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    when you die - the bank wins

    All depends if you use your real name when you opened the account. You can never be too careful!

    when you die - the bank wins

    Depends on your timing. I have a plan to exhaust my funds just prior to my demise than write a bad check for my funeral.
  3. Agreed and it is not like they weren't aware when they purchased.
  4. Most of my background is in new construction and like any product built we tried to maintain a standard profit plus overhead. We used 12 and 12 which resulted in a 25.66 % mark up. Don't get rich but shields the downside. We only built cost-plus. Learned early on contracting for a set price was like playing poker with your cards up, your opponents face down and they didn't tell you the wild card. Not knowing comps in LOS is kind of the same thing. Investing we use some common formulas and those that don't conform are rejected early on. Rarely here you will see appreciation like say the US or other places so many times you need to rely on rental income with long holding periods to see any uptick in price. If you were to owner build here that might be another story but to legally pull that off would be a battle IMHO. Anyway in analyzing an investment I back into it, determine a minimum yield, 6% and determine a rent the subject will likely support. Determining rents is much easier then guessing past sales for which there is little data. Ends up a subject that clocks out at 16-18 times annual rent to price is a basement. In your example: 15,000month x 12months= 180,000 divided by .06 yield = 3,000,000 price or 3,000,000 / 180,000= 16.66. In an area with a history of appreciation a lower yield/higher multiplier is acceptable because the come is on the tail end. So with condos I would never pay over 2.5M-2.7M if the rents only support 15K /month. So yes if you put this reasoning to work you are right, this market is bullshit.
  5. Exactly me point, why buy in LOS when rents are so cheap? Nobody that claims to be making money her investing in RE is willing to post numbers supporting such. Your example is typical. How much do you actual think it cost to buy the land and build that 8M house?
  6. Exactly, In the US there is no grey area, you will be charged and fined enough to make renting ST unprofitable. In LOS it is black, white and everything in between. Influence peddling here, not laws, dictate what happens across the board. Enjoy Thailand but only invest knowing all is at risk. Travel light and be ready to make way towards the exits should shit head south. It is very affordable to retire here if you adhere to those rules. It can be one of the most expensive if you don't. Every game must have rules that players abide by or the game is a joke. Same with countries and governments. Home field advantage here is worth at least to scores from the jump.

    OPINION: Change Thailand’s helmet culture

    Yet they are wearing surgical asks to avoid a trip to the hospital

    OPINION: Change Thailand’s helmet culture

    At least start with vigorous enforcement of persons that fail to wear helmets but at the same time wear surgical masks. That has to be the ultimate oxymoron. Thais cant add: 1 - no helmet plus 2- crash with car/truck/wall/tree/pavement plus 3- pain/amputation/coma/death
  9. Just to note - terminal velocity isn't the measure of serious harm to a falling human body. As pointed out, terminal velocity is the point at which air resistance counteracts gravity's acceleration. Falling from higher than 30 ft. is potentially fatal. At 30 ft., you'll hit the ground at approximately 22 mph. And of course, higher = faster. Even a fall from 10 ft. can cause serious injuries. From that height, you're only going to hit the ground at 8 miles an hour (a brisk jogging speed) but would you jog straight into a wall?
  10. IMPO you need to hound them to get a reply. One email a week and it still took 45 days for a reply
  11. The case for buying vs renting a condo. Let's take a 70 m/2/ 2 bedroom/2 bath at The Base. Good location, nice amenities, ocean view, shopping etc. In todays market one would pay 9M for a nicely appointed unit with upgraded furniture, bedding etc. The rent one would expect to receive on annual rental would be 35K/month. Assuming no appreciation based on past sales how would this play out from the question if one is better off renting or buying. Good thing about buying is if you live here full time you have 100% occupancy. If you intend to live part time or rent out asan investment that's another story. Likely you are looking at 70-75%. So if you live full time here's the deal over 5 years. equity invested 9,000,000 purchase + 270,000 closing costs = 9,270,000 add condo fee 50baht x 70m/2 = 3500baht x 60 = 210,000 + 9,270,000=9.48M on the credit side 35,000 rent x 12 months = 420,000 opportunity cost Your yield over one year= 420,000 / 9,480,000 = 4.4 %return Factor in inflation and the yield is 3.4% Now if you rent out to 3rd parties here's the deal; same equity 9.48M credit 35,000 rent x 12 months x 75% = 315,000 OTM/Management 315,000 x 18% = 57,000 income credit 315,000 - 57,000 = 258,000 opportunity cost 258,000 income/year / 9.48M = 2.7% return/ 1.7 after inflation IMPO the investment side is a non starter for the fact that there is far more likely a chance of selling at a loss than a gain due to a huge inventory of newer units coming online that would negate that small 1.7 return. One could easily be yielding US$ 24,000 / yr in a much less risky investment elsewhere. Possible vacancy and appreciation decline are too great in an unstable political climate. If you intend to live full time it might be OK if you don't mind the opportunity cost of spending 35K to live at The Base. I could find any number of units I would prefer to the Base for 35K or even less. Again your bottom line would increase to the point that renting, leaving that US$ 300K in an investment yielding US$24K would likely cover rent and the majority of living expenses while freeing you up to move on without having too sell in a buyers market. Thanks and feel free to tell me where my reasoning is flawed. I would like to see a breakdown from those who claim to be making above average returns on renting out condos, I just don't see it happening.
  12. Option of the host but hotels receive many more bookings not asking for CC but many are cancel or no-show