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  1. As an American teacher, he can get 40K and up. As a Thai teacher, he can get as much as 20K.
  2. Brussel is just a flock of political gangsters. Many of them have completed primary (8 grades) school, some others are nominated to do something that they have no graduated. e.g. Sargentini. They attacked Hungary, not the government of it, by an absolutely unfair and untrue report. The election and the debate of this negotiation were not conforming to any rules of the EU, the Lisbon treaty and the other regulations of the EU. Why? Because the Hungarian government has been elected democratic elections and the Hungarian people are against the illegal migration and George Soros. A lot of "politicians" are the just alcoholic butler of this old gangster. Now they are to do the same with Italy and Poland. Why on the Earth would any serious Brit stay in this pot? Why they would wait until Brussel punishes them too for any trumped-up false accusations. The EU is dead.
  3. Is this the same friend who has died before?
  4. "However, Thai police who investigated the claim concluded that no rape took place." About two months later ....
  5. I don't understand the point of this article. It is widely known that schools want teachers around 30k-40k. In fact, European teachers can earn something around 35K and natives 40-45K. What are you speaking about here?
  6. And this is all about KT the island of the peace and understanding. No mafias, no crimes, nothing wrong can happen there. How about the origin of some watches? Can I share? ... or the dates of the election? ... or disappearance of some important persons emerging again abroad?
  7. K would not go back either if I were her. Somebody made a promise, from the same country, organization, who refused to accept her claim. Who is Big Joke in her eyes? Who is Big Joke anyhow? The guy who could state within a couple of days that no crime has happened on an island which is notorious about crimes? Thank you, no need your promise.
  8. Palestinians are home, israelis grabbed their home
  9. Not exactly: Many of the Thai passengers also complained the driver was rude, 
  10. ostyan

    Bangkok congestion worsens

    The main problem is that there is no functioning public transport in Bkk. If you want to go from one point to an other you need to use different lines. You have to wait long time for your connection. People decide sitting in a car instead of sitting in an old, usually not too clean bus.
  11. So, there is no evidence, but the RTP is sure that the victim's story is not true. There is no evidence cannot mean the non-existence of the crime. We were shown a tide picture. There is a nice analysis saying proving that the tide left some areas intact. Second. What if the actual crime has happened somewhere else and she was taken to that place later? Third. How can they deny her story without checking her T-shirt? Leaving alone the reputation of KT and the stories told by persons lived there as well as the mystical event I would not be as fast as RTP was in this case. RTP built Big Joke with money, time and work and was able to destroy his fame within a minute. Good work.
  12. Koh Tao is a piece of heaven. Sometimes, some farangs are raped, others just killed but all of these is because those farangs cannot behave themselves. I will suggest KT to every enemy of me. It is a shame again. Shame on you Land of Smirk.
  13. Thais have no ability to control themselves, I would say. Anyhow, this case should attract the interest of the tourists. Rape them, bottle them, cheat them and they will be attracted like bees to the flowers.
  14. It worth not much again. It cannot solve the real problems of those who actually work in Thailand. I cannot help, but I have a feeling that Thailand supposes that everyone wants to work in Thailand with the intention to grab the positions from the Thais. Green cards are working in the USA why on Earth cannot be do something similar? Why should Thai officials fight with the misbelieve that "farangs" have bad behaviour and they have to be controlled very tight otherwise Thailand is lost?