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  1. altcar bob

    BOT wary of the impact from US-China trade war

    Thailand will not escape the wrath of the US,long accused of currency manipulation
  2. altcar bob

    Pattaya / THExpats / Health-Self-insured?

    One way out of high cost of cancer treatment..India,past masters of the art. Chemo ,probably Chennai about 10,000 a session,too early in the day to go looking for the link...but preventative costs so low-its a gift. Missed my scans there this year,monsoon at the present, but lll be over there in Oct. 400 baht colonoscopy,in one hospital medifee,then whatever you want,Chennai or Calcutta are closest Pet scans are a gift
  3. altcar bob

    Has the Darkside lost it’s sparkle?

    .Its dead actually,same-same all over Pattaya. The Retox place has opened up close to the lake,about the busiest place around,if two people propping up a bar counts as busy
  4. altcar bob

    Hospital bills.

    This hospital ,and other ,should post a list of charges ie days stay in ICU,ward stay,whatever procedures may occur,oxygen use,so at least you have an idea of what you are heading into,but they don't,there lies the trap. You have no idea of their reputation,or doctors skills,but as they do web crawling to enhance their reputation you have to dig down about 5 or 6 pages until the truth comes out. They stink
  5. altcar bob

    Hospital bills.

    I suppose that is why Sheryl points out consistently a few (a very few) that meets your estimation of"a lot of highly skilled and very capable medical staff" This OPs tale is enough to frighten anyone to consider the way to go is medical insurance,not so,anyway get another few years under your belt see if you stay decided on that route,and IF it is affordable. Big rises ahead for medical insurance next time around. There are far too few Farangs around too,a lot have gone,,so the onus on these private hospitals will be to maximise any and all who enter their domain
  6. altcar bob

    Hospital bills.

    Well I do and I am. They (private hospitals) are born to lie and cheat,how do I know? guess,but there are alternatives than putting oneself through the process and saving a heap of money that they undoubtedly will be after
  7. altcar bob

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    Another guy I really liked,he headed up the Sunday Roast thread for a couple of years ,got to know him too, Neil Not heard from him for many a day,e mailed him too,think he may well be dead,damned shame,a real character
  8. Yes I have been trying for a few hours now to get a clearer view
  9. altcar bob

    Hospital bills.

    These people primarily are not interested in you getting better,but detaining you to get that bill higher and higher,ICU? you appear quite lucid,so why keep you there when a ward will do? You fell into a trap,even with insurance it does not guarantee you will escape unscathed,they will drain that pot for sure,but will tell you when the money has run out instead of leaving you there with ever mounting dept. Play them at their own game,tell them you do not have the money,true they will ship you into a ward and lock you up,but they have to feed you and keep you,costing them money,they will give way,may keep passport,but can get new one easily Medical jet skiing scum
  10. So the game is anybody and everybody,children or not can invade another country with uncheck-able details ,tell them whatever they like and all is believed,yeah right. If the parents were so upset about their kids they would never be separated,just a load of trash,most would just abandon them,as has probably happened,not just in US but UK France Italy etc.
  11. altcar bob

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    Prior to his last hurried departure,he had another some two years before,disposed of car ,effects etc.,through ill health I believe,however he did return,probably still not in full health,but decided here was better than there. Obviously ill health struck him down again,this time urgency was the name of the game,not heard from since. Staying with his daughter,hope he is OK but doubtful,at 78 his time was probably up
  12. Build a prison that allows accompanied children stay with their parents,problem solved
  13. altcar bob

    Hospital bills.

    You should have expected this when you entered that hospital,forward planning with/without insurance is essential,a few twists and turns KL airport probably will get you an airline to get you wherever you want to go,BKK too strict. Just get out of there any which way
  14. The quality of the build 20 years ago would be far superior
  15. altcar bob

    Hospital bills.

    Staggering will be an understatement. Get yourself out of there by any means,there was an organisation I heard about few years ago that organised a kidnap from these parasites Govt,hospitals are OK really,and in depth hospital care try India excellent and damned cheap.