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  1. I see not much has changed in the visa forum in the past 9 years, good information being obfuscated by potless tit for tat point scoring, for no other reason than Phyrric victories. Alas, but it has always been thus.
  2. I see considered debate is doing its usual rounds.................
  3. Try the Rayongbeach Hotel, between Rayong town and Ban Phe, jump off point for Ko samet. 081 6585832/ 038 655499-500. Basic but that is what you pay for. Great long clean beach, two beach eateries directly opposite, very quiet during the week, busy with Thais at weekends.
  4. Please don't rest your case, just your fingers.............. And then check the other comments to see who agrees with you
  5. Mossfinn

    Sin Sot

    The mention of Sin Sot, why on earth would you think that?
  6. You have done OK there, well done. I am not blaming idiots, we all make mistakes, I just don't blame others for them, the 'evil wrong doers', wow, for scamming idiots into buying something for nothing. Change my mind set, to what yours? No thanks. Stick to the basics, I feel if I went any higher than basics, you would be lost anyway, hence this conversation. Too strong an example, Rape versus a scam over money, I guess I need say no more.
  7. Well...following your immoral logic....a woman raped....she must have asked for it then ? Those that are scammed want something for nothing, scammers give those scammed nothing for something, pray tell that has anything to do with the violence portrayed on a female.
  8. Well...following your immoral logic....a woman raped....she must have asked for it then ? Sometimes it is better to keep quiet and let everyone think you are stupid, than to open your mouth and leave everybody in no doubt.
  9. The Slough Mayor has just resigned, apparently he made a serious error of misjudgement. His current replacement. Outstanding. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-berkshire-31553767 And your point is? He has a non English name, well......... he has just gotta be be guilty of some crime then. Or please relate your meaning, in relation to your post of course.............
  10. There are fools in every county, there are misguided individuals in every country, there are those who can be tricked in any society, I have found Thailand to be short on all those specified earlier, but then that could be just down to those I frequent, just like my home country. You can't fool someone who isn't an idiot, an idiot in Thailand is still an idiot in his home country, don't blame the tool, blame the idiot.
  11. Mossfinn

    Did Anyone See The Baby Chicken Debacle Today?

    http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-food/animals-used-food-factsheets/pain-behind-foie-gras/ There you go, must be Thainess in certain parts of the West
  12. Mossfinn

    Shocker ! ! ! Andrew Drummond Leaving Thailand

    Oh dear this does not look good, never realized he had been convicted. Now he has skipped bail I don't suppose he will be able to come back to Thailand. Lovely kids and probably the right thing to do taking them to the UK anyway, every cloud has a silver lining. It's a skill - critical ability or reasoned thought. You need to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff, whatever the media internet or otherwise; it is BTW, a skill that many, many TV members don't seem to have I reckon that's a mirror, not a monitor
  13. Mossfinn

    Shocker ! ! ! Andrew Drummond Leaving Thailand

    I was under the impression AD had his posting rights withdrawn from here, over the Pai incident with another poster? But happy to be wrong.
  14. Mossfinn

    Shocker ! ! ! Andrew Drummond Leaving Thailand

    no one super cedes the blether, or crosses Ian Forbes, or... signed, the silver spoon I am intrigued r&y. I used to be good at recognising former resurrectees, although like any good boy, I never kissed and told. But I spend little time on here now, and I can't be bothered to check your syntax and similarities. But I still have certain reference points: check the post count, check the length of the post, and check the viral count within the post, the only person you come close to, is my old friend the Croc, as in Lacoste, but I haven't checked. Good Luck Moss
  15. Mossfinn

    Shocker ! ! ! Andrew Drummond Leaving Thailand

    Oh by the way, I remember the thread and the other poster.............