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  1. SCD team how much he pay them?? But lottery is gambling and it's illegal to gambling in Thailand but this is a so called chance game Thailand is so double moral
  2. Sure he will get caught sooner or later stupid man steal from Buddha not nice
  3. Good work to the police and army but just send them back to Cambodia and then to vietnam So we can see them try again And remember get the name and address of their friend in Bkk meaby he stay Thailand illegal too
  4. Big rise in Thais seeking to adopt a child

    When you 59 meaby it is OK not to make babies
  5. I first want to say good work to the German man and to the reporter hello Thais do have a heart of gold they are selfish me first generation
  6. Pattaya is not a world class resort And few years ago they put lifeguard tower up but never use it To mush corruption in City Hall
  7. Beautiful Thailand that is a joke na But enjoy your Chinese 1 quality tourist
  8. I love this woman and what she do is just so good Thai people just park everywhere
  9. Pollution tax on motorcycles now on the table

    Hard working people not pay tax Only the elite do it But it could be better if everyone do it
  10. Briton, 67, arrested for robbery at luxury Bangkok hotel

    What holes?? he get caught on CCTV
  11. Briton, 67, arrested for robbery at luxury Bangkok hotel

    Accusing who it is a question na
  12. Close the so called restaurant and buy a bigger place and ofcores start pay tax no Thai people want pay tax But sorry I have eat there it is just another Thai food shop same as meny others food not better
  13. Again Thai men's ego But where all this guns come from Life in prison please RIP to this Thai lady
  14. Meny German seem to be involved in underage girls This problem is that he pedophile in Thailand but not if that's happening in Germany age 15 is legally We need better understanding why scumbags want do this and I really hope Thai lady get long sentence for this too
  15. Briton, 67, arrested for robbery at luxury Bangkok hotel

    Nice man hope you get nice time in monkey house and get ban from Thailand and what about his wife do she want he doing or maybe help him??