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  1. highfive

    Motorbike Rental Scam

    I actually did need hospital treatment, or maybe I didn't need it but, I got it anyway, and my (quite expensive) insurance covered it. I know I was lucky anyway.
  2. highfive

    Motorbike Rental Scam

    I have plenty of experience driving a car in Eastern Europe without issues, and after spending almost a year in Thailand I kind of already "feel" the way traffic flows here and what kind of drivers Thais (and tourists) are I know what to expect from them (which means I always have to expect the unexpected, that anything can happen and there are no rules). This was not an issue for me. My issue was actually never riding any motorcycle in my life, nobody ever even explained to me how to ride it, and then hopping onto one in Thailand... on Koh Samui... alone... and riding straight onto the ring road.
  3. highfive

    Motorbike Rental Scam

    I used worldnomads insurance, they covered everything and didn't even ask a single question about my license and I clearly told them that I crashed on a scooter that I rented. I only have EU drivers license for cars. But, yes, from what I understand after reading the terms&conditions, they could refuse to pay. My post is actually not trolling, but I understand why you guys might think it is. Usually people have quite the opposite experience when they crash on a rented scooter. But seriously, is it always so bad that you cant believe what I said? I too was really expecting to pay more, and to have a lot more problems with the rental company after everything that I have read. What actually happened shocked me. I would give you the name of the company I rented from, but then obviously everyone would think it's just an ad. I did do some research about a good scooter rental business around Lamai that wouldn't take my passport, I found this one, I used them and I was positively shocked after my crash. I really read a lot about this before renting the scooter and after what happened I was expecting everyone - the rental company, the people I crashed into - to milk out as much money as possible from me, the clueless tourist, but quite the opposite happened. But I know that in most cases, in most companies, with most people, this would look totally different. I was just lucky, or everyone else on the internet is lying Yeah, I was stupid.. I later rode a scooter in Koh Chang too, but this time I practiced for a few hours on some side roads supervised by my gf and learned from her tips, then after practicing I rode on some busy roads with her and I was okay. In Samui I lacked basic understading on how to ride a motorcycle, had literally zero experience before riding on a busy road and nobody to teach me. Very stupid. The guilt and sympathy probably played some role in what happened too since I didn't lie to the rental guy at all. I told him that I never rode a motorbike/scooter in my life etc. He explained some things to me, but not much, and in the end said it's just like riding a bicycle and if I can ride a bicycle, then I can ride a scooter too for sure.
  4. highfive

    Motorbike Rental Scam

    When I went to Koh Samui I rented a scooter, even though I never rode a motorbike in my life. This was one of the most stupid decisions I made in my life, or seriously the most stupid one, because it could have gotten me killed. Around one hour after I rented it... I crashed it into a truck parked at the side of the road. Now, everything I read on this forum would make me think that the person I crashed into would want a lot of money from me, that the shop I rented from would want a lot of money from me. But what really happened was that the truck I crashed into was carrying some local workers, and they all just really wanted to help me, they wanted to make sure I was okay. They gave me water, they gave me plasters etc. They were all really worried. Of course, after what I read I thought I will need to pay them for the damage I caused. I told them I was okay, I'm not very hurt and I will pay for damages, just tell me how much. But they all said "no no, nothing, no pay, you okay? you okay? bleeding? you okay?". I was really shocked how caring and friendly they were. After I crashed I wanted to return my motorbike, and again, I was expecting to pay some heavy fees or the loss of my entire deposit (10000 baht because I didnt leave my passport with them). But what actually happened was that the owner of the shop picked me up, and gave me 80% of my deposit back along with the rental fee. I don't know if I was just lucky, but what happened to me seems to contradict what most of you say.