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  1. Coconutman

    Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    Nice looks more like an f150
  2. The cost of living in thailand is cheap compared to most expats home countries. Beer, warmer weather and other benifits i doubt there will be an exodus back home.
  3. How easy is it to get your money out of the country if needed.. And of course nothing will change under a different government. Will it apply to people that already own houses.. there was a story in the visa forum the other day seems he could qualify but couldnt get in to thailand because no 20,000 baht in cash. Thanks ill pass it seems another way of bring your money. How many bought into the gold card scam years ago.
  4. Coconutman

    Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    This is a joke.. If you bring home a girl from the bar and she parks the car on the first try, run! Its a ladyboy
  5. Coconutman

    Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    I loved my viper, my girfriend couldn't drive a 6 speed
  6. E cigarettes might be bad.... but not nearly as bad as regular ciggaretts
  7. That is or was the idea at one time. Now the first reqirement is to have billions
  8. Coconutman

    Yingluck Watchers See Conspiracy In London Photos

    All taken from the hard working people of thailand
  9. Coconutman

    Yingluck Watchers See Conspiracy In London Photos

    She looks scared
  10. Coconutman

    U.S. moves towards expelling 200,000 Salvadorans

    They cross on their own. Lets say my apartment had a fire, you let me stay there on a temporary basis and im still there years after the whole time you have been giving me money and supporting me and my family. Now it is time to go 17 years later and you are the bad guy, how is that possible?
  11. It didnt work the last time
  12. Coconutman

    Weapons cache unearthed in Narathiwat

    The plastic bag to keep water and mud out... isn't working
  13. He is going to be here way beyond his tourist visa. Guilty of anything or not his actions didnt help