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  1. Hamuraii

    Fat unattractive bar girls

    Stronger currency, fatter and more feminist pigs prowl.
  2. MTS premium bullion of 99.99% (MTS Gold Brand) – The bullion mini bar size is 100 grams. http://www.mtsgold.co.th/en/products/detail.php?ID=93&SCODE=ProGoldBullion Any reviews ?
  3. Fools Gold. for rings ect sure.
  4. Alchemists of TV, Where can one buy PAMP Swiss gold in Bangkok ? Not interested in the local gold thats 96ish% pure in non metric units, with out any documentation/certification, called most of the famous local gold shops in China Town, non did offer it, and all, gave the same bs about you can only buy PAMP in 1kg bricks, but you can buy this 10baht ingot, for 196k, but no documents, certification or an invoice/insurance, buyer/seller, prob just comes in a clear plastic bag with take away rubber. Has to be many posh gold stores in BKK, in some of the fancy malls, selling western gold ? Needed : 100g 99.99% pure Original package Document and certification serial number matching the ingot Not needed : used, out of package, scratched, 100g/Baht units, with out any documents. see link for the item in question. http://www.pamp.com/mintedingots/ZAUFS00098
  5. Why watch soap operas, when you can just read real life, organic vegan soy, slam down match. I'd say, give the thai wife a sex change, the son too and sent them both to the North Pole to work on a sunken nuclear sub.
  6. Why did this happen ? Young innocentTaxi Driver who accidentally drank 5L of Red Bull, sudden flashback playing PlayStation : High score on Need for Speed : Sugar Cane Edition. Innocent Nigerian Teenagers who where looking for a Temple, wandering in sugar cane field, got heat stroke, sudden flashback getting High Score in : Grend Theft Auto 5 : Limited Collectors Edition : Nigerians in SEA Who is to blame ? White single men, who make these damn games, corrupting out youth.
  7. Kick her out of the house, your enabling this mess, maybe she will just bolt after that, since shes on the street.
  8. I'm puling this one out of my ass, where I keep found internet texts. ' If she did not disclose on the visa application, the first thing the consulate folks do is check criminal and marriage records. When they discover the marriage the application will be rejected for "false statements".' She might just tick the box 'married' thats a lie on her part, so she can bounce back and forth ? She's either a convicted criminal, married, on stuck on a ongoing divorce ?
  9. 8% interest on 300 Million, not bad
  10. Hamuraii


    get 10 different coloured bins, with extreme calendar pick up roster, sweat over it and stay on target, even pick bits out from your teeth, into organic orange bin, nuclear bin thank fully never used, all gets dumped into same pile at site and burned or just stuffed into a hole, buy more stuff with credit that you don't have, items that you dont need.
  11. Hamuraii

    Luvox / Fluvoxamine / SSRI in Thailand ?

    Best of luck m8 ;/
  12. Socialism at its finest, next Sweden ;]