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  1. China only protects its own interests.
  2. It is not a ghost, because ghosts do not exist. Next question.
  3. A few appropriate Western concepts: "Cut your losses." "In over your head." "Freedom of speech." "Rule of law."
  4. If you are from Australia: If you are with ING bank and meet the conditions, : atm withdrawals from everyday account they refund the 220 B and their $2.50 fee. Visa debit purchases they refund the international transaction fee. 28 degrees mastercard credit card has no transaction fees.
  5. Murders of Thai women by Thai men linked by "romantic relationships" appear to be very high in LOS. Has anyone seen any statistics, or are they suppressed? (I am not surprised so many Thai women choose lesbian relationships.)
  6. Sounds like a good idea, but numbers will reduce because the braindeads who won't buy travel insurance will just go to Bali. (And then of course are those who do not comply with the conditions of the insurance.) Ultimately, when they have an accident, there are usually people in their home country who sell assets, or a bleeding heart funding campaign. Thai hospitals just need to make sure they can get payment somehow.
  7. This shows that they have as much confidence in their work as I do.
  8. mserror

    Thailand lays out high-speed rail process

    I am happy to travel on a high speed train built by Japanese or French.
  9. Citizens' arrest. Pity it was not a lynching.
  10. He will not re-offend, that is one significant point.
  11. Thailand competes with other developing countries for tourists. There are many ignorant tourists who will go anywhere that is cheap, without travel insurance, and with little regard for their safety. If you want to visit a country that has its culture well-preserved and presented, is safe, democratic, has rule-of-law, freedom of speech, then you have to pay more...
  12. I thought this was normal for Thai boys.
  13. mserror

    Koncept vs. Ikea..is it same/same?

    I bought lots of stuff from Ikea in my home country, and planned to do the same this year in LOS. But Ikea did not do online ordering, so I would have had to go to Bangkok and arrange. So we checked out the local stores and bought from Index. Free delivery for the large order, assembled by them, and excellent quality, Thai-made, and significantly cheaper. And I prefer most of it to the Ikea offerings. The only thing is to find a helpful salesperson - the first one we had was a bit useless.
  14. Safety measures for Thais 'in urgent need of upgrade'.