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  1. Chippy151

    No cold weather for Bangkokians this cold season

    They can't even predict the weather for tomorrow. "in the next month or so" Lol.
  2. I am sure they can be the best of friends again. They just have to go for a walk and hold or shake hands for a half an hour. Just make sure the world is watching.
  3. Meet the standards by 3 months. Lol. I just love the deadlines announced by ministers here. I'm surprised he didn't say "by Friday".
  4. I would imagine the Thai English teachers in the late 80s were much more proficient in English than they are now. We don't need an English Proficiency Index to tell us that things are getting worse here.
  5. Why don't they teach the students to say " I can't speak English"? After 12 years of learning English, it seems most locals can only say "No sapee". That would be a huge improvement for tourists asking directions etc.
  6. Should we call him "Wonderful Big Joke" or "Big Wonderful Joke"?
  7. That's possibly the most amazing thing about Thai education. 75th out of 140 countries for maths, science and reading. That means there are 65 countries below Thailand. Wow!! What an achievement for those countries.
  8. Poor kids. After all they've been through, they're taken to a mid table club.
  9. Chippy151

    Gunman targeting Jews kills 11 in Pittsburgh synagogue

    Well said. Americans would go crazy if they thought their guns were going to be taken from them. Most Republican and even democratic politicians don't even want to mention gun control because they wouldn't get re-elected. The mass shootings will continue. That's for sure.
  10. Well done. (Seriously) You should advertise somewhere in Thai asking people to help you. Don't forget to mention there will be lots of photos taken. That's extremely important. Lots of locals will show up.
  11. History, current affairs, English (obviously) anything?
  12. All my friends with kids are leaving Thailand soon or have already left. I know nobody who would want to put their child in a Thai school. If you have any knowledge or experience of how things work in schools or society in general, it's very difficult to be positive. I teach in the Thai program of my school a few hours a week. I have taught lots of Thai teachers' children over the years. They are almost always at the bottom of the class in academic ability. That says a lot about society and education in this country. Teachers can't even teach or nurture their own kids. Do they even know they should?
  13. I remember that one. One of my favourite A Team episodes.
  14. At Foodland or Tops where I sometimes go shopping, I have never seen a Thai person refuse even 1 plastic bag. Those customers are often rich and supposedly "well educated". What hope is there for this country if they don't understand the negative impact on their own environment? Maybe they just don't care.