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    Gyms Bang pu

    smut been down to the bang pu sporting joint dropped daughter of there before . maybe get back there again soon
  2. Yes joe probably could but last date was the 15th i did not check if i had known would have done this but as i understood i could only get the 30 days as what i came with. This site has opend my eyes even though have been coming here since the 80s ... Learnt alot from you guys here so not so daunting mostly here less than 30 days so never been an issue .
  3. Thanks joe for the response. We actually live in Oz we are back for a holiday . Thanks again Cheers
  4. Point 5 seems contradict itself they wanted marriage certificate never mind . Interesting procedure though
  5. Monaro1971

    Gyms Bang pu

    Hi guys been bit lazy lately been looking at the bang pu sporting club appraently has some sort of small gym.Dont believe any english spoken their as email never answerd. Or 11 fitness any ideas on these or costs and machines in Englusg . Cheers
  6. Hi all thanks to the info from the guys on here. Visa exempt extension done for 30 days though they did mention if we had our marriage certificate (which is not here with us)we could have had 60 days never read about that anywhere. They did sent all foreigners upstairs and enforce the TM30 with fines .Heard bit about it but never seen anything happen over the years. This was at samut prakan bit of a slow process . Cheers all
  7. Thanks Darren we will make the choice soon cheers
  8. Thanks steve will do cheers
  9. Hi guys been reading here for awhile now joined. My visa exempt 30 day finishes monday previously had intented to zip into cambodia. Now would just prefer to stay here i am concerned if i go into immigration on monday their might be an issue ? Have flights booked in feb to go home so may need a border run for the last week. Am in the east of Bangkok. Sorry the post theme similar to some . Thanks again