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  1. At some point in the day when you go for a shower then you are going to stick your hand between your cheeks and give your ....hole a thorough wash? So why not do it before the bacteria has been sat in there baking all day? We've all got to do it somehow and as for rubbing it around with a piece of paper

    Low Tide and Decay

    The Train won't be leaving anytime soon
  4. Winner of the February 2018 photo competition

    Thanks very much
  5. Sunsets And Sunrises

    High and Dry
  6. Winner of the February 2018 photo competition

    Wow, thanks I wasn't expecting that against the competition.
  7. February 2018 Photography Competition

    Mum and Daughter having fun
  8. February 2018 Photography Competition

    Near Khukhan
  9. Khukhan

    I'll give it a bash. Thank you
  10. Khukhan

    Ah Ok, Thanks for that. I'm new as you can tell and was looking for the most suitable place to post. Epic fail on my part :-))
  11. Khukhan

  12. Possible Duty/Tax on item sent from home?

    I'm glad to say my item arrived a few days ago. I had small amount of duty to pay ( about 272 Bht) which I expected. I could have made the declared value below the threshhold but decided best not to push my luck for such a trivial amount. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Possible Duty/Tax on item sent from home?

    Hello and thanks very much for the advice. Would you consider Parcelforce as a courier or would they come under regular mail? I think after consulting the post office website that I already know the answer. Parcelforce is going to be classed a courier so regular parcel insured it is then :-)
  14. Well first off I should say hello all as this is my first post. I hope I'm in the right forum as I've had a browse and can't see anything specific to my question. I'll try keep it brief. I'm on a several months stay out here but I had to go back to the UK to deal with some issues that cropped up that I couldn't deal with from here. Anyway, now I am back but rather stupidly I left a camera lens in the UK. It's quite important to me as photography is one of my major pastimes. Now I can have it sent to me at no great cost via DHL express. It is a used item and I will be taking it home with me when I go. So would this item attract import duty/tax? If I had brought it in my bag with me as I should have done then it wouldn't have attracted any sort of duty. Hope you fellas can advise.