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  1. To drive or lease a car in Thailand as a tourist or visitor it is necessary to have either a Thai driving licence or a valid foreign driving licence with a photograph. The foreign licence must either be in English, or be accompanied by an official translation into English or Thai. The licence needs to have been issued by a country that has a treaty with the Thai government allowing the mutual acceptance of driving licences. Most countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA have this agreement with Thailand under the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic or the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. Those in doubt should contact their embassy/consulate for advice. So if this is the law how is it that Pattaya Police can change it to require a IDL? It's all about the Baht
  2. djdubuque

    Water tanks/system chemicals and side effects

    We have a three filter water system as we get our water from a well. The image here shows what the filter looks like after 30 days. It was white when first installed. Just a FYI
  3. If you had read the post "here" is anywhere other than my home country. If I was French than France would be my home country but since I'm not there then here would be anyplace in the world! Thailand has Embassies in other countries so it would also be assumed that here has a Thai Embassy.
  4. I'm currently working overseas and looking to retire in Thailand. My Thai GF has a house that we have built and I'd like to start looking into retiring. The 800K in bank is not an issue so I think I have that covered. But I don't want to return to my home country just to get a visa for Thailand. Can I go to the Thai Embassy here and apply?