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  1. Cheers people. Yeah, i reckon it's the house that should always be targeted not the dog. I read just one of those critters can have 5000 eggs. What's a dog contact friendly solution for the apartment then? Was just spraying Raid in the cracks and crevices before but that defo dont kill them straight off. Then again maybe that's good as it shows low toxicity. But i get the impression it's not strong enough.
  2. It's been around 48 hours since i applied it on the pooch and i'm still seing ticks and the dog seems to scratching more than ever. Any experience with it?
  3. Thanks again. I get the impression there might be full time welders among you? I haven't done alot of brazing, but a fair bit of oxy/acet. How do the two compare in difficulty? If it came to it i could get a local to do the welding, but worry about alignment. I'm interested in whether one of those bernzomatic disposable bottles would be up to the job on fillet brazing IF i reflected and insulated the heat with steel and bricks? Maybe the hotter flame from the MAPP gas would be better than my cooking gas? This guy seems to have fillet brazed a whole frame using a MAPP gas bottle. https://www.bikeforums.net/framebuilders/161263-re-cycle.html "I fillet brazed in a new top tube that was made from a 531 down tube on a wrecked Trek . I cut down the seatstay wishbone. I replaced the MTB dropouts with a pair of horizontals salvaged from a Puch. I borrowed the chain guard from a 72 Raleigh and brazed on mounts and tabs for the chain guard. All brazing was done with a Benzomatic mapp gas torch'' Considering doing a frankenstein build out of 2 bikes - her size for the rear, mine for the front - rear triangle + front triangle with struts in between. That would only be about 4 or 5 bronze brazed fillet joints, or more if i changed the head tube, and put some gussets near the chain-stays i guess. The problem here in Cambodia is actually finding decent enough donor frames like the old high and long college kid 90's MTB's. Thanks
  4. Cheers people. Yeah, i've thought about a oxy/propane torch aswell as most of us already have the propane part. How much are the torch and gauges? Been looking into buying a used Tandem bicycle and importing it in but the sheer size of bringing it in makes it ridiculous unless i sea freight it i guess, so i'm just considering building one which is probably even more ridiculous, but just thinking about it, as my girlfriend is nervous of the roads. Is it easy to get ChroMoly tubing here?
  5. Just curious. Thinking about possibly getting one just for one job and then i'll never use it again as i'm off travelling so i'll have to give it away. I've done alot of arc welding, oxy/acet etc, but never TIG. Is the amperage on them controllable enough to be able to TIG thin sheet steel? Cheers
  6. Judging by the news every week one could come to the conclusion that BKK taxi drivers are abit erm...rapey and/or fighty. And at best a fair percentage of them are abit erm...not meter friendly.
  7. HamonRye

    How strict are AirAsia on cabin bag size?

    From Phnom Penh. We definitely wont go over on the weight but was just considering paying the $20 bucks online before we go, but seems abit daft just for a few cms. Do you think they charge you something alot more at the airport if they pull you up on the bag size? Those boarding pass machines look fantastic. Does it mean there's now ques nowadays then?
  8. We are travelling light as going for a short trip/1 hr flight to LOS in a couple of days. Haven't flown in a long while. Flying with AirAsia and have well under the 7kg per person cabin luggage but never paid for extra baggage charges, and noticed our main bags are just a couple of cms wider than the 36cm wide allowance for carry on bags ; Maximum Dimensions of Carry-on Luggage: 22 in x 14 in x 9 in/56 cm X 36 cm X 23 cm (length x width x height) Will they allow that as carry on luggage? If you have no luggage to check in, and only cabin luggage, are there separate check in desks, which means less ques?
  9. HamonRye

    AirAsia web check-in

    Cheers mate. Feels like i've almost entered the 21st Century now. So i don't need to print my itinerary then, only the ''Boarding card''?
  10. HamonRye

    AirAsia web check-in

    Got a check-in button next to my AirAsia itinerary. Doh! Made me feel like a dinosaur. If i click on that do i not need to check-in and que like in the old days - and i can go straight to boarding lounge? If you have a large bag that's not hand luggage, you still have to check it in at the check in desk right, or no? What's the easiest procedure? Thanks!
  11. Well, i've been trying to convince her to fly rather than overland it, but she's not having it so looks like we are getting her a visa. Just dont make sense spending 60 bucks on a visa rather than flying, but she wins. One thing we had with one travel agent here is that she told us they needed a bank statement. I'd rather not be giving them my bank statement. Do you think a copy of our receipt of the place we booked in Thailand would suffice, or do they generally not need anything?
  12. If i get a flight to Don Muang which lands at 18:40 pm, and i want to be sure i get a bus or minivan straight to Rayong from BKK on the same night, what bus station is my best option? Thanks
  13. Cheers, You know if for some strange reason she did have a problem entering at a Bangkok airport with no visa, could she just get a thai visa at Thai immigration in the airport?
  14. Fantastic stuff. Cheers for that. If we fly, would the Thai Immigration require a return/outbound flight ticket for her?
  15. Hello, My Burmese girlfriend and i are in Cambodia and plan to travel to Thailand, spending under 2 weeks there in all. All the helpful agents here in Cambodia say she doesn't need a tourist visa because of ASEAN etc, but i'm not so sure due to past experience. Been trying to call the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh all morning, but no awnser. Your help on this matter much appreciated.