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  1. Were will they dry the rice grains then?
  2. Have you or anyone else reported the break to the local roads authority?
  3. Derek B

    Thailand makes HUGE changes to its laws on smoking in public

    The Bobbies smoke too.............
  4. The Chinese have enough money to fly further a field reducing fees to zero for a limited time will achieve nothing at such short notice. There is more to see & experience than Thailand they have simply moved on to other areas like Europe. The immigration arrival process for the Chinese tourists needs to be conducted in China before flying to reduce the arrival queues at Thai International Airports (BKK, DMK, CNX & UTP).
  5. Agreed. You can see plenty of street lighting & lights from shops nearby............something else wrong if you run into a big truck in the half light with m/c lights on.
  6. Derek B

    ‘Big Joke’ to continue with crackdown

    That will not please main land China government.............maybe they will not allow their citizens to visit anymore.
  7. Spain, France & Italy well down the list.
  8. I bet the Korean figures are accurate and can be substantiated.
  9. Well do you really want the bad guys to come back?
  10. In Chiang Mai for sure and other larger towns less than two hours from an airport.
  11. They need us - we spend money that goes straight into families in local communities - without us alot of poor people are going to get a nasty surprise.
  12. Who took the photo then?
  13. I seen that happen before on a friends construction project ..............apparently they learn all their skills on the job. Steel mesh feeble - delivered rolled up. Columns had re-bar touching the shuttering too. Best to get a hard headed English speaking female "Clerk of Works" and pay her well by local standards.
  14. Link not working..............???
  15. Nice photos...........Can you provide google map link to location quoted as "route 21 about 5 km south of Si Thep in Petchabun province."?