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  1. My thoughts are that firstly it is sad to hear about this (Again), and i hope that the girl can recover as much as possible and is not scarred for life by this. Secondly, I can understand why the teacher was let go by the school. She did not follow the rules in allowing the girl to go alone to the toilets. But, i have taught in a school where there is just one teacher per kindergarten class, and students were allowed to go on their own because of this. Thirdly, some of her colleagues will not look at her the same again if there were several teachers per class, and will lose trust in her. Fourthly, no doubt some parents have threatened to withdraw their children from the school if the teacher still remained, plus affecting the next terms influx of students, and as we know, money talks in Thailand and no Director can afford to lose revenue. My fifth point is that the three students were allowed to roam around the school instead of being in class. I would guess that they all asked to go to the toilet too at the same time to get out of another lesson. I did impose a rule in my classes that only one student could go to the toilet at a time and the next one had to wait until the previous one returned. I found that when multiple students asked to go and you restricted them to one student at a time, the others decided that they did not want to go after all. For me, the school failed in several areas, and i don't hold up much hope of the justice system not failing either.
  2. The wheels have come off of that operation!
  3. Catching a thousand pretties, what are the odds on that happening? Hang on, did I just break the law with that statement!!!!