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  1. Every time I get a visa extension, they always ask me to bring an address or a proof of address from my apartment or hotel I am staying at. Exactly what do they want me to bring and what can I tell the hotel manager in order to get it?
  2. Are there other reputable and legit job sites for Thai teaching jobs other than Ajarn.com. Ajarn is the only one I know and trust, are there any others? Thanks!
  3. Wow, that's perfect. Thank you very much. 1,100 baht includes a bunk bed? Ok, I will head straight to the trang station. Is the trang train station far from Hat Yao Pier?
  4. I will be staying in Koh Lipe soon and after my trip I am heading back to Korea. My flight back to Incheon is at 4pm on March 19. I will be leaving Koh Lipe on March 18th. I have chosen to either take the train or bus back to Don Mueang instead of taking a plane because it is less expensive. However, I'd like to leave Koh Lipe/Trang and time it so that I arrive the next day on March 18th (before 4pm of course). Are that overnight buses that go from Trang to Don Mueang? Could you please tell me where I can go to book them once I arrive in Trang and Koh Lipe? I want to make sure I get my tickets and I want to use a VIP bus service like Nakonchaiair. Thank you very much.
  5. 1. This restaurant is located past Mae Fah Luang Uni on the way to Mae Sai. It is on top of a hill and serves fried fish that you can wrap in lettuce and eat. Very good atmosphere and food. 2. The 2nd restaurant seemed to be famous for its grilled shrimp. The only thing I remember eating there was shrimp in all kinds of ways. Very tasty. It was somewhere near Ban Du, Chiang Rai. I think. Either that or near the city center. Both are Thai restaurants and both had outside seating. If you happen to know what I am talking about, please help. I'd love to get a google maps location for both of them. It's been years since I visited them. Thank you kindly.
  6. It went well. Make sure to bring a real Thai address. They won't ask for proof, but they want you to have a real address in Chiang Rai. They didn't tell me to come back.
  7. Thank you! I will report back soon! Last time I filled out all the paperwork work before hand, they made me do it again with the forms they had at the office. Oh well, I'll just do everything again just to be safe and save time.
  8. How do I get a proof of address? What do I show them?
  9. Soon I will be going to the Chiang Rai Immigration office near the airport to get a visa extension for my American Tourist visa. Can someone confirm exactly what I need to bring? Is it still 1,900 baht in cash and 1 photo? Do I have to bring information about where I am staying? Please let me know what I need before I go? Thank you!