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  1. Lacessit

    Missing all of my back molars [bottom]

    I have a partial denture from Ram Hospital in Chiang Mai. An Australian dentist looked at it and said it was made to a very high standard. For what it's worth, my experience is there is not much lateral pressure on the supporting teeth. The main risk is getting something hard jammed between the metal plate and the tooth, as the tooth will break first. Foods with hard seeds are off limits for me. A denture is actually better than a bridge - dentures are near unbreakable in the mouth. Less expensive than implants. Now, if I can just remember where I put the damn thing after I took it out last night....
  2. Lacessit

    Landlord Disputes

    We are not in the UK, in case you have not noticed. On the other hand, I have noticed there are some Brits who take Mother England with them everywhere they go.
  3. Lacessit

    Landlord Disputes

    It depends on the situation, if a tea leaf looking farang wants to rent i might do that, it depends on the person. If they can't even show income or a bank balance who would want them I'm surprised you get any tenants. Provided someone who is renting comes up with rent and security deposit in advance, and doesn't look or sound like a feral, IMHO most landlords would rent to them. I've been a landlord and tenant both. Personally, if a prospective landlord wanted my financial details, I'd be telling him/her to get stuffed.
  4. Trump is from Germany. How do you think he acquires Native American genes - osmosis?
  5. Lacessit

    Ageing brains and lost memories

    Did it work?
  6. Lacessit

    very bad Mold situation on white bricks wall

    Bleach only works on very thin films of mould, it won't penetrate biomass. I'd recommend spraying with copper sulphate solution and allow it to sit for a couple of days. Then power wash it. Power washing alone can't get all the mould out because it isn't killed, it will simply regenerate.
  7. As both a car driver and scooter driver, I always stick to the scooter lane as much as possible. 40 - 50 km/hr gives me a margin of safety. What really bugs me is the scooter riders who insist on occupying a car lane at the same speed when the car traffic is doing 90 km/hr. Brain-dead.
  8. Lacessit

    Landlord Disputes

    Check their wealth, ask for them to pay 6-12 months, ask to see their bank balance. If they don't want to then decline them renting That's achievable in places like Jakarta. Here, tenants would just laugh at you. My bank balance is none of your business. Chiang Mai has a glut of condos with unoccupied apartments. Landlords are practically begging for good tenants.
  9. Lacessit

    Landlord Disputes

    I've been renting the same condo for 8 years . I pay the landlord 3 months rent in advance, in return for a discounted rental rate. There is no security deposit. Until the time Immigration wanted to see a lease, everything was on a verbal basis. There's arguments for owning and against, just as there is for renting.
  10. Lacessit

    Junk/spam mail in inbox.

    gmail does have a filter which can be set to various levels. As another poster has said, when it is set high, you may miss emails which you wanted in the inbox occasionally. No problem - just check the spam box if you are expecting something that doesn't arrive.
  11. I'll start believing he's the real deal if he eliminates some of the gross inefficiencies and waste in Thai Immigration, such as: 1/ Eliminate 90 day reports for anyone who is resident in Thailand for more than two years. 2/ Only require TM30's for when someone enters the country, if they are aforesaid long term residents. 3/ Have a clear definition of responsibility for the TM30 4/ Eliminate bank statements for the seasoning period. Why isn't a bank letter good enough? The bank books tell the story. 5/ Enable online reporting for retirement extensions. The technology is there. 6/ Enable friend or relation reporting for those who are physically incapacitated, subject to provision of a medical certificate. Yeah, and pigs will grow wings.
  12. Lacessit

    Always Disappearing.

    I use gmail, and have never had a problem with storage. Maybe the OP needs to check if there's a menu item in hotmail that automatically deletes after a given period.
  13. Lacessit

    Thailand lottery for foreigners

    A lawyer once said to me " Money brings out the worst in people". Sadly, it's true.
  14. Lacessit

    I don't understand the logic of Thai Immigration

    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant if the Thai authorities were to query the Australian Consulate, the public servants there could access ATO and Centrelink data.