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  1. The problem, of course, is that the hoteliers see their livelihood threatened. A law , passed in Greece a short time ago, taxes Airbnb and the like. This way the hoteliers claim that there is not an unfair competition. I think this is the best approach. Revenue generated is taxed, this is the era of capitalism and free economy after all.
  2. One can get some insights as to the situation. For example, was the apartment in an expensive area, was his ref well stocked, was he unwashed and in a state of neglect. Surely there are markers indicating his circumstances. Maybe he had a pension from Switzerland. All possibilities are equally open, I think. There is not enough information at present, it seems.
  3. marios

    First time Philippines?

    Air quality better in Manila than in Bangkok? Not true according to my experiences. Elsewhere maybe because of the proximity to the sea of a large part of the country, as pointed out.
  4. marios

    First time Philippines?

    Overpriced, substandard accommodation, inferior food and very dangerous. People seem to be nice but they will not hesitate to rip you off given the chance. I used to be married to a Filipina and I have visited the country on a number of occasions. Never felt safe, the way I feel in Thailand for example where I have never felt threatened. One can go for the beauty of the land (islands mostly underdeveloped but with natural beauty) but always come back home, Thailand that is. As other have commented, no comparison to Thailand
  5. marios

    More money

    Five years being a girlfriend may be a long time. For sure she needs to secure her future. I think if you propose to her she will change attitude. Of course we do not know any particulars of the profiles of the couple but in all probability the man is older and emotionally dependent on her whereas the girl is much younger and beautiful. She may not get the knight on the white horse every girl dreams about but she wants security. He can know exactly where he stands if he proposes. Otherwise the best thing is to run because this romance has ran its course.
  6. marios

    Thai.....learning the language ??

    They are indeed the best, Pimsleur, that is. I have covered the 30 lessons more than a dozen times. You learn basic stuff and become Thai literate, that's all. If more lessons were provided of the same level, covering other aspects, family, work,etc then the prospect of learning Thai is a real one. The situation as it is now is like eating an excellent appetizer with no main course following. I have posted on a number of occasions to pimsleur that we need part 2. They politely refused. I was really surprised how far these 30 lessons carry me when confronted with real situations while I am in Thailand. It is not enough, however. It must be said that the method is mostly used to teach one how to speak. I am sure learning to read cannot be achieved outside a classroom
  7. Because my friend it is a fact of life in our parts. There is also a kind of a saying like 'it is black like a d..k' Of course if you don't believe you can always check..
  8. For a good proportion of Caucasians living on southern latitudes like the Mediterranean, middle east etc, penis colour tends to be darker than their skin colour. But it not and has never been an issue. I cannot understand what one can achieve by whitening his member. I could understand the reasons of someone who wants his face look whiter, though. One believes than being white his chances are better, which unfortunately it is still at a certain extend,true.
  9. marios

    bar ripped me off, sick of walking away

    I once called the tourist police. There wasn't a complaint just wanted some instructions for the buses, I think. The response was immediate and an officer with a very warm and welcoming attitude gave me what I wanted. Before hanging up he asked me twice if there is something else he could help me with and added not to hesitate and call Tourist Police. I thanked him and he thanked me. That has been a very positive experience for me . The man seemed genuinely eager to serve. There is still hope..
  10. marios

    Knee Pain: Cause vs Effect

    Thank you for your wishes.
  11. But I thought the requirement for retirement visa is 800 000 baht. A stronger Baht will mean more foreign currency isn't it? Do they accept a fixed amount in dollars? I thought that the amount is the equivalent of 800K at the time of application.
  12. marios

    Knee Pain: Cause vs Effect

    I used to have a bad knee sometime in the early years of 2000. I was given ARTRODAR, an anti-inflammatory medication based on a substance called Diacerein. This was prescribed to me in Bumrungrad. The pain was immediately relieved. When I went back home I couldn't find it and I started a regime with 1500mg Glucosamine. This medication enhances the lubrication within the knee and prevents/slows down the knee cartilage from drying up and disintegrating. I do not have any knee problems ever since. After about 10 years I stopped taking glucosamine because the doctor was astounded by the fact that I have been taking it for so long. Bottom line: My experience of knee osteoarhtitis, with persistent pain relieved by Artrodar and long term use of Glucosamine 1500mg taken every night prior to bed.
  13. I must have visited Thailand about 20 times the last 30 years. I lived for up to 30 days almost always in Bangkok. The only thing that bothers me is the tangle of electric wires which are so close to the overpass pedestrian bridges. Similarly I do not trust very much the domestic electrical protection systems especially in older buildings. I always check the fuse box and see if there is earth fault protection. I never felt threatened at any time, even in taxis at night. I do not recall any occasion where anybody trying to rip me off. I never felt unsafe or intimidated. Of course my views stem from my experiences as a visitor. I never had to work or step on other peoples toes, was just a tourist. I never used a rental property outside hotels, serviced apartments and lately Airbnb. I' ve read that many a landlord do not give back the security deposit. I do not have experience. No experience with the police and government also. Greed in Bumrungrad doctors is a fact of life but it is not in excess. I have experience of living in Manila. No comparison. You see desperate people ready to eat you alive. Bottom line: I would recommend Thailand and Bangkok to anybody who behaves reasonably, has an income from abroad and is not looking for trouble. Of course seasoned residents can cope much better with safety issues than the visitor. Me as a long term tourist I never felt uneasy.
  14. marios

    Anyone using Thai duolingo?

    There is no Thai for English speakers. I joined a chat within Duolingo clamouring for the inclusion of Thai. There are several others who also requested the same thing. Duolingo is a wonderful learning method. I have 'completed' German and French. I am not fluent but I got what we call survival German and French. I know some German and French now and got it for free. There is continuous revision where the site prompts you to revise a few lessons. I must have covered the syllabus minimum five times with the revisions. It is a great thing. The difficulty would be theThai alphabet and the ability to write Thai. The teaching method is based mainly on writing, translating either in English or in the new language. They said that there is not strong demand for Thai and this is why they do not include it. However, the languages offered include KLINGON!!, Esperanto and some Indian dialects and other unheard of languages. Of course all European (most) and Asian, like Japanese Mandarin Korean Vietnamese, etc are included. I suggest that by enrollment to a foreign language you will have access to the chat and thus ask for Thai. The more people asking for it might prompt them to include it. The number of participants for all languages offered totals more than 250 million!! A staggering figure. The thing is totally free.
  15. It is a hopeless task. The documents, the hellish experience for a cat to undergo a long haul flight. She is distressed when the car ride is just ten minutes. She cannot accept the engine noise/vibration. How can she tolerate the 12-16 hrs flight and stoppage time. Besides the condo must have laminate floors in order to accommodate the occasional vomit. Tiles of any grade would stain if the vomit is not removed immediately. This constraint comes on top of the limited supply of suitable and affordable accommodation. So, I suppose, we shall continue visiting our beloved Thailand for a month as we usually do and keep the cat in a pet hotel as we usually do. The cost for a month of the cat hotel is more than the plane ticket. So taking the cat with us would not burden us any further. It cannot be, however, because it is too much of a hassle. Sad! Thanks for the comment, Ripley