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  1. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    I think a huge problem in Thailand is this. The air pollution is being created year round. Half of the year the weather does not suppress the air pollution, half of the year the weather does suppress the air pollution. This allows enough time for people to stop worrying about the issue. If the weather did not suppress the air pollution for 6 months, then the air pollution issue would be persistent year round and it would be more likely that real action would be taken to reduce the problem. As it stands, it seems the cycle is the air gets bad, people get concerned, talkers start talking about making a change but don't actually do anything as they are really just buying time waiting for the air to get better at which point everyone forgets. The air has been really decent lately. But I know the airpocalypse is returning in just a few months and historically speaking it will be worse this year then last, as each year it has gotten a little worse for the last 5 years.
  2. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Air pollution is one of the top killers in many parts of the world... http://berkeleyearth.org/air-pollution-and-cigarette-equivalence/ It is a serious problem, compounded by the fact very few people are conscious of just how bad it is. What is even more insane, I have heard many people say they won't wear a mask because they want to build up their immune system... SMH
  3. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Correct. My sensor has been reading 45-85 micrograms the last few days. Which translates to 124-166 ppg I believe.
  4. JimShorts

    Raw vegetables - how to make them 'tasty'?

    You can make pesto from almost any green vegetable. Just food process with garlic, olive oil, salt, walnuts and (optionally parmesan cheese). How you cut the vegetables makes then taste different. Julienne then and you will notice they taste much different, also when you do this you get more surface area, so if you add a sauce or dressing, it will be more noticeable and flavorful. Also this is a nice way to eat them on a sandwich. Sourdough, avocado, julienned carrots, beets, cucumber, and then onions, tomatoes, arugula, salt, pepper, etc.
  5. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    The air in Bangkok has gotten really bad again these last few days. I am getting readings of well over 150ppg yesterday and today. In general, this year seems much much worse then last year. This level of pollution did not exist for this long last year. It has now been over 5 months now of consistently dangerous air, with very few breaks.
  6. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Breathing air pollution may be worse then cigarette smoke. Cigarette is full of chemicals and tars the small hairs in your lungs, negatively impacting your throat and lungs. Air pollution (PM2.5 and smaller) particles can actually end up in your blood, which can really negatively impact your health, in addition to the negative throat and lung impacts.
  7. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    I have and use air pollution meter/reader for a couple months now. When the air is bad, like over 100ppg, it seems to be bad everywhere. High floor, sukhumvit, small soi, inside, outside, not a whole lot of difference, unless you have air filters. When the air is not so bad, under 80ppg, it seems to vary more, depending on those same things. I live on the 30th floor. The readings on my balcony are sometimes the same as the ground floor, sometimes 20-30% less then the ground floor. Seems to have to do with how bad the air is and how windy it is, as it gets more windy up high. Also walking around the city, if on a busy street, like Sukhumvit, the readings are sometimes much higher then on a small side soi without traffic. As would be expected. The side soi will usually match the AQI website. Whereas Sukhumvit is sometimes worse. Parks are the same, readings drop a little. Again, seems to have to do with how bad the air is. Inside some buildings its worse or better then outside. Some malls have very good air. Others are close to the outside air. Some places have worse air then outside, probably due to cooking smoke. In general, most places the air is about the same inside and outside. Malls seem to be the only exception, maybe kids play center too but I have not tested many. Speaking of cooking smoke, walk by a grilled chicken vendor on the street and you will notice a big spike :)
  8. The air has been very bad since Nov 2017. Over 4 months now.
  9. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    You do not want ionizer. This will cause different health issues. Blueair are the best, but very expensive. I have a few Blueair purifiers along with a few Bwells. The Bwells perform very good. I recommend getting a PM monitor, I find mine very helpful, especially when going out of the house. I have one I got in the USA, looks exactly like this one on Lazada but with a different logo. It works great. http://bit.ly/2IlZbgy
  10. Air quality has been really bad the last few months. It was ok (not great, but at least you could go outside) the last two week, but something happened Sunday night and today (Monday) it is really bad again. Today's extreme air pollution increase is not from cars, as it is affecting all of Thailand (and Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos). Bangkok has 10M automobiles, many of which are old, the automobile pollution here is bad everyday, but the rain, hot weather and wind help reduce it. In Dec-Feb the cold weather and low winds allow the pollution to increase. In March-May, crop burning really gets going. According to Greenpeace, more then 50% of the air pollution in Thailand comes from burning (crops and garbage, mostly crops). I am guessing this is what we are now seeing. It is really unfortunate. I too am running air purifiers and A/C 24/7 for a few months now and my electricity bill has increased significantly. What is really bad about this, is the more electricity people use to deal with the pollution, the more pollution is created. India, SE Asia, China all have the issue with crop burning, garbage burning and using animal poop for fuel. All major contributors to the extremely poor air quality in this part of the world, along with the insane populations in this part of the world. Factories are also major pollution contributors and account for a lot of air pollution (Not to mention all the other pollution they create). What can be done? Well in the short term, stay inside, run air purifiers, wear a mask, etc. (the shining anyone?) What can be done? Donate time or money to organizations trying to solve the problem. Honestly even posting online is helpful and spreads awareness. Many people have no idea how bad the air they breath is and the extremely negative health impacts it creates. Many people say something along the limes of "we are all gonna die anyways", which is obviously bullshit and a terrible mind state. What can be done? Write to media outlets, politicians, etc. (IDK if this helps much) What can be done? Move out of Asia. Move to a remote area of the US, Canada, New Zealand, North Pole, etc. But this doesn't help fix the problem. There are some really cool projects under development to solve the air pollution problems, one for example run by some guys in India who have come up with a way to crop burn that not only reduces emissions by 80% or so, it also creates a charcoal by product that can be used to purify dirty water. Another is a cheap filter for car exhausts that reduce emissions. But honestly, unless the governments in this part of the world decide to 9or can afford to) really implement and enforce heavy regulations on automobiles, burning and factories, I do not see how the air pollution problem is going to get any better, only worse as populations increase. Part of the problem is this part of the world has a very high number of very poor people, who happen to be the major contributors. Unless they are subsidized, implementing and enforcing heavy regulations would be crippling. The interesting this is crop burning and poop fuel have been used for 100s or 1000s of years. The recent insane population growth world wide is really a major factor, as billions of more people are contributing to the air pollution (and other forms of pollution). Globalization also has dramatically increased pollution. We need a bigger planet (or another planet), and/or less people, and/or more efficient and sustainable ways of existing. This post is probably a little heavy :)
  11. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    The air has been decent the last few days, which was nice to finally be able to go outside again. Not sure what happened, but today the air pollution is back in full effect. Well over 150 all across Bangkok and seemingly most of Thailand as well. You can really see it today, the buildings in the distance have disappeared completely.
  12. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    The air quality in Bangkok the last two months has been very poor and getting worse daily. The last two days AQI has been registering very unhealthy levels of PM2.5, exceeding 200 in some areas (about 20X what the WHO says is safe). Yet no one seems to care, it's business as usual. When I mention to people the air quality is bad they say it is "fog" or just look at me blankly. When I put my mask on people look at me like I am odd. I don't think people understand how bad it is breathing this air, especially the children and the elderly. Also odd, nothing in the news, nothing online, almost as if no one notices.