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  1. Agreed, but killing her may have been a little over the top.
  2. Fish Head Soup

    Dear Sir/madam: Sorry..... we don't accept ladyboys

    If I owned a trading company there is no way I would be employing men in drag either. It shows them to have a way to unstable mind for a job of any responsibility.
  3. Fish Head Soup

    Family not notified of man's execution

    They were informed in 2012, they've had 6 years to say goodbye.
  4. If he had worn one of these they might not have recognized him.
  5. How original. A real trailblazer among criminals.
  6. Number 95 there's a 'news' article posted already about it. His wife only bought one ticket outside the hospital.
  7. Any good prosecution council worth their salt can successfully rebutt the principle of doli incapax, which presumes that young children cannot be held legally responsible for their actions. It's done all over the world every day. The prosecution could overcome the presumption by proving that the child understood what they were doing and that it was wrong. Jamie Bulger trial in the UK is a perfect example of a prosecution doing just this.
  8. Should make it so only eligible for Non 'O' based on marriage after minimum 10 years of being married. That should sort it.
  9. If your idea of someone having good luck is a 40+ ton wagon crushing their car with them inside it then I'd hate to know what you think being unlucky is.
  10. I thought that teachers were not supposed to have physical contact like that with students?
  11. Do you vote in Thai elections?
  12. A coup is only illegal if it fails. If successful then it gains royal endorsement as happened in may of 2014.
  13. I wonder if the landlord has being paying income tax on their rental income.
  14. Fish Head Soup

    One killed in Paris knife attack by man shouting 'Allah Akbar'

    There can be no such thing as an agnostic Muslim. A Muslim has to believe with absolute certainty that Allah exists, and the punishment for leaving Islam is death. This is according to Sharia, which is based primarily on Quran and Sunnah. Such a peaceful religion.