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  1. I'm sharing with the group advice I just received from a Law firm in Bangkok... below is verbatim from the lawyer. Frankly, it does not appear I have many options good to protect myself; other than to keep records I paid for the martial asset and ask my wife to put me in a will (she/we will need to create -- even that she can cancel by herself). Ugh! The other options 1-2 below are simply not applicable to my circumstances. I'm not operating a legitimate business and we have no children together. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that due to the recent rules and regulations of the land department, many land officers will not effect the registration of usufruct and/or superficies in the event that one of the parties is a non Thai national. In addition, as you are aware under Section 1469 of the Thai Civil and Commercial Code: It means that even though the lease agreement, usufruct agreement or superficies agreement has been drafted, signed by you and your wife and registered at the land office, none of these will be best to protect your interest in this property as these agreements can be void/ cancelled/ terminated without any reasonable ground. There are a few ways which may help protect your interest in this property as follows: 1. Using a company structure 2. Putting the ownership of the property in you and your wife child/children's name 3. Putting in your wife's name solely and that your wife makes the will for you (less protective) Please note that we require 30,000 THB + 7% VAT on account prior to providing any further advice. A consultation fee at the rate of 6,000 THB + 7% VAT per hour will apply towards your credit on account.
  2. Her money. It was all her before I married her.
  3. Thank you all. Some great advice here. Rest assured I intend to protect myself #1. Hence , why a posted the question. Thanks again.
  4. I doubt this is a new question... background: my Thai wife owns 1 rai of land on which we would like to build a home. I am a foreigner living here on a retirement visa. My preference is to lease the land from my wife and to build the home (in both our names). My thinking is that should either of us die, neither of us would be at risk of being throw out of the home or off the land. My wife assures me that would never happen, but nevertheless. I am a bit older, and her family (parents and/or children) would certainly inherit any real property she leaves behind. Has anyone come across this situation, and do you have any suggestion for how it should be handled? 1. In terms of protecting both parties (husband and wife) in the event of a future life event (divorce or death), and 2. In terms of the delicate topic of being perceived as untrusting
  5. Cabradelmar

    VIDEOS: Anthony Bourdain in Thailand

    The sting is that we follow the adventurer in hopes of living vicariously through them...and the adventurer has died. So we grieve our avatar who we also felt was a friend of sorts.
  6. Ghost in the machine
  7. He's an informant that they had to make look like was arrested. Like the FBI did with White Boy Rick from Detroit in the 80s. That's my conspiracy theory
  8. Cut to the chase. Do as Chili jas done and outlaw plastic bags nationwide. Urging and setting example are sound bits to make someone feel like they are act doing something.
  9. True. My personal interest to have a little more walking around money aside.
  10. Would also be nice if they opened the positions up to people here on retirement visas.
  11. No foreigners can own land in Thailand 100% outright without layering on addition schemes and cavets.
  12. While eating in a Vietnamese restaurant with his work colleague from Japan...
  13. Cabradelmar

    Luxury Mercedes-Benz taxis coming to Bangkok next week!

    Personal not interested. But I don't like to waste momey. That's just me. Even if it's only a few baht. Getting from point A to point B should not cost more for a simple photo op