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  1. HK & Singapore will most likely need you to visit in person. Lloyds will not allow it if your staying in Thailand. They allow a company account but would not allow a personal account - strange but true. Standard Bank (Jersey) can be done easily online but one negative is they will not issue a credit card for people living in Thailand.
  2. Vaping has been proven to be 99% safer but banned here for whatever reason the Thai government want to use except for health reasons. TIT ....
  3. Ive not long turned 50 and after 10+ years of extensions of stays based on marriage (Thai wife) i was going to apply for a retirement extension for simplicity at Pattaya immigration. During the last 90 day report i asked about the change and was told it was no problem. Im due to apply next week and thought about starting to prepare the required paperwork. It seems that i would need 800K in the bank instead of the previous 400K and realise my bank account is now just under 800K. Money is not a problem but the required time in the account seems that the retirement is not an option any longer. Is this correct and if anyone can confirm this to be correct or can give any other options i would be grateful. Thanks
  4. The Fascino next to BPH did not have any when i tried with other pharmacy's nearby. My wife went the following day to the large Fascino and managed to get 81mg Aspilets. I was having chest pains which moved to my shoulder and down one arm and also some fatigue which pointed me to think it could be Angina related. Today i went to BPH (normally do all my medical stuff at Bumrungrad) to see a Cardiologist. Got the bloods checked, chest X-ray, EKG stress test and all in perfect order. After discussion it's possible my discomfort is caused by stress (has been plenty the last 10 days) and i have been given some meds for 1 week and will return to check with doc next week. Thanks for the replies.
  5. Since posting i have read a few threads on the subject. None of the pharmacies offered me Aspent but i will go search for some. Thanks.
  6. Amazing Thailand, Tried all local pharmacies and the large well known ones on Pattaya and nobody has Aspirin ...LOL
  7. Thailand going Backwards on health obviously due to $$$$$$$ in pockets. It's just crazy when you can buy real cigs at every corner shop. UK cigarette packets tell the truth.
  8. You can get any type of e-cig in Thailand and all accessories to go with them. Some top models are made here. I have never had a real ciggie for over 1 year and even hate the smell of them since i read about them here. I'm involved in the vaping community and can help any expa find what they want and i know someone who makes them for export. I have to say that the small ones that look like real cigs are good to try but if the truth be told a battery that lasts you all day or maybe 2 days, the proper equipment to go with it and you will never have another real cigarette again. I started on the small e-cigs and now laugh at them but guess you have to start somewhere. Any help needed then pm me A very happy vaper indeed!!
  9. No i am not in Pattaya but up in the jungle of Issan.

  10. Still not had a real cig and hate the smell of them now too? the english toffee and butterscotch are my favourite flavours at present at 15mg strength.
  11. Been using the e-cig now for 3 days and its great. I was smoking for 30 years and up until last week i was smoking 30 per day. My wife and daughter love that there's no smoke, smell and most of all that i'm not grumpy as previously when i tried to stop. The funny thing is that i hate the malboro flavoured juice and prefer the mint and vanilla. More flavours ordered for a try but although early days i think this could be the last of normal cigs for me. Even the mornings and after eating cravings are no problem with the e-cig.
  12. Please could someone pm me with details where to buy in Thailand. I live in Pattaya but am in BKK often. Thank you
  13. I live and grow in Pattaya. I did grow in dirt but had problems with the soil. During the summer they require a misting 1-2 times during the day. My peppers are for sale (sold loads & almost finished) in the Pattaya forum and have more pics there.
  14. Keeping the topic alive .......some hydroponic chili pics and a pappaya tree bought from Kaset uni show. thescot
  15. All i have to add is that Rice555 is right about Fresh Gardens. When i talked to them the other month they confirmed that they manufacture their own and i know they also supply ACK etc who obviously make a mark up on the FG prices. If ordering lots i'm almost sure they will give you a MUCH better price coz i've played with them before and got decent discounts on other stuff.