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  1. Surely, they have a good reason. So far everything has been done fine. Let them work.
  2. Maybe I am wrong, but I have seen reports on six than seven children escaped. I hope everybody will be out in good health soon.
  3. No riskier when the boys go panic. Doctors know what to do, they are on the spot. They give no ganja, or ice, but sedative. Surely, they understand the dosage.
  4. What is your point here ? Let us be happy, the team could escape. Let us be proud and express our sincere thanks to the kids, who could remain strong and the rescue team, who performed gigantic work. Let us be proud that a lot of nation can join together for a good thing.
  5. ostyan

    First two boys RESCUED from Tham Luang cave -

    Fantastic, all my respect for the boys and those 1000 people who made it possible.
  6. and first class negligence
  7. Business.... money..... baht, baht, baht
  8. ostyan

    Teaching in Thailand over 60?

    I'm 65 now, still teaching. No problem until my physical conditions are acceptable and I can teach. I must admit it is far more difficult to find new offer as it was, say 20 years ago
  9. If you ask some cretain liberals or george soros especially in England now, they will definitely complain 5556 What if she is a third gender.... Be happy someone has found them in relative good condition.
  10. Someone said, that they could not see their own hand in the cave. How could the boys go forward in that cave? Surely, they were frightened, nervous and without a single candle and it is not easy to go ahead even for fully equipped professionals.
  11. Leaving the shoes, flip tops may have a sense. The shoes should be wet and not easy to walk in the water in flip tops. Moreover, they are familiar with walking barefoot. .... Hope the best
  12. Same worries. No life signals or traps. Is there any possibility of a new, not-known cave in the system?
  13. Not necessarily, the temperature can be higher than 23C. ....... I wonder how far could the rescue teams go in the cave and how can you coordinate the works of the different rescue teams. Hope the best.
  14. ostyan

    Trip to songhkla