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  1. I am from USA and I love it here... I embrace the language and culture and people (starting my 2nd year Thai language and culture school) - the only thing I do not like - which is not a "Thailand" thing and the only reason I will share it - is the seemingly never ending group of farangs who constantly complain about some to every thing in Thailand and put down Thai people and their culture - yet continue to live here. They will not learn any language or culture and constantly criticize and seem to expect Thai people to change to suit their wishes. I can not understand the logic in this and is why I very seldom associate with farangs. I wish all the unhappy ones would all go somewhere else to live. :-)
  2. The Royal Thai Embassy in Vientiane website says they are closed 13, 14, 15, 16.... open 17th.
  3. I was on the roof of a building in Chiang Rai city center at the 10:29pm quake... there were about 20 people at the Sook Hostel rooftop bar - only me and the lady sitting next to me noticed the whole building swaying back and forth for a few seconds... we both burst out laughing after it stopped moving... a very interesting sensation... the point being that it was way more than "vibrations" as mentioned in the title of the topic. :-)