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  1. She not "politician". she lose every time. She fail politician.
  2. Anak Nakal

    Medical Thai weed gets a launch date

  3. Anak Nakal

    Junta figures deny using power to gain poll edge

    You say not like both sides, but only say bad thing about Thaksin. I say you hypocrite!
  4. Sorry, no good word. He idiot.
  5. Anak Nakal

    Junta figures deny using power to gain poll edge

    Frog-Kisser make rules AND cheat. He have no honor.
  6. Anak Nakal

    Puttipat’s wife out of danger

    She and husband steal from poor people. Try again!
  7. It poor farmer. Thailand not care about poor farmer.
  8. Anak Nakal

    Prayut denies political motive in site visit

    Frog-Kisser forget bring good luck frog. Better stay away, Thai people not want him there.
  9. Have meeting and make rule today. Frog-Kisser want cheat. I embarrass for Thailand.
  10. Anak Nakal

    Skills shortage set to spark crisis: study

    Many idea. No planning. Why invest Thailand?
  11. Anak Nakal

    Thailand upgraded to Tier 2 in TIP report

    How many people in jail today? I not remember any. What is number in jail?
  12. Anak Nakal

    Long wait for the property tax bill

    They avoid taxes. What surprise! These "Good People"? No!
  13. Anak Nakal

    PM Prayut asks for sympathy in govt reform drive

    He just lie. All time. Enough.
  14. Anak Nakal

    Bt25.55m of 'gambling payments' frozen

    Thai people gamble. Stop crying. It normal.
  15. Anak Nakal

    West has judged Prayut – soon it’s our turn

    If you let Frog-Kisser in your house, it mean he okay. UK and France did bad thing.