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    Cheers for that.I'll check out Lazada when i get to Thailand. Hopefully one in Nong Khai.
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    Have myself a hammock, but would like to buy one for the girlfriend and i need a mozzie net for mine. Do they sell them with built in mozzie nets here? Or can you buy nets specifically for hammocks, no modifications needed? Better buying a seperate net? Also, any opinions on which hammocks are the best to look for, and can you buy the long 11-12ft "double" ones. Weight is an issue. Thanks
  3. Hello, My girlfriend yesterday, put in her application for thai tourist visa at the Vientiane thai embassy. Obviously they are closed over the weekend. We are travelling on bikes and our Laos visas finish on the 29th, and are getting itchy feet and would like to do a little loop back to Vientiane. Is it ok to pick up her passport so long after applying, or not advisable? Thanks
  4. We are currently cycling Southern Laos, where there can be very long stretches of road that doesnt have accomodation, so there can be a certain excitement or anxiety knowing what is coming. Part of the attraction i guess. So the other day we were seemingly out in the middle of knowhere, when we come across this absolutely massive PTT gas station on our country lane. My girlfriend eats mostly thai food, and out in the sticks here, its nearly always sticky rice, sticky rice and sticky rice. You could say a mild depression has set in for her over a serious lack of bayuteefull rice and thai style food. So we ate thai food in the PTT station restaurant and it was just phat kra phao on rice with egg, but god it was good. I sat there smiling as we sat in the gas station in the middle of knowhere. It hafd a cafe amazon, supermarket and bank. It's getting late i thought and to the left and behind the restaurant was a lush mattress soft lawn. Looks comfy. And they sell beer here. Would they let us camp in our small tent behind the building i wondered, if i have a couple of beers here and breakfast? Would they? Dunno.
  5. Cheers for that. Great news. We crossed from Thailand to Cambodia at Had Lek in Feb. Is there a limit on border crossings per year for Thailand?
  6. Hello, we are travelling by bicycle and i really dont want to fly unless absolutely necessary. We would like to cross from Vientiene into Thailand together, but i know from experience that for her (myanmar) to get a thai visa they require a bank statement,and the 14 day visa exemption is only available if flying. Is there any way around this?
  7. Does anyone know if those external power banks are any good for charging your laptop say 3x or more on one charge? Are they dangerous for blowing up the laptop if you get a very high rated one? Do they sell them in Thailand? Any small solar power units worthwhile for charging just a laptop for touring on a bicycle? Cheers for any help
  8. Hello, Will be doing a cycle trip for the above in a couple of months and hopefully with some camping along the way along the Rayong coast > BKK > Kanchanaburi etc. Which provider offers the best service for these areas for just 1 month? I don't need calls, just internet. Will it likely be patchy along the way in some areas? Hope to tether my 4g phone to the laptop. I need maybe 4 hours worth of regular web page browsing per day/night (no video), but some YouTube deal would be good for the girlfriend, but not a necessity as she reckons she'll be having early nights. Is it better/cheaper to just pay as i go/per GB usage (so i could change provider if needed) or better to get a monthly package and be done with it? Thanks for any help.
  9. We are travelling light as going for a short trip/1 hr flight to LOS in a couple of days. Haven't flown in a long while. Flying with AirAsia and have well under the 7kg per person cabin luggage but never paid for extra baggage charges, and noticed our main bags are just a couple of cms wider than the 36cm wide allowance for carry on bags ; Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Luggage: 22 in x 14 in x 9 in/56 cm X 36 cm X 23 cm (length x width x height) Will they allow that as carry on luggage? If you have no luggage to check in, and only cabin luggage, are there separate check in desks, which means less ques?
  10. If i get a flight to Don Muang which lands at 18:40 pm, and i want to be sure i get a bus or minivan straight to Rayong from BKK on the same night, what bus station is my best option? Thanks