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  1. sorry are you real or are you on some heavy medication if not please start to take your medicine your post is one of the worst I ever had read in here RIP
  2. Scumbags of boy's and lowlife of they parents If boy's can do a crime as this the parents have never learned the boy's good behavior and manners Min... 10 year in jail or military school And big fine so the little girl can try get a chance for recovery
  3. Only thing there will work is confiscate their taxi license
  4. So tragic for the parents Why he wanted to make suicide??? RIP
  5. Elefant don't need a owner just let them be in the jungle Animals don't belong in the city it is cruelty to animals Stop make money for your self and let the animals live where they belong We all need to protect the nature and animals from people Stop give money or food to vendors as this please RIP
  6. Henrik Andersen

    Police and mafia boss in gun duel at Pattaya nightspot

    that means the police man was friends with the mafia boss Private mafia boss Vs public mafia 0-1 The war is on.....
  7. Thai license or not it still just show how Thai people behave me first generation No skills no brain
  8. Henrik Andersen

    How unlikely hero helps stray dogs in Pattaya

    She not helping people there not can sleep because this dog's bagging all night long She not a hero
  9. Normal in Philippines but hopefully it will not happen here in Thailand on every day basis
  10. Henrik Andersen

    Pattaya, trash activists inspect ad-hoc Jomtien dump

    Wake up Thailand this is not just there it is everywhere on every plot of land and sois Thai people just don't care and I see them dumping garbish there with a police car just driving by nothing happens only talking no action
  11. Henrik Andersen

    Calls to restrict foreign property purchases in Bangkok

    or better salary for Thais so they could get better life style
  12. Henrik Andersen

    Flooding imperils Pattaya Beach rebuild

    In jomtien last year they fix this and it stayed beautiful for 10 days and rain come so they just leave it as dirty big hole Thailand can't fix anything
  13. Henrik Andersen

    1,800 Bangkok vans to be banned from road

    It is not only old van's that is dangerous it is the drivers there cause accident with insane high speed driving
  14. Henrik Andersen

    Bangkok motorcyclist arrested with otter

    Good job continue please let the animals live in the nature stop try make money of them We all need to protect the nature from greedy people
  15. Henrik Andersen

    One killed, 10 injured as SUV demolishes Pathum Thani house

    Always blame others than themselves Hello you drive high speed your morron