8. The lady had her money from the newspapers in England. The Thai police are squeaky clean (again)the British Embassy staff have filed the correct paperwork and tourists will continue arriving in Thailand. LOS omg. Nothing will ever change.
  9. NobbyClarke

    American arrested for stabbing Thai wife in Pattaya

    He will go to jail for a long long time. I doubt he will live long enough in jail to receive his first visit from the Embassy. If he was the first, but, he is one of many that forget that they must respect this wonderful Kingdom, laws and culture. Good luck and speedy recovery to the lady and child.
  10. If you're only problem in life and is a 200 baht "back-hander" LEAVE the Kingdom. I have, and you have, left s bigger tip in a bar, paid a bar fine. Wake up and smell the roses. Stop moaning and groaning and get a life.