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  1. Sorry to say... just too many... Strays need to be round up and euthanased. Then require licensing and encourage neutering/spaying. Clear the tables and start again with sensible programs to prevent a reoccurance
  2. FBI tried to contact 'sex coaches' in Thai jail

    Everyone needs a good coach 🤣
  3. Stupid law. You can gamble on any given game. Why are not pool tables banned. I don't play darts so I don't have much vested here. But stupid now the less.
  4. I have not. I have an appointment 19 March. Should know more then and can post.
  5. It's a shame elephant are used as polo animals. Just as it is a shame they are used in circuses and other entertainment ventures worldwide.
  6. Fatal ignorance: poll shows rabies is misunderstood

    Here is another misunderstood fact... You can catch rabis from an infected dogs saliva if the animal simply licks an open wound say on your hand. Be careful out there. And if you fear you may be infected get to the largest medical facility in the area and insist on the treatment.
  7. A good human being. Bless him for helping. A role model for all. He should be rewarded.
  8. The statute of limitations on murder should never expire. I grief with the family of this victim. It's a disgrace on Thailands entire law enforcement community to not cooperate fully with all interested parties in the UK. Smells like a white wash, or no maybe just lazy
  9. The total lawlessness of Pattaya can not be damaged. It is firmly in place 555 don't worry chief
  10. English teachers? And not a one from an native English speaking country. Uganda maybe. Swahili and english I suppose
  11. Honest and for true 5555.
  12. How about going after all those still in the jurisdiction... That should keep you busy.