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  1. You can't process the TM30 yourself, you need your landlord to get their act together and sort it out. You may also have the same problem if you need to attend a hospital and have treatment paid for by insurance.
  2. Settlement visa to uk

    No it hasn't, it's still £200 per year or part year over 6 months, so for a settlement visa the Immigration Health Surcharge is still £600 per application. The applicant needs to satisfy the ECO of three criteria, these being. 1. That the relationship/marriage is genuine and subsisting. 2. Financials. 3. Accommodation arrangements in UK. In addition the applicant will need a valid TB certificate and an English language test certificate or Degree with UK NARIC statement.
  3. UK Visa Timelines Please Add Yours Here

    I'm sure any native English speaker would understand however the intended recipient of the email is a person who's first and possibly even second language is not English, so it's hardly a negative if it is made as clear as possible for that person to understand.
  4. UK Visa Timelines Please Add Yours Here

    Please do, and good luck. I suspect that is probably the case. You had a good turn around time with the visa though. Nice to hear.
  5. UK Visa Timelines Please Add Yours Here

    I was always under the belief that biometrics were taken each and every application regardless of previous application success/failure. Interesting.
  6. UK Visa Timelines Please Add Yours Here

    Have you not emailed them? You should really consider using the paid (£5.60) email service to try and find out the status of the application. I wouldn't just keep waiting.
  7. ‘Malaysian Iceman’ faces death penalty in Thailand

    But you can still get bail after being handed the death penalty.
  8. These urchins need to learn that man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it. Nip it in the bud early with a whack around the lug!
  9. You have to be kidding, if they were hungry surely they would steal something better tasting.
  10. Yes indeed you are! No threats here, only facts. As for you're assertion that I'm somehow defending a system which in you're words is 'ridiculed the world over'. I think not, there is no such system being discussed. If you are referring to the Thai justice system, that system famed throughout the world for its contributions to the development of the rule of law, Thailand a country steeped in what that bastion of British rule of law Rumpole of the Bailey might have called the golden threads running through our system. A system accustomed to the highest of standards of independence and evidential rigour. If this is the system you are referring to, then you are most certainly mistaken. Nothing incorrect in what I have stated. Thai expertise in the administration of justice is a commodity which is held in the highest of regard across the globe and is seen to many as the last beacon of hope in an increasingly darkened world.
  11. Another unqualified expert I'm sure. Don't you know that everyone is an expert these days? Yes as I have stated it's possible but in this case It's not. Yet you didn't understand why it happened. Again see above. Appeals to His Majesty The King has nothing to do with this case. Your xenophobia was on clear display in your comments. Then you should know that being critical of the courts decision is a crime, you should also know that accusations of bribery and dishonesty against the judiciary is also a criminal act, you should also know that putting these slurs on the internet is again a serious criminal action under the computer crimes act. I'm sure you know all this already though as you're an expert in this field. Now could you just run this theory about 'crossing palms with silver' by us again please? You can suggest it, but it ain't going to happen laa.
  12. A courts not guilty verdict cannot easily be challenged, and certainly not without good grounds. Under very limited circumstances an appeal to the Court of Appeal for the case to be reconsidered could be made, but this would only happen if there was substantial compelling new evidence or if a major procedural error had occurred during the original trial.
  13. UK Visa Timelines Please Add Yours Here

    What date did you apply? Online application date? Biometrics taken date? Documents submitted date?
  14. Return to UK

    Regarding housing these are the people you should contact. This page has online chat etc. https://england.shelter.org.uk/get_help
  15. Yes you are certainly correct there.