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  1. Henrik Andersen

    Hapless temple donation box thief rounded up in Pathum Thani

    Moron get a job take care of your family,be a man, be a roll model for your child. instead you choose to be a stupid criminal. idiotic!!!
  2. Henrik Andersen

    Ex-insurance broker arrested for using stolen credit card identities

    Can police start working and catch the other guy how hard can it be and never give people they freedom on bail mostly they will continue their crimes or run away
  3. Henrik Andersen

    Pork ball seller murdered in Nonthaburi over 500 baht debt

    I hope both of them get charged with murder and get life in prison kill a man for 500 baht so stupid RIP to a normal working man
  4. Henrik Andersen

    Belgium man, 39, dies in high speed Phuket motorbike crash

    Try slow down don't driving as Thai morons because it kill you and meaby other people too
  5. Henrik Andersen

    Police seek six more suspects in Suvarnabhumi kidnapping

    This is normal in Philippines do Thailand start to act as Philippines now?? More crime more killing hmm good luck Thailand meaby your tourists will start find other destinations
  6. 1.never buy a home in a city 2. if you think you can control what going to happen next land plot to you, you insane 3. If you want a quiet place why not live in the jungle 555 4. Ofcores you can rent the house out just wait to the finish building
  7. Henrik Andersen

    Chinese boy killed at Pattaya temple

    the driver didn't do anything wrong RIP to the little boy but if someone had to get the blame, it is the boy parents why they not looking after their child? Chinese always walking on streets and not care about cars
  8. take her driving license for meny years before she actually killing someone
  9. 100 % correct but so what about drug dealers they destroy childrens life too
  10. LOL> you know exactly what that means - "Only in Thailand" or something unique to Thailand. It could happen anywhere are you Thai?? it looks as you don't want loose face amazing Thailand is their slogan
  11. The person I replied to. It's only you there wrote it I just wrote Amazing Thailand....
  12. It couldn't happen anywhere else? Here's a list, ranking crime indexes of 300 cities around the world. https://www.numbeo.com/crime/rankings.jsp There 134 cities worse than Bangkok. I'm yet to see a mass shooting, as we often see in the USA and in other civilized countries. Yes USA have crimes too but this forum is about Thailand if you not have noticed that
  13. that's happening over 40000 every year in this country good she not kill anybody this time
  14. How can he changes the music in a bar? owner not get angry and say no no that's a Thai job ,you have no working visa....