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  1. Sweet memory 80s

    Need Name of Tiny Insect

    May be too much if I ask for a video clip instead of still picture so we can analyze its behavior, how it cling or pattern of flight otherwise from your picture it still looks much just like a flock of common fly. Most fly I've seen usually cling at tip of stick or on string in its inactive time.
  2. Sweet memory 80s

    Could this be a Thai word

    water leakage in car, most likely may comes from radiator otherwise the water container for windshield wiper. "valve" is just valve วา(ล์)ว but I can't imagine any close word for "cotton" inThai !? Or might be mishearing of กระป๋อง "krapong" meaning the container.
  3. Sweet memory 80s

    How to say fall down

    "I have never heard it used in describing a person who has already fainted." Yes everybody use it, just simply say เป็นลม no need of เป็นลมแล้ว unless you need to extend the description of the context or your feeling but need to put ไป altogether as เป็นลมไปแล้ว. เป็นลม is a thai verb, that's correct and can be either already fainted or is fainting but not likely use for going to faint.
  4. Sweet memory 80s

    Thai transliteration of "dinosaur" to ไดโนเสาร์

    "precede" !? So why not ไดโนศุกร์, and for this word, Thai has played with it for quite long time. Still lot of thai words which many are for something not familiar by thais or not originated in Siam at the time and we use not the direct transcription word but totally something else which puzzling me. How Kangaroo becomes จิงโจ้ Ching-Cho but Giraffe is simply ยีราฟ ?!
  5. Sweet memory 80s

    What does this particle at the end of a sentence mean?

    From the context given and has this word แหม่ะ or either แหละ or แหนะ seems have no meaning at all and not understandable even by myself a thai tongue
  6. Sweet memory 80s

    Thai transliteration of "dinosaur" to ไดโนเสาร์

    I'm still not convinced by that British influence to King Mongkut era hypothesis. From what I have read many books/articles before or early Vietnam war period ( around WWII ) still call by translation words กิ้งก่ายักษ์/กิ้งก่าโบราณ . Only the text book in late 70s to early 80s that I have read starting to use word ไดโนเสาร์ . Seems nobody have different idea here or this topic is quite out of foreigner ( who want to know thai) interest. Actually it doesn't matter much, just my curiosity.
  7. Sweet memory 80s

    Thai transliteration of "dinosaur" to ไดโนเสาร์

    I know it's derived from Greek, that why I said. Reflection from Greek pronunciation in to Thai, how and when ? I can't think of any link that possible. I think if we know when did this word become popular among thais we may guess which foreign language speaker brought it in ( American by the Vietnam war or British by the WWII or earlier or other european language speaker in any period ) or how it linked to Greek in your hypothesis. Talking about the elite. The Thai elites of the royal court who could use european languages well since time of King Rama IV ( overlapping time with Victorian Era) might have known it before ordinary people and might adopt that way and since then it slowly spread all over. Any other idea?
  8. Always wonder any languages speaker other than English that pronounce this word " dinosaur" same as Thai . Thai directly change "au" sound to "เ-า" from A (อา)+ U( อู) to be AU (เอา). Since this word originally not english so I don't think thais pronounce it the wrong way. And why not thais adopt the same way as english speaker ไดโนซอร์ "di-no-sor" !? I guess may be coming from German language the way "au" pronounce ?
  9. Sweet memory 80s

    Thai words that are pronounced the same as English words

    ไฟ = fire May be also a loan word but too long ago that nobody has recorded its history even in any myth. Every thai perceives this word as their pure own thai word.
  10. Sweet memory 80s

    What is this word in Thai?

    Seems the closest that can be, I agree with K. Digbeth. Again remember that to express any feeling out in english and thai ways may be different, not directly translated each word. Literally อโคจร sounds neutral but for thai perception the word is associated with negative thing and yes it's adjective. I also can't think of any original thai words other than the Pali/Sanskrit loan words.
  11. Sweet memory 80s


    I'm too weary of เจ้าหนูจำไม
  12. Sweet memory 80s


    Yes the writer tries to compose more polite form of sentence for addressing someone who he considered has more potential than him. This is not about the syntax but rather how to fit the language in to thai social ( the way thais interact to others). In the real world nobody has ever say "ไหม" only "ไม๊" Same sound as "ไม้" but shorter ,exactly comply to writing form, not as น้ำ. If you say ไหม ,thais ( alls including Isaan and Nuea) can immediately figure out that you're not fluent in speaking Thai. Since this word is not registered as formal so no matter what form of writing you do ไม๊ or มั๊ย. And because this is a written sentence, the writer may concern about the politeness so he use a more formal term for writing ( since he asking something from someone he has to be looked less ขัดใจ, ขัดหู ขัดตา of that person ).
  13. Sweet memory 80s

    Thick-skinned In Thai?

    If the poster want to refer to shameless as "Yang Na อย่างหนา" it's almost correct but may be too hard to understand for anyone who doesn't know how it came. There is already an idiom "หน้าหนา" but this is considered too old words and not so cool for the teens so they borrowed a copywriting from a TV commercial which saying "อย่างหนา ตราช้าง Yang nha Tra Chaang" for a durability/toughness of a brand of roof tile, then shortened to just อย่างหนา This TV ads was quite long ago might be 15 years up. This new teen idiom/slang has been hit since then.
  14. Sweet memory 80s

    How to say 'thank you' to children?

    We have been taught from Thai school that you have to use whether "Khob KHun" or Khob Jai" according to your and the 2nd party hierarchical status but nowaday I feel weird when somebody saying "Khob Jai" and thinking Khob Khun must be the best all around. For this case , just add Krab ครับ or Kha ค่ะ according to gender of that kid (not the speaker) is appropriate enough. I myself hardly say either Khob KHun or Khob Jai among my family. It's too formal for me and I don't want to กระแดะพูด.
  15. Sweet memory 80s


    ท่านใด is more polite form usually used when you speak in public. To discard subject ( I ) is common ,not regarded as wrong but may be depend on the situation. ยังมีพอ sounds like "still enough or almost abundant" but ยังพอมี is "almost run out ,merely enough" ไหม is less formal than หรือไม่ and becomes ไม๊ for spoken language. May be not "You're giving booth or not" but "Is there still any booth/ space available or not ?" He did not directly ask to the second party/reader so he asked who should be the point of contact.