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  1. Hi Ubonjoe, sorry, I just don't get it. I'm on a Non-O-Multiple Entry Visa issued at Penang Thai Embassy and is valid until 12.September 2018. When do I have do fly out of Thailand before the visa expires. Is there a time limit e.g. 1 day before the visa expires? When I return, do I have to apply for a re-entry permit at my local immigration office before I leave the country again? What does the IO stamp into my passport upon arrival? A brand new 1 year Visa or Admitted until 11.September 2019. Thank you very much.
  2. I hold a Non-O-Multiple Entry (1 year visa) issued by the Thai embassy in Penang and valid until 12.September. 2018. So, if I leave Thailand for a short trip to let's say KL on 11.September.2018 and I return to Thailand on the 12.September.2018, I will get a 1 year extension at airport Immigration from the IO until September 2019? Is it just a stamp as the usual " ...admitted until.." stamp? Can I buy a Multiple-Re-Entry which it need for my new extension with my current Non-O-ME visa? I never heard of this option and I'm wondering why people without 800K in a Thai Bank do not know about it and still use expensive visa agents instead? To be honest, it sounds a bit strange to me.
  3. ...but you have to pay tax in the US for dividend income from your funds (Mutual Funds, ETF, CEF etc.) if you hold any. It's 30% for US citizens and for non-american citizens, non-us-residents it's 15% tax.
  4. Just returned to Phuket from the "National Park". Avoid the island at all costs. The midnight curfew is still in effect. All major bars are closed on Silver Sand Beach and where replaced by new, overpriced beach restaurants (98% Chines customers!) The small Disco at the beach is closed. All bars at Vongduern beach are closed as well, only overpriced beach restaurants there (closing time 11.00 pm or earlier). No fun, no party at all. 98% Chinese customers everywhere. Entering the "National Park" costs you 200 BHT per person and I can assure you the "cashiers" in army dresses are informed of new arriving guests either by the boat captains or the Songthaew drivers. They stop every "taxi" and force you to pay 200 BHT entrance fee. On the beaches they follow you until you pay the "entrance fee". Really annoying. I went there for having fun and booked a couple of days at good beachfront hotels at Silversand Beach and Vongduern Beach and now I can't wait flying back home to Patong Beach. Absolutely boring Island and a tourist trap for Chinese travelers. (e.g. 500 BHT for a mini pizza). Welcome to crook island. Don't go there.
  5. Condos and Houses in Phuket sell for 10 to 20 % less than a couple of years ago. Are condo and house rental prices in Patong dropping as well?
  6. Rman

    Seven-day road safety campaign kicks off

    ... and all Porn Sites from all over the world blocked since yesterday. Maybe the "government" doesn't want that Thais get horny while watching porn on the 7 dangerous days. No kidding!!
  7. I just received a letter from my embassy stating they only can issue this letter if I have rental income or get sate pension "payed to my account abroad". Bad luck for privateers. I went to Penang last year and they declare the income letter as "anti money laundry campaign". You have to pay 15K THB to an agent without the proof of income letter and you get your Non-O-ME Visa (1 year). The law in Thailand say's either 800K on the bank OR proof of income of minimum 65K/month. They starting this nonsense at immigration in Thailand as well. Let's get it straight, it's all about Tea Money again.
  8. Thank you elviajero, but a friend of mine was in Penang in September this year and 2 well known agents there told him he will need the income-proof-letter together with 800K on his Thai bank account. The agent made a phone call and said "he has no letter but he has 800K deposit and a passbook from a Thai Bank". After a while she told my friend she could arrange the visa without the income letter for 15K THB including all fees for the visa. In the end he paid the money and got his PP back the next day and with the sticker Non-O ME. Is this a new scam??
  9. I'm currently living in Thailand on an Non-O-Multiple Entry Visa (50+) obtained from my embassy in Spain and I don't get any state pension. I live on a private income (privateer). So, how can I obtain a Proof-of-Income-Letter from any embassy??? I have 800K on my Thai Bank account but I don't want to convert my Non-O to an Extension-of-Stay because I'm travelling a lot and I don't care about leaving the country every 90 days. Which Thai Embassy near by doesn't insist on such an income letter and just wants to see the 800k on my bank account? I was told that agencies in Penang offer a Non-O-Multiple Entry (1 year) without proof-of-income-letter for 15K THB. Thank you very much for your help.