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  1. Democrats helped the revolution (since king of Iran was planing to have more control on oil, just like Saddam) to be successful and still are a great back up for Iran’s regime. Unblieveable !!!! Now after 40 years that policy is going to be challenged by republicans. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/10/ayatollah-khomeini-jimmy-carter-administration-iran-revolution
  2. You won’t stop missiles, they won’t stop sanctions. Good luck
  3. Ex is history. Next time no more sex with Ex, because there will be consequences as you see now. If you are telling the truth.
  4. The Theory

    Man killed in solo Ducati Monster motorbike accident

    Some riders on suicide mission no matter whose fault is everyday.
  5. In Bangkok: If you have recently changed your address I suggest you to report your new address since no one has reported you (to avoid any fine). Just take your contract copy, passport and have TM-8 with you (hopefully there is address of property on contract) and a TM-30 (get a copy of landlord card if possible). For example: If you move to a Thai house only Thai owner is required to report you at the time if moving and you are required to report your new address at the time of 90 day report.
  6. Not in Bangkok. Unless you change your address.
  7. She will complain if you hit him too hard during rescue mission. ???
  8. The Theory

    blacklisted or not

    “Not amazing a US citizen can return to the US with an expired passport no problem.“ Because he/she can go back “home” even with expired pass, but can not use that pass for anything else. Expired pass would be enough to proof the identity.
  9. There is history of you in the system anyway. Changing passport will not remove the history from immigration system. They don’t care what type of visa you got. Unless the IO does not pay attention to the history, but they usually look very carefully to the records on arrival. Good luck
  10. The Theory

    blacklisted or not

    No stamp or writing in your passport does not mean anything. Immigration system shows the history, what date you were in and what date you where out and type of your visa. Next time even with a proper visa you could be deported by the IO at the port of entry since they look at your history. You may try to make it clear before any attempt of entry.
  11. Simply not thinking of consequences. Very common. I’m smarter and I won’t stop, huuuuuuhaaaaaaa. ??
  12. One who smoks weed would be more in trouble than owner of killer dogs !!!!!! Nothing makes sense.
  13. This is a very unique case since only those dual or multi citizens give their citizenship to escape US tax, but those make lots of money out of US. Congratulations anyway, Hope it works for him.
  14. The employee told Thai Roth that he was trying to save time after accident !!! I don’t think that it was about saving time. It was just one of those creative riders on suicide mission. Many of them think death is only for others. We all see on roads everyday.