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  1. Hi guys, I'm 30 years of age, took 1 year of work to travel Thailand. I'm about to do my 3rd Single Entry Tourist Visa in a 12 month rolling period - would that be any problem in immigration? I'll apply for my new SETV in Vietnam, as I did last time. Was it a mistake of me to book the same trip? - All trips are by air - Have documents for exiting Thailand within 90 days - Can show cash of 20 000 baht - I've not made a trip to Thailand without a SETV for 24 months Here's why I'm a bit worried: I was under the (naive) impression that as long as I followed the rules (applying for a tourist visa and doing all my trips by air) I'll not be hassled at immigration. However, last trip (my "second visa") I got questioned at immigration. They brought a couple of people to my booth and they asked me several times as to what my purpose in Thailand was. They asked what places I visit for tourism and if I had a GF here (I said no - should I've said yes?). I'm a bit disappointed at my self not arranging a METV while I still was employed. I really thought I wasn't making any problems if I just made all my trips with a tourist visa. And, being 30 I don't have many other options... Sorry for the long thread. All feedback is appreciated.