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  1. I always wonder why it is always big amount of money people get stolen 1. Why so much cash if you leave next day?? 2. Do people not have credit card ??
  2. Stupid man Americans thinks they are the world but behave as morons
  3. Belarusian prostitute has her day in Thai court

    I can say the same thing about you how you know Russia want her back but Russians kill people in other countries that is a fact I don't know more than others and you too Another fact Iran have the best hackers so probably they have more to do with this election results end Russia
  4. Thai men are over the ladies in this country If you can kick a lady in head and no consequences that tell me Thai men is a lower race than soi dogs Scumbag
  5. Belarusian prostitute has her day in Thai court

    Sorry she are not attractive and surely a prostitute and nobody try to shut her up because if she had any evidence Russia had already made her disappear So stop your fantasies about her and wake up Trump or Russia are not interested in her
  6. Belarusian prostitute has her day in Thai court

    How can police help with visa and work permit????
  7. 29 bus passengers injured in bus accident in Ayutthaya

    Are you Thai Blame other people for the accident stupid but Thai style
  8. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    Jealous is a bad thing but if no evidence for she had another man only in your stupid brain you are a very stupid man why not thinking of your children now no mother and ofcores no father because you belong in prison for the rest of his life To all.. If your gf or wife have another man divorce her not kill her Rip P. S. I pity the babies
  9. 29 bus passengers injured in bus accident in Ayutthaya

    Why he run away it seems as bus drivers run away from their responsibility everytime now Sorry I ask but are they on something???
  10. Why risky open late it is about two young Thai men they have no respect for old people and just pure scumbag night or day they don't care Normal Thai are so tried of this kind of youngsters but very good CCTV so I am sure someone will contact police This me generation break Thailand down
  11. Thai masseur accused of raping tourist

    She lie I don't believe If get raped you will not wait for go police station and will ofcores not give tip Something smells here
  12. You are a sick pervert scumbag But sorry if I read it right the mother is a sick person too and what about her daughter 16 years old with a 2 year-old child so she get pregnant as 13 something is wrong with this family