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  1. marco999

    Belgian loses watch to foreign grifter

    I think you are innocent. Many points for you to think. How the arab guy known the tel number of the belgium guy ? If he was just a thief he will known to whom he will sell the watch. 5000 baths is usually the price for a gay prostitute (they ask for more than the female). In my case, if I meet a girl in a restaurant and if she aggree after 20 minutes to follow me in my room is not for watching TV. She known and I known is for sex, same with gay. Now we are in Pattaya and like I said before sex is not free here only an innocent will beleive that.
  2. marco999

    Belgian loses watch to foreign grifter

    10000 Baths is not an expensive watch. But think of this " He also went to the watch store to warn them that the Middle Easterner might try to return it for a refund. " How the boy known where he buy that watch ? What I think is that the belgium don't known or don't want to known that sex is not free in Pattaya or maybe he think he is a luckiest guy on hearth to get free sex at Pattaya ? Maybe the arab guy don't want to tell him that he is a bitch and ask for some pocket money instead of "money for the service" but the Belgium guy don't give him money.
  3. marco999

    Belgian loses watch to foreign grifter

    Are you innocent ? This is a case of not paid for sex
  4. Starbuck is a leftist company. I don't care of them and I boycott them
  5. He was a criminal, a drug dealer not an honest guy.
  6. If I understand you anybody can come and do what he want if he just said I come to help ? You think burmese or laos rescue team are qualify ? Me I don't think so. This is not a circus where anyone can do what he want.
  7. You speak of low quality and uneducated people like the one who buy Rolex. When you buy a HD for 40000 € you don't care to paid 2000 € more because of taxes. If HD want to compete on price they are dead. Did Ferrary or Bentley compete on prices ? No. HD can make some motorbike like the honda wave and sold it for 32000 Bahts and of course they will sold more
  8. You are 100% wrong with HD. People who want HD don't care for the price and they want a made in USA HD. It is not a question of quality product its a question of image. When you buy a HD you buy a piece of history. What history, what tradition you will buy from a HD made in Thaïland ? Nothing
  9. And they deserve to be send to jail including you who promote drug addiction.
  10. You are missing the most important point, the job of a prime minister. Regarding the 12 childs this is not his duty, there is people who are paid to do that. Let the experts do their job.
  11. marco999

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    Because they don't stay in Thaïland and they don't known what they do. Now even in little shops they give you a receipt.
  12. marco999

    Is there a law in Thailand about such behaviour?

    Don't tell bullshit. How she can pocket the discount if it is on the ticket. At the end of the day the owner will found a difference on the receipt and the money box. He/her will remove the difference from the cashier salary who will get nothing.
  13. No, I 100% desagree with you. I stay here since 1981
  14. If you do that you will have a proof from your bank but that guy don't have.