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  1. Vermillionline

    Pay for Picaridin, Please

    Hi there - I'm trying to get hold of some insect repellent containing picaridin, not DEET or herbal ingredients. The brands include Autan, Natrapel, Bayrepel, Sawyer's, Cutter's, etc. I can't ship it in via amazon because I don't have an address here and my credit cards will be shut down for fraud if I ship to a third party in Asia. Can someone moving to or visiting Chiang Mai please bring me some repellent, any repellent, containing only picaridin? I will pay you back in whichever you prefer, dollars or baht, on the spot. I'm really desperate. (Please don't respond with alternative solutions - I've tried them all and then some) Thank you!!
  2. Vermillionline

    DTac scorned, I was pilfered

    Hello! Arrived in CM yesterday and went off to DTac recommended for a Thai SIM card. After low level grifters there tried to sell me low data for very high prices not even listed as an option, the manager intervened and appeared to sell me much more data for a cheap price. What he didn't tell me was that the new SIM card would completely mess up my cell phone, making dates and times either unreliable or in the years 2500+ BE, and making it impossible to use Uber or Grab. I've done a manual on date and time but it doesn't seem to help. Can anyone please suggest an alternative company and where to find them? Thanks!
  3. Hello! I've just arrived in Chiang Mai. I purchased three tennis racket mosquito zappers and a net yesterday evening. None of the rackets work, one is actually broken, and the net doesn't fit the bed. The midges and mozzies in my lodging are fierce and plentiful. The a/c's don't work and the screens don't meet up. So I need new rackets that actually work ASAP. In Vietnam I would find them in the local markets. Any suggestions please as to where I should go to find them here? The lighter the racket - which in many cases means the newer - the worse they work. I had two, winnowed from more than you would believe, that worked incredibly well and Vietnam security took them out of my checked baggage yesterday. I said to the fellow, "Merry Christmas."