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  1. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    FYI: The mask has an inner layer that is airtight, the outside fabric is only there to add color. You breathe through the filters and exhale through a valve. The frequency, the owner stated, can be extended. Their numbers are on the lower levels in order to stay on the safe side, and probably sell some more filters
  2. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Siam, Bangkok. Check out the previous posts.
  3. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Agreed! That's actually why I visited their warehouse so I could try one on in my size, instead of just ordering one from their webshop. It sealed up nicely, especially over the bridge of my nose where I usually experience the same problem as you. All in all their seal fit me as good as it gets without going full Darth Vader :)
  4. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Do you mean me? Well, I work and study in Bangkok. I have nothing against Bangkok at all. But if you stop for a moment and contemplate this question: How can I avoid the worst fumes while walking to work/school, that should answer your question. That is what this post is about. Some of you seem to have essentialized the way some Thais think: "Nothing is wrong with Thailand!" and seem to get easily offended. There are parts of Bangkok, one of which I traverse, that are currently exposed to high pollution. More than usual. It makes sense to protect oneself. And by the way; you don't 'catch' pollution. You inhale it.
  5. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    That is true! And thank you for bringing it to my attention. I went to their website and found published test-results. Their webpage states the following: "All SUPER SEAL filters are independently tested at Nelson Laboratories, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A." https://www.style-seal.com/testing/ I'll definitely read the results.
  6. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Do you have a source saying style seal failed a test? My impression of their production seemed thorough and well researched. It's run by an American chap that was quite passionate about this topic. But, I tend to let the facts talk the talk. If you have a link to your statement I would happily read it!
  7. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Thank you all for your replies. I have now sorted out my needs. Dropped by www.style-seal.com's warehouse since it was close to where I live. Picked up a good mask and even an air pollution meter. Just for good fun. You can get their masks online of course, but they sell the same brand at Macdonaldgolf-store at Thaniya plaza.
  8. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Haha! Yes, I actually forgot to include in the post "without looking like Darth Vader". But, here is a shop on Phrakhanong that keeps it stylish https://www.style-seal.com/
  9. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    It's not intended for working out. I walk along long stretches of highways(?) in Siam on my way to school. It's just a precaution. The fewer particles I inhale, the happier I am :) So, what I am looking for is basically a mask that offers protection against pollution.
  10. Effective pollution masks N95/N99/P95/99

    Ah! Thank you, that made the difference :)
  11. (I'm new to this forum, so please excuse me if I posted this in the wrong thread) Hi everybody! I am looking to buy a proper anti-particle mask in Bangkok. I've been googling for an hour with no exact result as to where I might find one in Bangkok. I'm especially interested in the neoprene ones since I'm planning on using it every day on my commute. Any advice where I can find this? Thanks!