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  1. mentalcolonization

    Former activist monk Phra Buddha Issara released on bail

    Election is coming
  2. Its about time for Thai to put a ban on cars and making use of only trains. Oops i can see it getting worse .
  3. Now, that is a quality tourist . i don't why after committing a crime back home every one thinks to run to Thailand . Happy to know the Thais are evolving to start tracking criminals
  4. please don't read or comment on thai news . its for the thais on tvf. just comment about aliens
  5. mentalcolonization

    Has this happened to you?

    She lost her phone , her parents got sick, the buffaloes died, cant afford to buy a new phone, so no communications. Just hold on she will call you when everything is over. On another angle you can try calling your former colleagues to inquire of her whereabout
  6. he definitely forgot to wear his amulet
  7. mentalcolonization

    Man arrested with knives near UK parliament jailed for life

    how did he made it to UK
  8. mentalcolonization

    Police raid 11 spots linked to Phuket boat tragedy

    I can see Thailand becoming a movie hub.
  9. plus uk ,americans and europe
  10. It happened to me this year and the immigration officer assured me that i was not on overstay, that they already have my information . i got my visa 1 week after with no overstay . do worry
  11. mentalcolonization

    Punishment for students

    make them your friends , listen to them , get in their fun , then you can achieve your objectives. punishment makes them runaway
  12. place some rats at the cave entrance , they will show the week points . animals are smarter than man
  13. Just on Monday Thailand pulled out the deadly needle .please mr./mrs. judge can the needle be used for these three .please please please
  14. Those Brits need to apologize . From the news it shows that the brits are a perfect scam artists pulling out insurance frauds. Now that Thailand has been able to identify them , they want to make a story 55555.
  15. why no nationality ?? what's your guess ?