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  1. and the urban slang knows it as a guy, friends, people. I used this word with intention. I hoped most of the reader of this page will understand why I used this noun. ... Not everybody
  2. Satun is simply beautiful.
  3. Thai Police Record Check

    I don't really get this criminal clearance for getting Work Permit. I know some criminals living in Thailand. They are well, they run comfortable life. Their last thought is to apply for a work permit. The other thing, it will be issued at one place in Thailand. That means that a lot of teachers have to travel to and fro from Sungnai kolok to Chiang Mai, twice to get a sheet of paper, of which usability is really questionable. Land of Smirk ?
  4. IS is a serious threat, but as the other not-too-peaceful religion, it is just a kaftan or cover of the original aim.
  5. Rather say; I thought he cast the Rolex of Rasputin .......
  6. About the pictures. 1, Empty road daytime. 2. A mass criminal, founder of lagers in Cuba. 3, Happy faces That is Cuba for Cubans
  7. Man drowns after riding motorcycle into pond

    We cannot judge. We don't have any information. Maybe suicide, texting, unskilled rider, maybe drunk riding, or whatever. Rest in Peace
  8. You are right, it is an old news. Speaking "watch" in front of Prawit???? Case closed, owner died, the watches are in the drawer. 5555
  9. They cannot be ISIS actions, sorry Too many fellahs are there
  10. Not long ago a woman made an accident when she drove to the tracks and the "high-speed train" came. She was making an important phone call.
  11. Once I was at a party and the second usual activity was drinking. As many of us came by car I asked some guys if they think they are drunk enough not to drive. I was not happy with the answers. More than 75 % said that no alcohol can affect them, especially in driving. I have no right to say 75% is the average, but 50 percent is more than enough. I travel a lot in the country, but I can count the instances on my hand when I could not see possible drunk drivers on the road.
  12. Hiding ISIS members should not be difficult in countries where 60-95 percent of the population follows the same religion. Most of Thai Muslims are not fighters at all but respect people following the same religion. It is understandable. Otherwise, if someone asks Thais, does not matter which population from, they will not tell him what is ISIS.
  13. Has anybody told no buffalos in the USA?