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  1. cyril sneer

    It’s Teachers Day! Here are 50 cute Thai teachers

    any pics of them in school uniforms instead?
  2. cyril sneer

    Have you tried Jucing to loose weight

    any ideas how to lose fat but still drink 10 beers every day?
  3. cyril sneer

    Diarrhea for over 6 months

    Took one of these 2 nights ago and stools have returned to normal, no diarrhoea since. Though I have also quit coffee sachets which contained creamer powder and sweeteners which also could have fixed it.
  4. cyril sneer

    Diarrhea for over 6 months

    I've been experiencing Diarrhea almost every day for over 6 months I'd always assumed it was due to mixing spicy food, alcohol and coffee, but i've always done this and was never an issue living here last year I've recently tried cutting out all 3 and not seeing any change I have no other symptoms other than (explosive) Diarrhea. So is it that my body is still in healing mode or could it be something like parasites?