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  1. Don't forget the lao kaw and yaba intake involved.A little argument with a drunk Thai can get sporadic
  2. the case just took a twist. Premchai was taking a shit when the hunter killed the panther. So he is innocent . case close
  3. Help police catch this thief!

    The farangs are taking the lead. Where are the Nigerians. Its time they hit the news too
  4. A tough one, neither the Police oe Teacher will want to lose face. Thai top jobs
  5. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    6 months or did you mean 1 year ?
  6. Just use the saying " the finders keepers "
  7. I just like the girls voice "papa" 55555 papa will need some painkillers tonight
  8. What? No brake failure?
  9. Online outrage over Premchai scandal

    Operation Black Eagle was meant for black people Not for black animals
  10. Tourist’s mermaid pose incites wrath over coral damage

    Moreover, dead ones
  11. Rifles, Ivory Found In Construction Magnate's Home

    Now is the right time for him to "Yingluck" or "Red bull" before it get twisted . hahaha
  12. Thank goodness for the witness statement otherwise the Brit will be doomed . I know the boys in blue will have a little something to pin him down. driving in the hour of darkness , i guess . RIP to the biker