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  1. So true about his background. It's often so complex that even he won't know.
  2. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    It's not my opinion -- it's fact. For example, most serial killers have above average IQ so cannot by definition be called stupid. Childhood abuse/ trauma almost always plays a major part. Ask any clinical psychologist or just Google it. So with all the evidence I'm not sure why you conclude it's *only* the crazy/ stupid/ low IQ people who commit these crimes and think they can escape consequences?
  3. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    Agreed. Our ego is on a constant feeding frenzy here.
  4. Frenchman Confesses To Italian’s Murder

    I'm not excusing their actions, however, motives/ intent isn't usually black and white -- the answer is almost always "grey". Passion, delusions and rage trump IQ especially if childhood trauma hasn't been sufficiently addressed.
  5. There are more guns than people in the US so if we apply your logic there would be far more gun homicide. I'm not anti or pro 2nd amendment but gross generalizations and "seems" aren't facts. Fact #1 Gun Crime down http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/09/robert-farago/latest-fbi-crime-stats-dont-support-gun-control/ Fact #2 Perception of violent crime up http://politicsthatwork.com/graphs/crime-rate-dropping-fear-rising
  6. Any type of homicide is too much but gun-related homicide is down. http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/09/robert-farago/latest-fbi-crime-stats-dont-support-gun-control/ Whilst public perception of gun crime has risen sharply: http://politicsthatwork.com/graphs/crime-rate-dropping-fear-rising
  7. Chaiyo! Every country has good, bad and indifferent people -- we are more alike than most care to consider.
  8. Did I miss something? In 2017 and 2018 PDF reports Thailand ranks 27 and 30 respectively. No #1 positions for sub-categories either. Can someone help me? I want to see #1 ranking. Thank you.
  9. Agreed. All those "lock-em-uppers" are too quick to judge.
  10. I'd run if I were him...or her! David should learn to control himself.