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  1. Hi, To give you a background I'm on a 8 month trip to (mainly) Thailand and I'm about to finish my first 3 months on a Tourist Visa + Extension (60+30). I'll take a flight to Ho Chi Minh City, stay for 4 days and apply for a new tourist visa back in to Thailand. My "ultimate" ticket out of Thailand back to Scandinavia will be ~ 5months away at this point. Will that be sufficient to show at the embassy, or will I have to buy another ticket showing that I'm leaving within 90 days? If I might also ask of your attention that my other documents are complete: 1 x Passport 1 x Visa Application (Printed from the HCMC website) 1 x Photo 1 x Flight Ticket in Thailand 1 x Flight Ticket out of Thailand (5 months "later") <- Point of thread 1 x Copy of Condo Rental / Place of stay Bless you,
  2. aldriglikvid

    Sugar Free Sodas/Drinks/Squash?

    I really appreciate all the answers, especially when you provide photos which are very helpful when I'm not familiar with all the brands I found this at Big C that seems to tick all my boxes: It's a mix/syrup that has 0 calories on the box. I'm not looking to make "full dosage" (which I don't even do in Sweden with my local sugar free mixers) - I just want to add some flavour to the water, and no calories. If you guys find anything else please update the thread - and I'll do the same!
  3. aldriglikvid

    Webshops (English) with Free Shipping?

    Thanks for all the answers. Of course there's a thing such as "Free Shipping". A bunch of companies run a deficit because of the shipping cost, and if you care to listen to any of the investor calls the management sometimes outrightly says that they need to subsidize shipping because of competition.
  4. Hi, What companies/websites in Thailand are in the lower end of the price range and offer free shipping? Couldn't find what I needed in Lazada Thanks!
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some sugar free alternatives that I can mix with water. It's very popular in Scandinavia where I'm from but I'm unable to find some here (probably because I can't read the tickets on the bottles). Can you guys throw me some brands/pics?
  6. aldriglikvid

    Dishes 101 - Help a millenial

    Hi Guys, Doing my first 8 month long stay and just checked in. All great. I'm from Scandinavia where the running water is drinkable. So - I guess this is a funny question - how do you do your dishes here? 1 Clean in running water + dish soap 2 Dry with cleaning cloath 3 Put on a dry-stand All good? Went by BIG C and didn't find the soakable dishcloth I'm used to. Most things seem to be cotton or material that attracts dust (forgot the name) - and perhaps isn't suitable for water+soap? As the topic says - help a millenial ;)
  7. aldriglikvid

    AIS - 6 month a 6 Mbps = 1800 baht

    I'm happy it worked out for you. To prepare my Airport arrival next week - did you activate the package by the link I provided or did you find a #number-#-to-#press-#and-#call? Or, did you activate the package in another way? Thanks!
  8. aldriglikvid

    AIS - 6 month a 6 Mbps = 1800 baht

    Thanks for all the feedback guys Excellent. Last year I arrived at the airport and went to the AIS kiosk with the intention to buy a tourist sim, top up with a balance I had in mind and make them help me "activate" a internetpackage I had researched beforehand. There was a lot of "does not exist" and "can not do" "only have tourist package". Anyways, with some talking I asked them to just top up and I went online to google the codes my self. Luckily it went just fine. My Q's are: are there any downside to buying one of these "tourist sim" without any adjacent packages? Sim as a Sim, right? Is there something else I could ask for? Because, even if the previous mentioned idea of ordering online is very well intentioned I do need to get online ASAP.
  9. aldriglikvid

    AIS - 6 month a 6 Mbps = 1800 baht

    Hi, I found this package (pic) very affordable: https://m.ais.co.th/ontop-package-myais Is it just for me to buy a sim, top up 1800 and buy it? Any tax? Can't find a #Code to dial - anyone knows? (in case that link doesn't work) Are there any other packages that are immediately more affordable than the above one?
  10. Hi, My long trip is coming up and I will try to fill out most applications instead of doing them on the spot at the immigration office. I have a vauge memory of someone of you guys linking to fillable PDF's. Tried to search without any success... Can you help directing me to the fillable forms or if they do not exists the latest regular forms. Excellent, thanks
  11. aldriglikvid

    Philippines vs. Vietnam - 10 days/30y old - Pro/Cons?

    I appreciate you casting some light on PI as well, thanks!
  12. Thanks, 1) My airline is Finnair and they confirmed to me the other day that even if I had Single Entry Tourist Visa to Thailand I will need to show a ticket exiting Thailand, with a departure within 90 days. My original return ticket to Sweden (that is 8 months ahead) would not be sufficient, they said. That's why I will book my short Vietnam trip already - out of fear not being allowed to check in from Sweden because no proof of onward travel within 3 months. As you are very knowledgeable in this matter, do you suggest me asking Finnair again? 2) The bank statements are in SEK. Should I make the bank to translate it to THB/USD as well? 3) When booking my ticket to Vietnam I will make sure to make a return flight at the same time.
  13. Hi, Could you guys just point out if my preparations are correct or if there's something missing that I've not thought about. (I like to be prepared). First 3 Months - I've rented a condo in Thailand for 8 months - First entry is by Air and I've a SE Tourist Visa that will be extended (60+30) - While checking in (Sweden) I'll carry a flight ticket BKK-HCMC on day 85 (matching the rules that I must leave within 90 days that the check-in counters now enforce quite robust) - I'll also carry a return flight ticket BKK-SWE but that's not relevant since that date is 8 months ahead (but that detail I'll ask more about in a minute) I think these 3 months are all good and prepared for. (?). Visa Run 1 - I have a flight ticket to HCMC and a return ticket 5 days later to BKK. - I'm from Sweden and if I understand it correctly I'm not forced to apply for a visa since my stay is below 15 days. - I will apply for a new SETV for Thailand - Am I required to have a 'new' exit ticket from Thailand within these 3 new months I'm about to aquire? - I have 'heard' that if you carry a signed statement of you bank accounts sufficient enough to cover a METV, an exit ticket from Thailand is not needed (true/false?) - I have a exit ticket from Thailand but please remember that this will be ~ 5 months away when I'm applying for my "second" SETV in HCMC. Visa Run 2 - ~ 5.8 months will now have expired of my total trip lenght of 8 months. - A new Tourist Visa (90 days) will not be needed. only ~5 days abroad and re-enter by air and extend by 30 at immigration will cover my time before returning to Sweden from BKK. Are there any immediate problems you can see with my planning - please point them out. I appreciate all feedback. If you wanna throw in a "here's a good tip" that would be great too.
  14. aldriglikvid

    Philippines vs. Vietnam - 10 days/30y old - Pro/Cons?

    Wow, I'm so humble and thankful for all your responses. I vill visit Vietnam based on your feedback but Philippnes is absoluteley on a future to-do list. I think I need to do HCMC because one of my purposes is making a visa for Thailand. But, the Danang trip mentioned previously do sound intriguing. Again - thanks. The forum does excel at times.
  15. Hi, What National Parks near or ~ max 5 hour drive from Pattaya would you recommend a novice 'camper'? Perhaps where you can rent tents locally or where there atleast are tent-areas. Would be great to hear some personal feedback. Thanks!