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  1. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    *stuck in the mud*....... Marriage is the most expencive sex a man can have no matter where you are in the world.
  2. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    Thai culture and US/Europe culture are to different tihngs.
  3. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    Known her for about 6 months and have seen her everyday after she finished work for the last 3 months.
  4. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    There are several girls in Thailand that are around 37+ that have never been married. Know some and have a Thai friend in Norway who knows several. This is not in a village, but in one of the larger cities in Isaan. Some still practice engagement, but not all :) Niece or daughter not sure, but have to find out........
  5. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    Not going to be a cheap Charlie, but want to know how this works because it might take a while before we get married. Someone said to me that don't pay anything now as there are other things from my gf's mum that seems like she is out for money and not me. She is a really nice girl :)
  6. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    Thx for reply :) This is what I needed to know :) Only thing I learned here was that it is given back to you in one way or the other. She is sort of suspicious of me since I am farang, but beeing with her, my gf and my gf's niese she more and more accepts me for who I am and see that I will be able to take care of her daughter in the future. My gf has also said that showing 100k now is just for showing her mother and the people living around them. They are living in a larger city in Isaan and not a small village. Her mother does not work though as far as I know.
  7. Eddie664

    Engagement and sin sod

    Hallo. Trying to post this here as I didn't find a better place. I have found a girl here in Thaland and want to get engaged to her. For reasons of mother in law we have decided to do this cos of different things (not important). A couple of days later my girlfriend came to me and asked for sin sod. I have heard that this is for marriage only and not for engagement. I said I am not willing to pay any sin sod when we get engaged, but will pay sin sod when we get married. I have the money and I'm willing to do it if/when we get married. It was ok for my girlfriend that i didn't pay anything when we get engaged. I only have to buy 2 rings, 1 for her and 1 for me. The question then was if I could show 100k for her mother (father is dead) in the engagement ceremony. Then I would get the money back when the ceremony was over. I should not pay anything now. My girlfriend is a 37 years old middleclass girl from Isaan working as a nurse without mastersdegree. She is working on her master now. She has never been married and don't have any kids. If/when we get married she wants me to move in with her and her mum and her niese. Her mum is not working, but taking care of the house at home. I don't know how much she will ask in sin sod, but said that 100k is part of it. She wants me to show the money for all present during the ceremony. Should I show them the money or not?