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  1. I thought so too and double checked in 2 different times but no mistake or empty box. I’ll try again see what will happen, if anything changes.
  2. Actually I get this box too, but after click on it goes back to the 1st page (pass number and tm6 number) again. And no new passport/out of country since I reported last 90 day.
  3. I have tried several times to report my 90 day by the website since yesterday, but it won’t go to 2nd page. It just goes back to the 1st page of info page. Not sure if The problem is mine only. i did it last time with no problem. Enyone has reported recent days ?
  4. The Theory

    Cars dangerously dark at night

    I would do it by that film that is not too dark for inside viewer but it is very soft reflector (mirror) for heat from outside. Driver and passenger side a bit lighter than rear.
  5. He should shoot the motorcycle full of bullets. Not the man.
  6. Idiotic idea as a ponishment. And if they like the ponishment !!!