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  1. Sweet memory 80s

    Need Name of Tiny Insect

    May be too much if I ask for a video clip instead of still picture so we can analyze its behavior, how it cling or pattern of flight otherwise from your picture it still looks much just like a flock of common fly. Most fly I've seen usually cling at tip of stick or on string in its inactive time.
  2. Sweet memory 80s

    Could this be a Thai word

    water leakage in car, most likely may comes from radiator otherwise the water container for windshield wiper. "valve" is just valve วา(ล์)ว but I can't imagine any close word for "cotton" inThai !? Or might be mishearing of กระป๋อง "krapong" meaning the container.
  3. Sweet memory 80s

    How to say fall down

    "I have never heard it used in describing a person who has already fainted." Yes everybody use it, just simply say เป็นลม no need of เป็นลมแล้ว unless you need to extend the description of the context or your feeling but need to put ไป altogether as เป็นลมไปแล้ว. เป็นลม is a thai verb, that's correct and can be either already fainted or is fainting but not likely use for going to faint.
  4. Sweet memory 80s

    Thai transliteration of "dinosaur" to ไดโนเสาร์

    "precede" !? So why not ไดโนศุกร์, and for this word, Thai has played with it for quite long time. Still lot of thai words which many are for something not familiar by thais or not originated in Siam at the time and we use not the direct transcription word but totally something else which puzzling me. How Kangaroo becomes จิงโจ้ Ching-Cho but Giraffe is simply ยีราฟ ?!