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  1. Hey Thai landlords and hotel owners prefer the chinese over westerners. Well you got it. On the upside youre lucky they didnt crap on the floor.
  2. Max66

    if anyone attacks my dog

    Every single dog owner says that.
  3. Max66

    Pedophile Swiss expat arrested by Thai police

    Shoot him in the head. Throw in a shallow unmarked grave.
  4. No they won't because there is always a fresh plate of food outside of every other home ,building and hut for "budda"
  5. Max66

    Old thai guy not happy with me and my dog

    Yes I agree but the OP has made it VERY clear he does NOT like being told what to do. So tread lightly. Lol.
  6. Need to obtain a certificate of residence. Would anyone know the paperwork I need to bring to immigration? I know passport and copies. I am on the " retirement" visa. I rent month to month at my hotel and have the rental agreement . But will immigration accept monthly rental contract? I've read they only accept 3 months or more. This will be done at the promenada in CM. Any info. Appreciated Thanks
  7. But at least she was comforted. Thats the main thing .. Low life skank should do some serious prison time.
  8. I like to take a blow torch to this POS . A three year old little girl , not much more than a baby. About a year ago I was walking home near the old moat in CM. I had been food shopping. Sitting on a bench was a young Thai woman and her little daughter. I had bought some chocolate, so as I passed I stopped and gave it to the little girl . What she did was the most adorable thing , she put her little hands together and wai 'd. It was so touching. And sweet. I asked her mom how old is was she said she just turned three. For this poor little baby RIP Sweetheart.
  9. During the ascent back to the Lunar Command Module on November 20, 1969, Commander Charles Conrad Jr. and Lunar Module pilot Allan Bean set the Apollo 12 Lunar Module on a predetermined crash course to the Moon in an experiment involving a seismometer that the crew had previously installed on the lunar surface. The module crashed close enough to the device to get good seismic readings, and the data they got back revealed startling evidence that the Moon could be hollow because it reverberated like a bell for close to an hour. During a later Apollo mission, NASA decided to crash a heavier vehicle into the lunar surface to see if it would ring again, and it did—this time, the Moon rang more like a gong for over three hours, and the reverberations went over 32 kilometers (20 mi) deep. As one might expect, this news created havoc in the science world, especially for planetary scientists, since the data completely went against all of their theories on how the Moon was formed. When you add in a theory purposed by two prominent scientists contending that the Moon could be an artificial satellite . . . who knows?
  10. Thanks remobb. Glad everything went smooth.
  11. That was the most realistic and on point explanation . I see it too ,these backpacking girls fawning all over anyone local. Completely blind to the message they're sending. And yeah the boyfriend is a waste but that's because the guys have the same half assed naive mentality as the idiotic females.
  12. Good. Did you happen to find out how soon can you renew prior to expiration? And did you need a tm 30 and a copy of your lease? Thanks.
  13. I've read you can renew 2 months before expiration date.
  14. Max66

    G4t Still operating at Promenade?

    Ok .. I thought I had to pay g4t the 500. Other than that I'll do it myself. Thanks for the replies
  15. Hi ..need to get my residency certificate. Curious ,is G4t Still operating at the immigration at Promenada in CM? Thanks