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  1. Without taking matters into your own hands what would be the best approach to dealing with an aggressive soi dog that is not going to get you knicked by the boys in brown or piss off the Village Chief/neighbours?
  2. You might like to ask this guy that question but I suggest you don't. Vernon Davis - American football tight end
  3. By all accounts it was an heroric effort by all involved - not everyone had to enter the cave to provide a valuable contribution.
  4. Dont forget no long queues at immigration elite are fast tracked.
  5. I would like to see more of the actual kit used in the rescue including the pumping units - the logistics of the operation were massive. I guess there will be an official report in due course - from the Navy Seals perhaps.
  6. Ask that question of a typical Thai driver first - heaps hang out in the overtaking lane.
  7. He can so he does - win win for him, the dog & the butcher .............. in the short term if re-housed in a new soi
  8. Just too many soi dogs on the go with no natural prediture other than the traffic.
  9. ....and in survival situations humans have eaten humans......not to mention the victors in primative tribal warfare consuming the defeated.
  10. Better have a paramedic as apart of the film crew then...............
  11. Not exactly dirt cheap from any International airport except maybe Dubai.
  12. At the Post Office of course...........lol.
  13. In which case there should be a customs sticker stating it had been opened officially & samples taken for testing.