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    Hourly pay odd job man

    300 baht should be a good payday for him.
  2. Whoever that controls space will be the new Super Power.
  3. At some point, maybe not by 2020 and maybe not Space Force but at some point this will be very real. Anti-Trumpers can make all the jokes they want but it will eventually happen.
  4. I feel privileged having a stalker. Thank you.
  5. If those who oppose taking the knee stopped watching NFL on TV, stopped buying tickets to games, stopped buying jerseys.....that's how you put a stop to this BS. Until that time let the millionaires (football players) sob about the unfair treatment of blacks. Who really gives a <deleted>.
  6. Nope, I'd say he is not.
  7. Wow, you've been with Trump on vacation??
  8. The crazies are a very small minority of Trump supporters. The NRA is a very useful group of individuals. Not included in the crazy group. The true Trump voters will show up on election, believe that. They will be the ones you least expect because they keep their support way down low. Your friends and neighbors who are afraid of the violent liberals.
  9. That's your opinion and that of the left, I see it differently.
  10. Not sure why the Liberals want to classify everyone according to color. Could it be they're trying to divide the American voters?

    Which Province Offers The Best Lifestyle?

    Take a motorbike and head south of pattaya on HWY 3 stopping till you find a suitable place. Give Ban Chang a look see.
  12. It would seem their strategy is to attack Trump endlessly to the point of looking ridiculous. I hope they keep it through the 2020 elections.
  13. Only 8 yrs now, but thanks for asking. And speeding on my part has been main reason for near mishaps. In the country you have more dangers like free range cattle as an example.
  14. By simply riding at a reasonable speed you can avoid most dangers.
  15. Not sure myself, but doesn't sound good.