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  1. I honestly couldnt read after the first paragraph. Four year old little girl ,not much more than a baby. Just innocently playing on her bicycle. God how incredibly heartbreaking.... RIP Sweetheart.?
  2. Max66

    Noise in the early morning hours in my condo

    Condos...lol? I rent by the month . Hotel/studios. People that are here more or less passing by. In transit/ vacation. I always felt I made the right decision. Thanks for proving my point. Oh BTW yep you're screwed.
  3. Beats that slop you limeys call blood pudding ??
  4. My sympathy is for the children. No one else.
  5. If shes so great why do you "play the field" ?? Shes all that allegedly and you $#@/ around on her ..what a catch you are...?????
  6. Evidently she was young and little enoigh that she could not be left by her self .
  7. I did it a week ago in CM. No backup required. Just affadavit. .. maybe you two looked like deadbeats.
  8. You're right it is off subject. Instead of hijacking this thread why don't you start your own . Then you can babble all you want.
  9. If they find her and shes guilty they can get the thai iphone guy to punch her in the face.
  10. The only thing more pathetic and slimy than this piece of garbage are the posters here defending him. He's not sorry. Lol. He's just saying what HIS lawyer told him to say and how to grovel to avoid a more serious fine. And for the clowns that say "well hes taking reponsibility " ??? the CCTV already did that moron.
  11. Called the police? ?????? oh you're too funny.
  12. Max66

    diabities and thai food ..fruit

    Bananas and mangos , very high sugar content. Also watch for the juice (shakes) they almost always add alot of sugar water.
  13. Max66

    British cave diving hero finds love with Thai nurse

    57!? Lol. Looks late 60's