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  1. My UK banks are always asking where I am Tax resident. I now think it best to declare that to be Thailand. What is the best way to get a Thai Tax ID number?
  2. If my son was in there I am sure I would want the SEALS to lead my child out NOW rather than let him risk suffocation or drowning as the water rises with the rains. If they leave it too late there will not be enough time to get them all out one by one. There is a proven exit route afterall.
  3. People that can do that must have a fear gene missing..................
  4. "...not special skill or judgement...". He ran out of rope and went a little further, surfaced because he could then found them and returned without rope guidance I assume - that was a judgement call made based on his personal skill & past experience most notably in this particular cave - no doubt about that. By having the courage to go that bit further without rope he probably saved hours of rescue time. Also they were contacted & mobilised by the Thai authorities being flown in free of charge by Thai Airways. FYI many public services in the UK are manned by unpaid volunteers - examples being Mountain Rescue Teams, Cave Rescue Teams and most notably the Royal National Lifeboat Institution RNLI all funded by public donations and possibly Lottery funds. It was a team effort for sure however all teams have there strengths & weaknesses - and typically a leader. Right now I only feel for the family & friends of the lost SEAL. I wonder if FIFA will have a moment of silence in his honour.
  5. Don't forget the boys are smaller in size than the average SEAL and probably not as fully aware of the risks and therefore less fearful as adults. I just think all kids should be taught to swim in school along with road safety - catch them young so to speak.
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