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  1. Catching a thousand pretties, what are the odds on that happening? Hang on, did I just break the law with that statement!!!!
  2. TConthePC

    Criminal offences you should avoid during Sonkgran

    Although it will be difficult to find a culprit in a large crowd, who may be long gone by the time any law enforcement arrives!!!!
  3. No such problem in Kamphaeng Phet at the moment, there is no water in my area at the moment, confirmed with a neighbour. Not sure if that is a blessing or not though, with not being able to shower at the moment. So, a quiet dry start for Friday the 13th!!!!
  4. TConthePC

    Ladyboy attacks foreign tourist on Khao San Road

    Please be aware of pickpockets and crazy ladyboys operating in the area!!!!
  5. Only 2 weeks late with the forecast then!!!!!
  6. The word 'renewal' is not quoted In the article though.
  7. I got my Thai driving licence last November and a medical certificate was required too. No doubt some test centres have been neglecting to ask for one as they don't know their own laws.
  8. The locals are quaking in fear already......
  9. Well done to the young lady, i hope that she goes far in life if this is her normal helpful attitude. Despite the negative press that comes out of Thailand, there are still good people in the country.
  10. Maybe taking some roller skates might have been a quicker escape option.!!!!
  11. Good idea!! Go home before someone tries to scam you out of the winnings in Thailand.
  12. TConthePC

    Super blue blood moon in Bangkok

    Mine came out poorly but i am glad that i got to view some of it with the naked eye.
  13. TConthePC

    Super blue blood moon in Bangkok

    Very good pictures, and a privilege to view it personally too.
  14. Let's hope for her safe return, and him going to prison.