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  1. No will not work . I went into the bank today for a new card and asked the staff this question as offered the new card. They told me can only be used in Thailand .
  2. Thank you much appreciated .
  3. I have a Non B Single Entry valid until mid July WP valid until January 2019. I am relocating back to the UK mid September can not depart before as taking my dogs back with me and can not fly with them until after 15/09 due to Pet Passport Regulations. What are my options for the remaining 2 months as I will hand my WP back in July. Can I fly out and come back in on a 30 day and then extend for another 30 days at Immigration ? I can not book flight ticket back to UK until paper work comes back for the dogs .Any options or do I have to leave in July ?
  4. Hello , I have my Non B Single Entry from Penang valid until 22/07/2018 I am not not a Company Director could not have the Non B 1 Year Multi Entry I had previously due to the rule change .All they would allow was 3 month Non B Single Entry .My WP is valid until 21/01/2019 .What do I do now after July 22 to carry on working ? My Visa Agent was not much help when I asked as he did not know and I will only have 6 months left on WP . Thank you