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  1. Why was an 8yo boy crossing a road without adult supervision? That's the story here not bullbars.
  2. Table tennis venue in Pattaya

    TT is a game not a sport.
  3. It's based on 3rd party info, possibly alcohol involved. If you didn't see with your own eyes it didn't happen. No use stirring the pot based on sketchy info.
  4. Beer Lao

    Then why respond?
  5. Natural honey

    What's unnatural honey?
  6. Beer Lao

    Good for you.
  7. Ubon to Loei

    Depends how much time you have and whether you want to visit towns or national parks and temple stuff.
  8. Beer Lao

    You can buy Euro beers.
  9. Beer Lao

    Average beer exciting?
  10. Why was the 69yo picking up a 67yo?
  11. Massive overreaction.
  12. Why Bangkok’s Fun Is Ending At Midnight Again

    The average 21yo acts like a child.
  13. Why Bangkok’s Fun Is Ending At Midnight Again

    Dinner 7pm Music 8 to 11pm Go home What's the problem?