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  1. You cant make this s^*t up. LB hurts foot kicking two Koreans in the head.
  2. Have somebody read the article to you. "Her cousin arrived, so too the police. They took copies of passport photos of the missing women."
  3. I come from Palm Beach, Florida, plastic-ville. I have a very good idea of what good living is all about. If I wanted to live like that, I'd have stayed there. Grew up in Boca. Good living on US$1000 in Palm Beach, dream on ! You cant rent a single-wide trailer for that.

    Thailand - Not for me

    If you add in all expats in the USA it blows your theory out of the water.

    Thailand - Not for me

    I was onboard before you brought up Florida. Born and raised in Boca in the 60's and it was paradise. Today it is a massively overpopulated sandspit sinking in it's own weight. Expensive with horrendous traffic, immigration issues, crime although there are cops on every corner. I do agree if you are well funded there are a multitude of places better than LOS, Florida and LOS is a toss-up.
  6. Do you really not understand the meaning of the quote, "worrying blockade of denial". Expats here are living in a fantasy world of denial believing pedophilia here is on par with anywhere else in the world. You cant really be serious? If so you have lived here far too long.
  7. Is that so? https://www.thethailandlife.com/pattaya-pedophile-problem
  8. You know nothing about me yet you make the same outlandish type accusations as Musk. In my business here I see many farang that fit the sex-pat. I don't go to bars, find the whole scene disgusting with low-life losers. You must have trouble with English, many is not the same as majority. As for the on-going discussion about underage sex, it is obviously because it occurs more than other places. You prefer not to discuss it speaks for itself. Many here defend their habits and addictions but prefer to dismiss a subject which is so closely related. Your type seem to find it acceptable to have sex with girls and boys a year or two above legal age and find it titillating. What a difference 12 months can make. Your denial is a joke.
  9. Exactly my point then why are so many here so adamant that this guy hasn't done anything improper living here 40 years. Lets cut thru the BS, many farang are here for sex with young people, many have been found guilty of underage sex. Thailand will always be in the top three as a sex destination so obviously chances are higher here than say Iowa.
  10. Absolutely a fact he may or may not, only two possibilities. On the other hand you seem to claim in fact he did nothing improper. Extremely hard to prove someone did nothing
  11. Only Vern knows his past. It may or may not include details he may wish to keep hidden. A man with Musks' wealth can find out or find someone to claim something improper may have occurred. One only has to look at Trump who has filed thousands of lawsuits because few have the resources to endure against his legal team. Vern will spend the rest of his life in court with unknown rewards. The reward would have to be exceeding large for any attorney to take on a contingency basis. It likely wouldn't be considering Verns age, occupation.