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  1. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    Most likely the pollution was carried from land into the ocean. The same thing happened in the Pacific in August. The smoke from the wildfires in Canada blew down the entire west coast, then blew out to sea. I watched it happening day by day.
  2. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    I think a huge problem in Thailand is this. The air pollution is being created year round. Half of the year the weather does not suppress the air pollution, half of the year the weather does suppress the air pollution. This allows enough time for people to stop worrying about the issue. If the weather did not suppress the air pollution for 6 months, then the air pollution issue would be persistent year round and it would be more likely that real action would be taken to reduce the problem. As it stands, it seems the cycle is the air gets bad, people get concerned, talkers start talking about making a change but don't actually do anything as they are really just buying time waiting for the air to get better at which point everyone forgets. The air has been really decent lately. But I know the airpocalypse is returning in just a few months and historically speaking it will be worse this year then last, as each year it has gotten a little worse for the last 5 years.
  3. JimShorts

    Bangkok Air Pollution

    The air quality in Bangkok the last two months has been very poor and getting worse daily. The last two days AQI has been registering very unhealthy levels of PM2.5, exceeding 200 in some areas (about 20X what the WHO says is safe). Yet no one seems to care, it's business as usual. When I mention to people the air quality is bad they say it is "fog" or just look at me blankly. When I put my mask on people look at me like I am odd. I don't think people understand how bad it is breathing this air, especially the children and the elderly. Also odd, nothing in the news, nothing online, almost as if no one notices.