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  1. Again you ramble on avoiding the post you addressed. The sickness of hating Trump is robbing you of common sense. Carry on, I'm off to do some fun stuff.
  2. Are you saying that if one's speech in your opinion is nasty and offensive then it's a lie? As Nyezhov has so eloquently stated "if the shoe fits"
  3. For those of us who make our living standing our 4 hr bridge watches conning a ship around the world, well it's mind boggling to think this could have happened. I work for a Company who doesn't always transmit on AIS and I've had countless times I've had to call a ship when I'm "stand on" and ask their intention. At 4 NM they still aren't aware of the situation. Things can turn ugly real fast if you're not on top of things alllll the time.

    Restaurants In Ban Chang / Rayong

    And, where may this be?
  5. To simplify, Clinton's campaign started it.
  6. Please stop it with the he said, she said crap. Everything here is just a personal opinion, get a grip. I get it, you love barry, good for you. And, you spent wayyyyyy to much time on this response.
  7. Now you're being theatrical, making up things. So now according to you Trump wants to grab an entire portion of the population. You guys are amusing.
  8. Wow, you were there behind closed doors? And, again with the name calling. I thought we had rules here. Oh well, cling to your barry memories and buy the books.
  9. Not a secret so much as keeping it on the back burner. I'm not condemning, but we also have to see reality.
  10. A legit issue was raised regarding his birthplace. But, because BO is half black it becomes racist. And now they're cashing in with a book. Good for them, but understand they're in it for the money.

    Ban Chang or Cha Am?

    I live in Phala Beach, love it. But coming here for a holiday is a bit different. You'll definitely need transportation. To me Jomtein beach is better because there is more to do there and nearby Pattaya. Before the Hate Brigade start in I want to say it has a lot of activities for adults and kids alike.
  12. You do realize it's OK to be both a proud European and a proud American.
  13. The Navy has multiple look-outs posted and multiple officers on the bridge. They've stopped teaching basic seamanship. Civilian Captains are getting a little spooked with these accidents. Electronics are great tools but looking out the window is king. Your eye will see the change of direction or speed before the radars will.