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  1. Such naked photos are fashionable. If people do not like it I suggest they crowd around closely taking photos. I think the clothes will go back on pretty quickly then.
  2. And when you have crossed the road, you must be careful not to be hit by the motorcycles on the footpath.
  3. Just falling and hitting your head on a hard surface can kill, speed is not required. Everyone should learn this, and those who will not wear correct helmets correctly secured, must be fined, to pay for the cost to society of head injuries. Similar to taxes on smokes and alcohol. Economists can calculate what the fines should be.
  4. January 2018 I went to Savannakhet for the marriage visa. The process still works well; the clerk took less than a minute! Some notes: I provided documents listed on the website (open in Chrome and click translate): http://www.thaisavannakhet.com/savannakhet/th/consulate-service/inspect/index.php Used website form. Didn't sign copies. I added to Section 1: ONE YEAR MULTIPLE ENTRIES. And stated this to the clerk. Purpose of visit: To stay with my Thai wife. Visa submissons 9 to 11. Pickup next day at 2. Clerk wanted to see original Australian marriage certificate. (He was not interested in the Aust. embassy certified copy and Thai consulate head office endorsed Thai translation.) Stayed at Aura Residence. Very hard bed. Thin pillow. Loud electrical hum in the room. Few choices for breakfast. No safe. Do not take credit cards. When entering Thailand, ask for 90 days otherwise they might stamp 30 days. Thanks to those who originally provided info. on this visa option.
  5. With 7 billion people overpopulating this planet, survival is becoming more difficult and I expect more stories like this.