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  1. recommend a dog flea pest exterminator

    Can buy it through Lazada sounds OK never heard of it or thought nothing of it,as most ,or all do not work, but Ill give this a go ,but Ill buy it generic from India. Used to buy Bayticol 900 baht here there 100 baht
  2. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    Gawd, Its Mr LI, turn left at first crossing shanghai airport,left again public shit house ,you are there
  3. recommend a dog flea pest exterminator

    Think it will be Ivermectin,vet suggested vaccination better I do that too, but every day for 4 to 5 days,bit much Id say
  4. recommend a dog flea pest exterminator

    Every year or so I go to India,myself,for medical check-ups,but also dog medication,they seem ahead of the game. I buy Ridd,can buy it here under diff name(forget it) but I buy neem oil mix it with conditioner and soap them down with that,can get mix details on the net
  5. recommend a dog flea pest exterminator

    Yes is bad at the mo,ticks too. A big sprayer,filled with bleach/water mix helps,on floor spaces,dogs are washed every day now,but use smaller sprayers on neck region,forget the Thai name,use Ridd,killes 'em pretty quick
  6. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    That can be changed at the wink of an eye, china's massive buying spree can all be nationalized,and if it does not behave it will. China is a toilet Is that spellchecker of yours chinese by any chance
  7. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    China ,was expected, but Trump has trumped them. china will become a backwater,growth slowing as you think ,housing so overblown it makes people weep,its finished
  8. Regency Assurance

    Is I agree,Ill PM you
  9. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    China is a non-starter,as far as international relations,it looks like it needs another few thousand more, China is going down the toilet
  10. Chinese visitors: you ain't seen nothing yet.

    They will get poorer if Trump has his way, which undoubtedly he will
  11. Regency Assurance

    Its all a complete rip off after 65 or so Friend,aged 72 had bit of problem with heart,felt tired etc. ,went to PBH, do not know exact words they told him,bit too quiet for his own good at times, anyway in and operated on ,main aorta valve,he opted for cows valve 1.25 mil.....two hours away finest heart surgery team told him costing there less than 2000GBP, cost of valve not inc. Its all a damned rip off,he is quieter than ever now
  12. Australian Lottery Website

    yes they will p2p
  13. Flight from Suvarnabhumi 4am on Apri 19 ...

    Last bus Ekkami leaves bus station approx 11 pm,get off at first available stop as it comes off elevated section, taxi airport abut 140 baht... perfect for 4 am flight....keep to main roads on way to bus station be ok
  14. Expat health insurance

    Q has to asked how long are you going to live? Put this on before,as aging individual the coverage is a one shot pony...cancer,heart forget it...body clock speeds up,likewise rapidly falling ill with something else, death not far off,...see if insurance covers the bits that are left,as far as Cigna they did double the premiums from 60 to 100 gbp per week for 57 ish aged man.......accident I guess,(broken leg) can be fixed,but can at govt.hospital too...bottom line its time to go back home if illness stalks you,but do it before flying becomes impossible