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    Guns on the street in Thaiand

    Surprising to hear jetski people behaving like this...
  2. It is a major concern for all reasonable people. I live here and have the following advice: Get a new car with a high level of safety. Good tyres. A dashcam. Premium car insurance. Give way to everyone who might run into you. Note that most other drivers do not know or follow the rules. Many do not have licences. There is usually a motorcycle on the wrong side of the road, sometimes a car. If someone else is in the car, get them to help you look for trouble. Do not ride a bike or motorbike on main roads. Treat driving as a survival activity. Do a defensive driving course in your home country.
  3. Phuket should consider this program to stop dengue: https://www.worldmosquitoprogram.org/
  4. mserror

    Black tap water in Thailand :(

    It is probably manganese dioxide. It accumulates in the distribution system and when dislodged, causes this. It should be removed at the water treatment plant, but they often do not have the knowledge or equipment.
  5. mserror

    What makes Thailand so unique?

    Martial law?
  6. If they can lure a technically capable person here, the first job could be to find the speed cameras, unpack them, calibrate them and operate them.
  7. mserror

    UHD HDR10 movie streaming

    At the moment itunes movies will not even open on my Apple TV 4k! Speed test on UltraFlix, 53 Mbps. Apple has some serious problems.
  8. It is not surprising that these women did this, because they are from a developed country. A developed country is one in which the majority have consideration for others. Conversely, a developing country is one in which people are developing consideration for others. (Rubbish is an obvious indicator, others include corruption and road safety.)
  9. mserror

    Where Thailand still trails behind

    With that title, I was expecting a few hundred thousand words at least...
  10. mserror

    UHD HDR10 movie streaming

    Here is my current experience. I have TOT 100/50 fibre account. Android TV on Sony TV. Google Play Movies has 24 titles, I rented one, it worked perfectly, but expensive. Amazon Prime: signed for a 7d trial. I watched some series episodes in UHD HDR10 worked perfectly. But I could not find any UHD HDR10 movies, and the app only accesses subscription content, I could not rent or buy. I used my PC to see if I could rent then watch on TV, but I could not find a way - this may be possible, I did not spend hours trying. Apple TV 4k. I bought this purely for UHD HDR10 movie streaming, it lists many movies and new releases at 99 and 129 B. I have tried two titles in two accounts and they would not play. Have raised a complaint with Apple. (Note that I did not try streaming at lower quality - if I try this then my 48 h rental period starts, and I may never see it in UHD, and I do not want lower quality.) So the situation is pretty grim. Please add your experiences or advice.
  11. mserror

    Sizing an A/C unit

    In January I installed 2 split systems. Here is an Australian app, I suggest using Alice Springs to approximate Thailand: http://www.fairair.com.au/Calculator.Size.aspx I suggest getting an inverter, they control temperature much better (control output, not on/off), you can set the temp higher and save. Even inverters have a minimum power, and will revert to on/off below this, so if your demand is low consider this - one reason I made the choice below. Also there is a big difference in efficiency, the best units were around 5, the worst around 3. This is output cooling power / input elec. power. Also Panasonic rated best for reliability: https://www.canstarblue.com.au/appliances/cooling-heating/air-conditioners/ Also I installed roof insulation, this premium product was cheap and so was installation: https://www.homepro.co.th/product/213896?lang=en It has an R value of 3.6 (from the specs, I could not make sense of the number on the packet). I bought Panasonic CS-U9TKT, very happy with them. But I turn off the nanoe-G, I think it creates ozone.
  12. The boundless stupidity of religion.
  13. Should the knife be in Sukhumwit? Songkran: Big Joke meets a Burmese man in Silom and asks why he has a knife.
  14. mserror

    Have Thais got it right, and we've got it wrong?

    If the only language they know is Thai, then this itself is isolating. I have worked in technology with Thai and this was very obvious.