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  1. Hi I have a Aussie account and used both Orbit and Transferwise to send money here. They have a different way of calculating fees so a direct comparison is difficult. In most cases there is little difference in the amount in your Thai Bank Book, Both of these companies can be googled and are easily found. Please note they have different requirements to to sign as one is British and Orbit is from NZ. PS the exchange rates basically are the same as the mid rate
  2. Hi some one brought this old post to my attention as I am due to fly out on the 30th of January 2019 and that will make me 2 days in arrears. I asked at Rayong Maptaphut Immigration Office, Rayong and the officer said Mai Phen Rai or report not required . However if i get a different officer later next year may be a different issue. Food for thought I think i will do it on line just to be safe
  3. Hi about 10 years ago i had cataracts removed on both eyes Via Laser treatment at Suandok hospital in Chiangma (Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital) cost was 30.000 Baht per eye still typing this message without the use of Glasses. I was given the option of 3 lenses to be inserted. I had no complications. The operations were a week apart. i hope this helps Dezza
  4. Ban Phe Dezza

    Chest Pain Right Side but Radiating to right Jaw

    Hi I definitely have Angina attacks, Bypass and stents as well The medicine i have is called Isorem 5 You can buy in strips of ten or a box of 100 about 25 baht for a strip of ten. there should be a few of the bigger pharmacies carry it. Basically it increases blood flow, you place a Tablet under your Tongue and let it dissolve fairly quick acting and Non addictive, can do no harm even if your issues are not Cardiac dont place too much reliance on Stress tests I passed all of them until i collapsed a angiogram found i had 95% blockages so definitely required a bypass Not saying that is your issue only what happened to me back in 96. AS a side remark when i lived in the Philippines expats had a saying if in pain catch the Plane
  5. Ban Phe Dezza

    Chest Pain Right Side but Radiating to right Jaw

    sounds like Angina or what they call T I A's usually causes pain in left arm and Jaw but can cause the same symptoms in the right side Yep I have had both sides play up however mostly in my left side. I Carry tablets or spray with me Google this if your chest pain lasts longer than a few minutes and doesn't go away when you rest or take your angina medications, it may be a sign you're having a heart attack. ... If stable angina gets worse or changes, seek medical attention immediately. the other possibility is a pinched Nerve in your neck or Shoulders
  6. Thanks Russell17au the two younger children are already registered and the older Thai Boy most likely would stay in Thailand. I will pass on this message the two main issues can he stay here in the long run I doubt it. And so to keep the family intact he would have take them to Australia. As he is on an aged pension I guess in some way Centrelink would step in with Child support Regards dezza
  7. Not trying to side step The Issue however any idea how Australia would treat a Pensioner (Thai Wife) who married a Thai, now has a couple of Children, Dual nationals, so I would imagine only would need a Visa for their Mum I have a neighbour in that situation . certainly it is highly unlikely that he can stay here, Except by using an Agent.
  8. chatting with a friends Thai wife this Morning about her Aussie/ Thai Children what happens to them if a Husband, has to leave Ok they are on the very basic income of 30,000 baht. however that is better than what they may or not get when he leaves. I guess this affects many Thai Families. Perhaps the Thai Govt will offer Compensation, 55 55 or ha ha
  9. Hi I have friend who uses his Argentine passport to enter and gets 90 days on arrival Visa free Yes a friend Not me * so far this year he has done 2 land crossings plus a 2 month extension and his current permission to stay expires 21 November. He is determined he can do another Land crossing into Cambodia. I have told him that is not a good idea and should fly out or get another extension as he most likely will be denied a further land crossing this year. Perhaps Joe is the best person to give me some advice on what his options are. Am I correct in my assessment of his situations or does he have other options? He is married with Thai Children and his pension is not enough for retirement visa nor has he any chance of saving or borrowing the 40,000 baht Apparently different rules for Argentine citizens
  10. Not if you are Married to a Non Australian EG Thai the Pension drops to Roughly $630 pfn or in Baht terms 1,260AUD =30,001.77THB the basic pension is not enough unless centrelink does not know and that is a different issue
  11. Romeo Sierra the Aussie Pension barely reaches 40,000 baht ATM per 4 week payment and if Centrelink know you are married to a Non eligible person it drops to Roughly 30,000 Age Pension rates – Single (per fortnight) From 20 September 2018From Base$834.40$826.20$8.20 pf 1,703AUD = 40,577.39THB and this is the amount I received this month
  12. Greetings I just did my 90 day report on 31st Oct at Marraput/ Rayong same time as extension. the 90 days ends January 28th 2019. I am departing 30th January to Australia, I asked the I/O if i needed to do a new report by the 28th he said no need as there is a 7 day grace period, Possibly a local decision. I may do an online application just to be safe
  13. Ban Phe Dezza

    I am almost ready to Pull the plug and leave

    Hi folks I went to marraput I/O 31 st Oct ( Rayong) received one year extension and re-entry sticker No Drama,so all is well
  14. Ban Phe Dezza

    Help.... Im on overstay

    Hi I think the ferry is not working at this Time you need to Check as an alternative though perhaps risky if stopped by checkpoint is the Daily VIP bus from Pattaya to Hua Hin Grab hold of the Free Pattaya newspaper details are inside or at least were last month