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  1. I advised not to do it. The head of the certificate department told that i shouldn't laminate the BC to be on the safe side
  2. these guys need to travel out of Thailand to see how civilized other countries are
  3. mentalcolonization

    Tell me about yourself

    Stupid survey . the editor needs to resign
  4. mentalcolonization

    Racist dual pricing for massages now?

    Its no racist. your passport gives you free entry into Thai but Thai passport doesn't have the same to your country . isn't that racist also. btw have your wife massage you . som nam na.55555
  5. lock both husband and wife .
  6. This guy needs to be deported and blacklist for his safety . the writings is on the wall and you don't know what to do ?
  7. B Big Joke should start looking at these aging western farangs. he might make a jackpot .
  8. I was busy looking at how he did it. I forgot to look at his face. Let me watch again
  9. mentalcolonization

    Visiting wife's family

    For me, i have no issues going to my wifes family. It usually very fun to me. Luckily we live just a couple of kilometers apart. I usually sneak out and go with her brothers for some party time. I visit her family, go on outdoor trips. visit the farms, do some fishing at the pond while eating a variety of food. Its always fun to be around them plus we share the bills for the drink. Wify told them that everything will have to be 50-50, i am so comfortable with that as we are on the same page. wifes mother is a golden heart. wifes dad hardly speak, dont drink but smoke. Just wai and he is off with his gangs. No one ask anything from me. My wife made it clear to them,she said she doesnt ask anything from them so it should be mutual. All was understood. Mother is happy with the little things we buy for her and her monthly allowances. This makes my family the best to me. I dont have to worry about anything
  10. mentalcolonization

    Do I have to give my ex employer my passport?

    Your employer will be needing your work permit to cancel your visa. 1. The employer takes your work permit to the Labor Office with a written request to terminate your work permit. 2. The labor office provides a written document to your employer that would have to be issued to the immigration. 3. Your employer takes the document to the immigration for the termination of your Non B ( because your Non B bears the name of the institution or company you are working at) 4. Now is when they will need your passport or you in person. The immigration has to cancel the Non B on your passport and issue you a 7 days stay in the kingdom. For about firing you without a notification, you better look at your contract clause. There is always an article that is made clear. Under the termination clause: Your employer can sack you for improper behavior ( Most of which doesn't give you any compensation) Thats to the best of my knowledge
  11. mentalcolonization

    Just stopped an assault on a woman

    Just stay of fighting issues. Its a no no way to intervene in them. You did a good thing but there is a lesson people have learned here about getting into disputes.
  12. mentalcolonization

    Just stopped an assault on a woman

    If you think you are a hero. Then think twice. Dont go around and getting into people's business. All the other people standing around you didnt intervene for a reason. You are the luckiest man of the day. Plus if you go around putting pictures on social media, presumably you are not Thai, then be prepared for the outcome. Just today we read about the Youtuber. My advice is to stay off and let the police settle the matter
  13. I think the Nigerians are up to something new this time.
  14. mentalcolonization

    Nigerian man arrested as police hunt ‘romance scam’ gang

    The sad part is that he will do just some couple of months in Thai prison and then deported and blacklisted. When deported he will be free. Then again comes another North Ireland passport and he is in Thailand again.
  15. mentalcolonization

    True Move can take my money. How is this legal?

    From what i realize is that they dont give 3 months when you try to resubscript but you can do it 3 time on one month and it will accumulate for for 3 months. The flaw is that 3 months one one subscription is far cheaper