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  1. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Most the monitor stations are back online. They go offline if the readings vary too much station to station.
  2. Bangkok Air Pollution

    this is an interesting post about portable monitoring the air pollution in Bangkok... http://www.greenpeace.org/seasia/blog/just-because-you-dont-see-it-doesnt-mean-it-w/blog/59898/
  3. Bangkok Air Pollution

    It changes day to day, depending on temperature, humidity, wind. Best to monitor the http://aqicn.org/ website, or better yet get a portable measuring device.
  4. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Bangkok hit 203 today.
  5. Bangkok Air Pollution

    I don't know to be honest. I doubt if they are super precise. However, I did test it next to my HEPA and it was close to zero as expected. Then tested it out side and it was close to the aqicn.org readings. So it seems to be working.
  6. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Hehe indeed. I have a new HEPA air purifier, I set it next to the purifier to calibrate. Should be rather accurate.
  7. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Amazon.com for $99 https://goo.gl/BJ1zN2 They also have on Lazada for less, different brand but seems like same device https://goo.gl/PAHBnd Lazada has a handful of options https://goo.gl/1UBgp5
  8. Bangkok Air Pollution

    This time of year is always more polluted indeed, this year seems particularly bad. Yes we need some serious rainfall and temperature increase to help clear the air!
  9. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Staying away from busy roads, new construction, factories, etc can help a little perhaps. Staying on the water can help a little perhaps. But what we are experiencing now is ambient and affecting all areas of Bangkok (actually all of Thailand). Really only safe inside with proper air filters. You can buy a air quality monitor for around $100USD and test for yourself.
  10. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Looked out the window this morning and saw this (or rather couldn't see much)... Walked to 7/11 this morning and got these readings...
  11. Bangkok Air Pollution

  12. Bangkok Air Pollution

    The wind should not be a factor. Air pollution exists with or without wind. The source of the problem must be dealt with. Wind, rain and temperature can not be relied on to clean the air as all they do is move the toxins into other areas of the eco-system. Yes many large cities have populations similiar to Bangkok, without the extreme air pollution. Public transportation here is really lacking. None-the-less information is lacking. If people understood the health impacts of sitting in traffic for hours everyday, they would not do it. I think people think they are safe from the pollution when inside their car, which is not true, rather the opposite. Inside a car on a busy street is often more polluted then walking down the sidewalk. People are just not informed. Imagine if an official announcement was made stating that kids should not go outside. Adults should not go outside unless absolutely necessary. Everyone should be wearing a mask, even in a car and at home unless they have HEPA filters. This would change the situation.
  13. Bangkok Air Pollution

    Yes, a HEPA filter is good for the home, I have 4 at my house. However, many people can not afford them. Also it does help the people outside, commuting to/from work, working on the streets, etc. More importantly it does not help the most susceptible group, children, who are still going to school and playing outside for a good part of their school day. The health impact on children is much greater then on adults, especially during physical exertion. We are talking about a health epidemic here. Millions of people being exposed to poison 24/7. The main problem is the lack of transparency and information. Schools should be shut down, cars on the streets should be limited (especially big trucks, busses etc.). Enforcing emissions laws should top priority. The lack of transparency and information, means the general population is not aware and therefor not only are they more negatively impacted. I am sure if people actually understood what is happening something would be done about it. What few news blurbs I have seen about it, are very light on the facts. The official response seems to be along the lines of blaming the weather, as opposed to the cause.
  14. Bangkok Air Pollution

    The air pollution is really unhealthy again. It has been over 150 for the last two days.