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  1. Of course: The state just will watch how citizens kill each other. That would work better ️
  2. The Theory

    Keeping birds out of the roof.

    We got some thick vinyl screens from HomePro and cut it as shap as the under roof opening gap. It stopped small birds that could sneak in by little gaps.
  3. The Theory

    Dump truck dumps 'processed human waste' onto highway: Indiana State Police

    Lucky wasn’t fresh one.
  4. The Theory

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    The driver wants to find out how much he can get cash out of your pocket for the damage. He will never paint the cat. If the damage is really small, he won’t take it to police anyway( in my opinion). Perhaps he will call you with some estimate idea. To avoid trouble, you either pay the estimate or if it sounds too much refuse it and counter offer it. Get some kind of receipt if you pay him in cash.
  5. The Theory

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    If this pcycho knows that where you work then you are screwed. Just quit and forget about your current job. You have no choice but leaving the country for sometime. Then come back and start fresh. Unless you want to take shit for some more years, if you survive. And perhaps you need to leave some of your properties behind since your life is important than what you got in your room or house
  6. I guess “nothing to lose” is what this kind have in mind ️
  7. If there is no serious punishment, there will not be any respect for law. Just look at the everyday gang fights in streets or accidents in Thailand. No punishment, no respect for law. i can see it that getting worse since 10 years ago that I came to Thailand.
  8. Asia is a hiding place for that kind. He is not the only one in Thailand. Just keep yourself away, if you are not the one yourself.
  9. I usually carry A mid size back pack and a luggage. Morning arrivals, evening departures.
  10. I never take taxi at Suvarnabhumi anyway. Train is the best. Saves me some nerves and not dealing with taxis at least till I arrive to Bangkok. Hopefuly the new train will be there to Pattaya as well. I prefer to take BTS rather than taxis however the cost is sometime the same.
  11. “Odd. I have three accounts here and had no problem opening any of them.” opening bank accounts for a retired for extension of stay is no problem. What immigration don’t like much is under 50 of age who want to stay in Thailand by getting married to Thai without any solid proof of income. They offer Elite visa for those who show-off their money. Get one if you really have money that you claim. Otherwise come back when you turn to 50.
  12. The Theory

    Buying a small car advice

    It is very simple: engine size speaks of power. There is no car with 1.3L that goes up mountains like a 2.7 Or 3L.
  13. Perhaps they were waiting to cross the border to Thailand. More “prince” in Thailand.