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  1. The straight guy that strokes the sack can no longer side with the majority. He is now officially gayyyyyyyyy.
  2. You mean heterosexual identified men who are about to be homosexual identified men.

    Stallions Max 250 2017

  4. I likes me ladies....real ladies.....Is that wrong??
  5. My 6 yr old better start producing some cash or her days are numbered as well. She seems to think it's all fun and games.

    Stallions Max 250 2017

    Let's hear from some recent buyers. Am looking to replace my Raider. As much as I hate the Chinese bikes.....this 250 looks awesome. First thing though....get rid of that aweful Stallion medallion on front wheel. Come on guys....shout out your thoughts.
  7. No, I have 2 houses in Calif. and 2 houses in Thailand......I mean I paid for 2 houses in Thailand.
  8. So, I take my lady..her son of 13 and a truckload of his mates to a restaurant way the f%^k up north for burgers. In walks a farang with a katang how ever the f&*k you're supposed to spell it, you get the meaning. Super big everything. Of course the farang has to be German, I mean he was a German. I mean the partner was way over the top. The lads were just cracking jokes left and right. We have lady boys all over the place but this shit was just weird.
  9. My little girl is going to be first....Airline Hostess....then Movie Star.....I'm set.

    Video of building my modern style house in Sisaket

    We took an easy route and talked to folks who just built new house. Was sold a detailed copy of plans for 5000bht. Found a guy to build for 400,000 labor only. We bought all materials. Each month we paid a set amount to cover workers and the boss. Job finished we paid off balance. The boss sub-contracted out the detailed work like ceilings, doors and windows. In 20 yrs from now, how the house was built will begin to show. The quality of the steel and rebar will begin to show. If the house was built with fre-fab posts and steel headers, the cracks will definitely start to show.

    Living in an oven

    One A/C in bedroom is much needed. Rest of day is fans with open doors, until evening when the skeeters attack.
  12. This is all great stuff. We haven't had a president who voiced our thoughts and concerns in a long time. He can say in 10 words or less what takes others 30 minutes of beating around the bush. Get used to it world. God Bless America.

    Old thai guy not happy with me and my dog

    I'm thrilled as long as dogs don't bite me or piss on my tires, F$%k the old man.
  14. Double post.........