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  1. what's going on with the Thai Baht

    Exactly thank you! People do post a lot of BS on here. I retired here myself 4 years ago and the U.S. Dollar goes A VERY LONG WAY here. I like living here life's great here and if people don't like it here they should go home. I agree there are a lot of sad expats here. I live here but I don't like being labeled as an "expat" because I love America. I just also love traveling and seeing the world. I served 20 plus years in the military in Special Operations Units so traveling has been my life.
  2. what's going on with the Thai Baht

    Yes but he also wants the U.S. Dollar to be strong and it is as far as I see. I don't care where Trump wants me to spend my money that's my business where I choose to spend my USD. Trump wants a strong economy and there won't be a strong economy if the U.S. Dollar is weak so it works out for everyone.
  3. what's going on with the Thai Baht

    Not really it's gone up a little bit since the first time I visited here back in 2010 but not by much. Now we live here and the dollar still goes AN EXTREMELY LONG WAY HERE. I definitely can't complain at all. I save almost $2,000 dollars a month out of my monthly pension payments, in the states I'd barely be staying above water but here we live like royalty. Literally 3 quarters of my monthly paycheck is disposal income. Life's great here. The dollar is really strong here I don't see how anyone could possibly complain.
  4. I don't know if they handle situations like yours or not but they're very professional and honest. They deal with visas, extensions, and stuff like that maybe they do deal with things like this I don't know I've never been in that situation before but I'm sure they can probably point you in the right direction at least. Were you on a marriage visa?
  5. Joe UK if you don't mind me asking what happened how did you end up in that situation? What kind of visa were you on? I'm really sorry to hear that this has happened to you. I don't know if they can help or not but I know of a damn good visa agency in Bangkok called TSL. The only contact phone number I can find at the moment is for Korn one of the employees his number is 089-819-9930. Ask to speak with David Lam he runs the company. Every time I have used them just for basic services only they have always been very honest with me. Although I don't know anything about how to deal with an overstay situation and I never plan on finding out unless some unforeseen circumstances occur God forbid. Sorry to hear about that I don't know if TSL can help you but I'm sure they can at least probably tell you who to contact who's honest or at least point you in the right direction. All I've ever used them for is basic visa extension services nothing like this but they're really good maybe they can help you. Good luck and I hope you're able to get back in the country soon. Again their contact phone number is 089-819-9930 and that's TSL in Bangkok.
  6. Here you do see check points a lot but at least they aren't hiding behind bushes on the side of the road with radar guns trying to be sneaky about it and catch people. In the states they love writing those tickets and the courts love collecting that free money. I love my country and I always will but I've honestly never seen that here in Thailand. I don't mean to bash the United States I love my country but unfortunately that's the world we live in. I served my country for 20 plus years in the military.
  7. Pretty much exactly. And the thing about my security clearance is just that when they investigate people to get a new clearance or whenever I had to renew it every 5 years they put your whole life under the microscope including family and having a foreign spouse actually made it harder but basically yes as long as there is no threat to national security normally there's no problem. They also check financial records as well because someone who's let's say deep in debt is potentially vulnerable to being bought off. I'm retired now so I don't have to worry about it anymore. Your comparison of the Thai police to the cops in the states is dead on and here in Thailand the police actually have a lot more power than the police in the states but they don't abuse it. Some police departments in the states not all of them but a lot of them not only abuse their authority but they actually go way outside of the law, sometimes to the point where they're the criminals but their superiors look the other way and most of the time they get away with it sometimes even when it's on video. I pretty much agree with everything you said and yes the cops in the states do that a lot as far as actually trying to find things that they can use against people actually searching for violations. They don't do that here from what I've seen anyway but God help you if you're caught with something like drugs or something. Although I don't hang out in high risk areas so I might not be seeing everything that occurs here.
  8. I just love how the title of the article is "All Beer Gardens are Illegal" and then it gets my attention and I read the article and it turns out that it's about some lawsuit against the Beer Gardens. I get it the current government doesn't like drinking okay but don't misrepresent what's really going on stick to the facts. No one said that Beer Gardens are illegal. Personally I like the Beer Gardens and the government should be encouraging them it's good for the economy. Crack down on all the real problems like human trafficking and other issues which I've read that they are but focus on the real problems if people want to drink that's their right. In fact I think I'll have a Singha right now.
  9. I don't know anything about the case that you're siting but yeah it's gotten ridiculous in the United States. I think if most people got their finger prints taken and requested an NCIC report on themselves they'd be surprised what they'd see. All those little speeding tickets and traffic citations that most people don't think anyone cares about do show up on a criminal record even though it's not a big deal there's still a record of everything. Even with all my traffic issues I was still able to maintain a top secret special compartmented information security clearance for over 20 plus years so it must not have been that big of a deal. Although when I originally got my security clearance and every 5 years when they did my periodic review investigation I was asked about that and every other single personal thing in my life. As long as it wasn't anything major it wasn't a big issue they really just wanted to make sure that I was honest about it. They even checked my credit report every little thing in your life is under the microscope when you have a TS/SCI security clearance and are in a position of National Security. I was even required to take a polygraph test every 5 years. Although I think the investigators kind of understood that a lot of the laws we have in the states are out of control. That last guy that I was speaking with obviously didn't understand that even some of these little traffic infractions are actually considered to be misdemeanor criminal offenses. And yes it can actually be much worse than what I described depending on the state or what kind of mood the almighty boys in blue are in or what kind of mood the DA's in or the almighty judge. I know how out of hand some cops can get in the U.S. I've seen some unbelievable things occur in my time I once saw an extremely corrupt entire Sheriff's Department once in a small town nearby a military base. Around the military bases in the United States the cops always seem to be the worst but in cities like New York they're pretty great for the most part. I haven't seen that here in Thailand as far as the power trip. I've spoken to a few Thai cops and they seem to be pretty good from what I've seen.
  10. Either you've never had your finger prints taken and sent them into the NCIC for a full records check or you've never been pulled over before in your life. And some tickets are actually considered misdemeanor offenses depending on the state. If you've ever received a speeding ticket for going more than 20 miles over the speed limit that's actually on the misdemeanor level in most states. Just because you didn't get arrested and only received a citation doesn't mean it's not a criminal offense. A person can actually receive a citation for simple assault such as pushing someone and not necessarily get physically arrested depending on the circumstances. A speeding citation is similar it's a summons to appear in court. I used to major in criminal justice so I know. I have also received speeding tickets before for going more than 20 miles over the speed limit which is a misdemeanor offense in most states. In fact it's possible to actually get arrested for driving more than 20 miles over the speed limit if the cop is in a bad mood. I never got taken away in cuffs before but a citation for driving 80MPH in a 55MPH zone like I've received before is considered a misdemeanor offense in most states. Maybe you should get your finger prints taken and request an NCIC report on yourself you will probably be surprised what you'll see, unless you claim to have lived like a saint all of your life. A lot of these states get pretty stupid with traffic stuff they'll even threaten to take your license for a ticket more than 20MPH over the speed limit.
  11. Actually you'd be surprised the little things that will show up on your NCIC report, and it doesn't have to be a serious crime either or even a high misdemeanor offense. Little traffic citations do show up on your NCIC report as well. And I've never even been arrested before.
  12. Actually when I pulled my NCIC report like 5 years ago using my finger prints before we came here every single little traffic infraction that I've ever received since I was 18 years old actually showed up on my NCIC report. Even some traffic infractions can be considered misdemeanors depending on the seriousness of it and depending on the state. Especially depending on the state, some states like NC particularly are ridiculous. We lived in NC for half of my career and NC is the worst. Actually yes I remember on the report most of them were labeled as "infractions". All were traffic related.
  13. I think you meant to say "based upon marriage" correct? Actually I already know what's required for my extension based upon marriage because I've done it so many times. I just like to keep up and make sure they don't add anything new.
  14. When I originally got my first visa back in the states years ago I actually did have to provide an FBI criminal background check from within the United States only because at first I was considering working here but I ended up not working here or anywhere at all because when my pension was finalized I ended getting paid a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't calculate all the disability compensation that I was going to receive on top of my normal pension when I was retiring and planning our relocation to Thailand. Once it was all finalized I knew then ok good I'm not going to have to work. I'm so glad that I didn't end up working here because that probably would have been a disaster and I hear it's not easy for those who do work here. All I have on my record are a bunch of traffic citations going back like 20 or 30 years living in the United States. Lol after we moved here I still had 2 speeding tickets pending which I had an attorney take care of after we were gone. One of them drug out till 2015 before it finally got taken care of that's why I don't like having to provide those things. I had a lot of traffic citations over the years but they never prevented me from maintaining a TS security clearance throughout my career so they must not be considered to be that bad. Here in Thailand I have nothing on my record.