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  1. I'm applying for a visa to China while I am in Thailand. I have everything but the Chinese government is asking for a translation of some of my documents. Is there a place in Khon Kaen where I can get the documents officially translated for the Chinese embassy?
  2. polyknikes

    Orajel/benzocaine in Thailand?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!
  3. polyknikes

    Orajel/benzocaine in Thailand?

    I tried Watsons but they didn't have it. Okay, I will try to find a Boots. So there's no generic benzocaine in Thailand?
  4. I'm looking for something like this in Thailand to relieve a cut in my mouth: http://www.orajel.com/en/Products/adult-oral-care/Orajel-Mouth-Sore-Gel Can you help?
  5. Every time I get a visa extension, they always ask me to bring an address or a proof of address from my apartment or hotel I am staying at. Exactly what do they want me to bring and what can I tell the hotel manager in order to get it?
  6. Are there other reputable and legit job sites for Thai teaching jobs other than Ajarn.com. Ajarn is the only one I know and trust, are there any others? Thanks!
  7. I will be staying in Koh Lipe soon and after my trip I am heading back to Korea. My flight back to Incheon is at 4pm on March 19. I will be leaving Koh Lipe on March 18th. I have chosen to either take the train or bus back to Don Mueang instead of taking a plane because it is less expensive. However, I'd like to leave Koh Lipe/Trang and time it so that I arrive the next day on March 18th (before 4pm of course). Are that overnight buses that go from Trang to Don Mueang? Could you please tell me where I can go to book them once I arrive in Trang and Koh Lipe? I want to make sure I get my tickets and I want to use a VIP bus service like Nakonchaiair. Thank you very much.