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  1. Everything they had was bought from illegal activities And who respects this people I don't Hope they will get life sentence Low life scumbag
  2. Henrik Andersen

    Norwegian Found Hanged In Full View In Pattaya

    Because people come Pattaya for champagne life on a water budget when money run out life is not funny anymore in this paradise First thing that happens is overstay Then you sinking deeper in to the black hole of depression Sad some people can't handle it and commit suicide RIP
  3. I think the people there live nearby will not be happy but I don't believe anything will change
  4. You are spot on This noisy bike's need to get stopped and confiscated their bikes But ofcores no one should be shot But I can see the dilemma because they don't care about rules and regulations
  5. I have same feeling he can't get working visa for this kind of business
  6. How much drugs we talk about here??? And Thailand can't hide and say this is a safe holiday destination Everyone can be they're next target for extortion money
  7. Henrik Andersen

    Jealousy may have triggered Bangkok murder

    Jealousy and lose face is to mush for a Thai man RIP young man
  8. Henrik Andersen

    Man arrested after shots fired at pickup truck

    nothing are safe anymore in Thailand Thai males are out of control and it will continue to be more and more crazy It seems nobody can stop them It will not be long before we hear about tourists get hurt I love my Thailand but it becomes more bad for every year
  9. what a fake story She was not kidnapped Just lie for get attention Stupid girl you was completely drunk walk home fall and hurt her self and try making a big fake story I hope you will never get permission to enter Thailand again
  10. Same story every weekend Thailand need to be more stronger and fix the problem one time for all This youngsters don't care about rules and regulations
  11. so the Chinese get there money back and don't have to pay fine Thailand are just scared to face the fact Chinese are littering all the street
  12. Henrik Andersen

    South Pattaya DJ in murder suicide with woman in Pattaya

    Killer and a coward be a man and face your problems and responsibilities Young lady lose her life and a baby boy lose his father What a hero
  13. Henrik Andersen

    Soi 5 December flooding woes to be solved in March

    Anyone believe this??? I don't
  14. Henrik Andersen

    Schoolkids escape injury in Sattahip 3-car pileup

    Thai people will never learn they just believe they good drivers and protected by Buddha lucky no-one died this time
  15. Henrik Andersen

    Pattaya cleans up after rainy season

    They have not been here in jomtien media stunt as is best