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  1. ccwhatley

    Ume Gold

    .... and then?... what was the outcome of that situation? Hope the boy is ok by now
  2. ccwhatley

    Ume Gold

    I tried it for the first time today - definitely felt the physiological effects after a few minutes - no idea what will come of it but looking at the ingredients - everything in it is good for the human body.
  3. yes exactly - "dek" does not always mean "children" many other meanings which you so thoughtfully expressed - thank you for some clarification and relenting... in this situation with Khun Albertson - there were no underage children involved. and all "trafficking" charges have been dropped. krup.
  4. please define " verified source of information "? Thanks
  5. He's a good pal - only known him a few months and realize he's an amazing and very smart person and a good hearted guy who would stop and help a stranded person in need - even if it was one of the seemingly endless line of people, and I use that term loosely, here who are critical of him and do not know him - at all! Hope it does you good to know all the charges dealing with the "trafficking" arrest have been dropped - he's now only being held on a immigration technicality and should be out on bail soon. Thank you or your kind and positive words about Ken.
  6. I don't understand your statement: "but had you clicked on the link Daily news in the OP, it is in Thai, but you would have read the following lines I translated for you" ... .so would you please copy/paste the Thai script you translated? Thanks
  7. Good for you and Thank you! Ken is a good friend. You'd never know it from the amount of mean-spirited and hateful comments - by people who don't even know him - in here but he's got a lot of loyal and close friends - both Thai and farang. I hope by now you've caught up with him.
  8. I've been researching your claim and can't find anything anywhere to back up your story... care to share your source??? - Please and Thank you.
  9. I am from USA and I love it here... I embrace the language and culture and people (starting my 2nd year Thai language and culture school) - the only thing I do not like - which is not a "Thailand" thing and the only reason I will share it - is the seemingly never ending group of farangs who constantly complain about some to every thing in Thailand and put down Thai people and their culture - yet continue to live here. They will not learn any language or culture and constantly criticize and seem to expect Thai people to change to suit their wishes. I can not understand the logic in this and is why I very seldom associate with farangs. I wish all the unhappy ones would all go somewhere else to live. :-)
  10. The Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane website says they are closed 13, 14, 15, 16.... open 17th.