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    Buying an automobile Bangkok

    I am really interested in a new Altis actually and the quoted interest rate was 3.4 not to bad really. Will get back to everyone as I try my luck.
  2. Robbie63

    Buying an automobile Bangkok

    Thank you everyone for the help. I think i would just put the car in Girlfriends name. I think that the statement of employment is not really investigated well here in LOS. This is going to be my last car and want an all new car with a warranty i realize the depreciation when you drive off the lot. I want to travel around Thailand and be worry free pretty much. Thanks again for your help.
  3. Robbie63

    Buying an automobile Bangkok

    Hello everyone. I have been saving up to buy a new Toyota want to get my 25% down. Went to the dealer and have problem with financing. I am from America been here 12 years now have my Thai girlfriend never married yet but she does not work. They want some kind of statement showing a job. I was thinking if you have the downpayment and can show money in the bank not a big problem. She has an Aeon card and bought enough stuff to get credit for a motorbike purchase. My Question is there some banks that are more liberal than others or am i going to have a big problem with this. I have a pension and social security from America if that helps me. Thank you in advance to all who reply.