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  1. This was embarrassing to watch,.. but still let the old man have his fun even though in nativity.
  2. Well,... on the very positive side at least they said it.
  3. <deleted>@* shitty (pardon the colours) overpriced hotels,.. just gotten used to Airbnb,.. how’s is this gonna turn out,..
  4. I don’t get how they have funds to support them selves these Africans, how long are they stays and which visas are they on?
  5. Outskirts of Bangkok?? Really,.. no beaches.,, horrid humidity,. Traffic a nightmare and possibly end your retirement earlier than expected.
  6. Good and bad in Thailand as everywhere else,.. this time it was good. I was the friend he called,. We just been to the beach and had lunch,.. then we split for some grocery shopping and to meet up later. I was quite amazed when he called me from police station and told they already had his wallet with all his credentials and even the money,.. wow,.. it was 12.000 baht,.. and for some Thais that is a lot money. There are incidents where cabbies return even a lot more than this,.. that is also truly amazing,... Though none the less,.. all the annoyances we have to put up with living in Thailand,. there are also the sum of the little ones,.. and I try never to let those go me by,.. Have a nice day,.. and try to cheer up a little bit all you,.. #sad #cranky #miserable #scorned thaivisa commenters,... 🏖🏝🏝
  7. ThorD72

    Dual pricing. Fair or price gouging?

    It is completely outrageous,.. there many thais that earn more than the average pensioner living in Thailand (people who own businesses for instance). So what about them? Also many are here long stay short stay and various reason,.. and income,.. Just boycott the places…