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  1. Virtue signaling beta male
  2. Get a lawyer to (a) ask police to permit you to travel and/ or extend your visa (b) document your case and reason you are overstayed so you have evidence to give immigration after your case is complete. Should cost THB 5-10k.
  3. Aroyaroy

    Climate taking heavy toll

    Weather systems do not equate to climate.
  4. The driver obviously takes this route every day so it's not gonna be difficult to pick him up/ arrest for non-payment.
  5. When I was a kid I used to eat dirt
  6. It's a complex, multi-facated problem that needs to be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Having said this, as a global society we do seem to disregard or place little importance on morals and values that build the cultural cornerstones. It starts with the erosion of the nuclear family, which in turn leads to sharp drops in "community" spirit (ala connection to neighbors and attending outlets to focus on religious/ spiritual well-being). These foundations have been replaced by seclusion/ isolation, instant gratification and celebrity/ media/ sensationalism that warps peoples sense of worth and situational realities. This is more evident in developed western societies which is further compounded by a feminist movement that demonizes the male "patriarchy".