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  1. All 'top' doctors worldwide are wrong and this 'top' doctor is correct. Must be true then
  2. How many people jump off buildings or crash cars due to drink or drugs when compared to e-cigarettes. Proven to be 95%+ more safe than real cigarettes but real doctors.
  3. As the post above ..... one on one = FAKE news !!!
  4. Have You Sent Kids Abroad?

    We are leaving for the UK (Scotland) tomorrow for just that reason. The catchment area school is one of the best in the area and after a few forms filled in online 3 weeks ago with the local council and then a few replies to the school my daughter had a place starting next month. She is 13 and will start year S2 after the school initially replied saying that S3 would be her start school due to her birthday date. A reply stating that the UK dates make no sense as the Thai school system is totally different in when it's terms start, her first language is NOT English and that most of the subjects being taught would all be new and i felt that she would already be on catch-up starting S2 and that S3 would be too advanced. It will be tough for her at the start i imagine but her English verbal is very good and written will catch up in no time. My wife and i will visit the UK regularly and if my daughter wants to return during school holidays then that will be her choice. In my case a very easy process to get a school place with us thinking about the possibility one weekend and a place finalised the following week. PS. The option to do this came about when it became obvious my daughter thought it funny that she had to correct her school English teacher's on many things (teachers - Thai / Pinoy). Not funny for us as parents. Reading the news here reporting that they want to lower the standards for English teachers does make me laugh though :) .
  5. HK & Singapore will most likely need you to visit in person. Lloyds will not allow it if your staying in Thailand. They allow a company account but would not allow a personal account - strange but true. Standard Bank (Jersey) can be done easily online but one negative is they will not issue a credit card for people living in Thailand.
  6. Vaping has been proven to be 99% safer but banned here for whatever reason the Thai government want to use except for health reasons. TIT ....
  7. Ive not long turned 50 and after 10+ years of extensions of stays based on marriage (Thai wife) i was going to apply for a retirement extension for simplicity at Pattaya immigration. During the last 90 day report i asked about the change and was told it was no problem. Im due to apply next week and thought about starting to prepare the required paperwork. It seems that i would need 800K in the bank instead of the previous 400K and realise my bank account is now just under 800K. Money is not a problem but the required time in the account seems that the retirement is not an option any longer. Is this correct and if anyone can confirm this to be correct or can give any other options i would be grateful. Thanks
  8. Aspirin

    Amazing Thailand, Tried all local pharmacies and the large well known ones on Pattaya and nobody has Aspirin ...LOL