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  1. Wow, you're right - that clip clearly shows Briar prompting Pai to say what they had rehearsed off camera, about how expensive her son is. Looks like he's even mouthing the words while she's saying them. What a <deleted>ing scumbag.
  2. Your vlogging days are over, AlexRich, RTP or not. Mob justice, Thai style, is already proving effective. So where to next? You've got an affinity with Bali. I'm tipping you're off to the Island of the Gods. Amirite?
  3. I agree. It would be good for others to be able to view those hospital vlogs in their entirety.
  4. Yep, the vlog where he mentions the stent was his 1st hospital vlog. It was the only one without tubes in his honker. I think he made another 2 or possibly 3 hospital vlogs after that, I can dbl-check but not just now. Each new hospital vlog replaced the previous one so that there was only ever one hospital vlog up at any one time. They came in roughly every day or thereabouts. With each new vlog he tried to match his appearance and demeanor to be more in line with what he was selling, what with tubes in his nose, less chirpy, etc. He didn't do a good job of it it though, and I would say this was based on feedback... more below. By the 2nd vlog he was selling us his supposed diagnosis... catatrophic 2 x 100% and 1 x 90% blocked heart arteries requiring a triple bypass. He needed baht to pay for it all from potential viewers, lots of baht. He wouldn't shut up about the money side of it. I think he's now settled on 18% overall heart arteries blocked? Perhaps it's changed again, who knows with this guy. Problem with that diagnosis is he wouldn't be able to vlog. He'd be on death's door, if not actually dead. BKK Travel talked about his similar condition and how he was in a bad way in the intensive care unit. Not Briar though, he still looked and acted fine... just a little less enthusiastic and with a couple of tubes. Then of course a few days later he was discharged without anything done. No surgery. Come back in a few weeks time they told him, lol. It's pretty common amongst these e-scammers to put a vlog up, get hammered in the comments section if warranted, delete those comments and insta-ban. If it's all a bit too much heat they take down that vlog and possibly replace it or cut the offending bits out. What's left of their channel is a nicely sanitized set of vlogs. Commenters are basically helping them filter out their sketchy stuff through feedback. Any new viewer would be none the wiser as to the true nature of the vlogger or version of events. Manipulation at its finest. That's one problem with youtube, comments get deleted and vlogs taken down whenever it suits... unlike TV where there's only a short window to do so. Those keen enough download the vlogs as they get uploaded and periodically screenshot the comments section because they know how these scammers operate. I would guess all those hospital vlogs of his are still uploaded on his side but just hidden from the public. I doubt he will unhide them as it wouldn't be favorable for him.
  5. Yep, it's in Pursel's latest youtube vlog and linked to a little earlier in this thread. Briar says in his 1st hospital vlog that worst case scenario is a stent.
  6. Which raises another point. When he wants to prove something favorable to him he'll do just that. In this case, pan camera around to prove he's in the hospital ward = sympathy = $$$. But when others want proof of the hospital quote or bill they are ignored, youTube comments deleted or they're banned from his channel. Says it all, really.
  7. Seems so, yeah. In one of his live hospital bed vlogs he panned the camera around the room to prove where he was. Here's a screenshot. Interesting book title. Has anyone read it? Might contain info as to his whereabouts
  8. How does he make cash from it? You mean adsense? I doubt it. They wouldn't be monetized. He'd be getting $0 in return for a considerable amount of time spent exposing these a$$holes. That's the thing, this chap isn't easy pickings. None of them are. It takes many months trying to expose these scams.
  9. Haha, amazing how Briar won't shut up from his hospital bed while supposedly on death's door. Laughing and joking and carrying on. He's in tip-top health alright. What a scammer. Show me the money!
  10. You're muddying the waters; joining dots that aren't there; deflecting. A classic RichBriar trait.
  11. You could be right about that, RichBriar. The reason, though, is that he will make use of his partner's father who word has it is village police. Briar is connected. So on one hand Briar plasters articles and vlogs and comments all over the web about corruption in the kingdom and how he is soooo against it, but behind the scenes quietly makes use of it himself.
  12. Don't quit wassup fatboy! I wouldn't worry about it too much. For me their claim is wrong but whatever floats their boat.